Dear Readers, This is How to Plan the Bridgerton Wedding of Your Dreams

Welcome, dearest readers! Are you a fan of the Netflix hits Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte? Do you dream of having a regencycore wedding to match? If so, you've come to the right place. If you've been under a rock for the last few years (understandable given the pandemic), Bridgerton is the Netflix sensation that has fans of all ages obsessed with the regal drama and period décor. And it's absolutely why we are seeing regency style wedding dresses and wedding gloves everywhere right now.

From the stunning décor seen in the show to the grand ballroom ready for the first dance, we'll share the essential details necessary to bringing your Jane Austen wedding to life. Afterwards, you'll be on your way to hosting the most lavish and lush wedding of the season that will make even Lady Danbury jealous.

Bridgerton themed wedding ideas

Creating an Inviting Venue

To create a Bridgerton-themed wedding, you need a venue that oozes sophistication and elegance. An ideal setting for a Bridgerton-themed wedding would be a stately home, a castle, or a historic ballroom. Alternatively, a more affordable option would be a grand outdoor space like a park, garden, or courtyard.

If you can't find a location that fits the bill, don't worry. You can always create an inviting space with a bit of creativity. Start by investing in beautiful vintage-inspired furniture like plush armchairs and luxurious sofas, ornate chandeliers, and intricate tapestries to recreate the Bridgerton look. Don't forget to add lots of flowers and foliage to give the space an enchanted garden feel.

Lighting is also an essential aspect to consider when setting the mood for your Bridgerton-themed wedding. Invest in plenty of candles to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Use candelabras, hurricane lamps, and tea lights for a soft, intimate glow that enhances the elegance and sophistication of your venue. If your venue doesn't allow for open flame, warm-colored LED candles can do the job, too.

Overall, the venue should evoke a sense of grandeur and luxury that transports you and your guests to the world of Bridgerton. Whether it's an elegant ballroom or an outdoor garden party, the key is to create an inviting space that exudes sophistication, much like the show itself.

Bridgerton themed wedding dress ideas

Bridgerton-Inspired Bridal Attire and Accessories

To truly capture the essence of a Bridgerton-themed wedding, the bride's attire and accessories must be carefully chosen to reflect the Regency era's romantic and opulent style. Think flowing silhouettes, intricate embroidery, and delicate lace details.

Your wedding dress can be anything you want it to be, but to channel a modernized Regency style, consider a high or square neckline, long, puffed, or draped sleeves, a fitted bodice or empire waistline, and preferably made with soft fabrics such as silk or satin. If you want to incorporate a pop of color into your bridal look, consider opting for a pastel shade, like baby blue or pink, which was a popular choice during the Regency period.

For the accessories, a tiara or a delicate headband is a must-have, adding a touch of royal elegance to your bridal look. Pearl necklaces, drop earrings, and bracelets adorned with Swarovski crystals are also excellent options for the jewelry.

If you want to wear a bridal veil, opt for a traditional long cathedral length style made of soft tulle fabric and embroidered details.

For the bridesmaids' dresses, keep in mind the Regency era's dress style and choose an empire waistline and capped or puffed sleeves. Look for dresses made of flowy fabrics in pastel shades or soft florals, as they complement the bridal gown and overall wedding theme.

As for the groom's attire, a classic morning suit with a formal ascot tie or black tuxedo with tails, crisp white shirt, and coordinating vest will suffice. If you're having a total black tie celebration, complete the look with a black top hat, which will undoubtedly make your groom look like he stepped straight out of a Bridgerton episode.

By following these Bridgerton-inspired bridal attire and accessory tips, you can undoubtedly look the part of a picture-perfect Regency bride or groom, straight out of a modern fairytale.

Bridgerton themed wedding decor ideas

Regency-Style Wedding Decor and Flowers

To truly transport your guests to the Regency era, it's important to incorporate decor and flowers that capture the elegance and charm of the time. Here are a few ideas to inspire your Regency-style wedding:

1. Candelabras: Nothing screams Regency more than elegant candelabras placed throughout your wedding venue. You can find them in antique shops, or even consider renting them from an event lighting company for the occasion. They will add a romantic, dim lighting effect that will transport your guests back in time.

2. Color Palette: Pastel hues like pink, peach, blue, and lavender are popular colors for a Regency-themed wedding. You can use these colors in your bridesmaid dresses, table linens, and flowers to create a cohesive look.

3. Vintage Furniture: To create a Regency-era vibe, consider incorporating vintage furniture into your decor. Victorian sofas, ornate mirrors, and gilt-framed artwork can all add to the elegance and charm of your wedding.

4. Flowers: For the Bridgerton-inspired floral arrangements, you'll want to focus on soft, romantic blooms. Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas in pastel shades are ideal for creating a delicate and sophisticated look. Adding a touch of greenery, such as ivy or eucalyptus, will give your arrangements a wild and whimsical feel.

5. Fabrics: Look for fabrics with floral prints or delicate patterns, such as silk, chiffon, and lace, to incorporate into your wedding decor. Tablecloths, curtains (if indoors), and chair covers in these fabrics will add to the overall ambiance and tie everything together.

Incorporating these elements into your wedding decor will help create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere that feels straight out of the pages of Jane Austen. By paying attention to the details, you'll be able to create a cohesive, Regency-inspired look that will transport your guests back in time.

Regency Bridgerton themed wedding food and drink ideas

Regency Bridgerton themed wedding menu ideas

Food and Drinks Ideas to Serve at the Reception

Now that you've nailed the perfect venue, found your dream Bridgerton-inspired dress, and adorned your space with Regency-style decor and flowers, it's time to think about the food and drinks to serve at your Bridgerton themed wedding reception. From elegant appetizers to decadent desserts, here are some food and drink ideas to add some Regency flair to your wedding feast.

1. Start with a Welcome Cocktail
When your guests arrive, greet them with a welcome cocktail that captures the spirit of the era. For a Bridgerton-inspired wedding, serve up some classic champagne or try a champagne cocktail like the Kir Royale or a Bellini. Don't forget to add some berries, edible flowers, or a DIY flower drink stirrer for a touch of elegance and romance.

2. Elegant Appetizers
Bridgerton is all about refinement and elegance, so be sure to serve some elegant appetizers that look as beautiful as they taste. Some options could include smoked salmon canapés, mini quiches, or cucumber sandwiches. Remember to use delicate plates and serveware to enhance the presentation.

3. An Opulent Feast
No Regency-inspired wedding reception would be complete without an opulent feast. (After all, it took days to prepare for a ball's menu back in the day!) A plated meal featuring beef tenderloin or roasted chicken is a great option for a formal dinner, while a buffet-style meal featuring an array of classic British dishes like Shepherd's Pie and Bangers and Mash with Yorkshire Puddings would be perfect for a more casual reception.

4. Decadent Desserts
To end the meal on a sweet note, serve up some decadent desserts that will make your guests swoon. Classic British desserts like trifle, sticky toffee pudding, or Eton Mess are all perfect options. And don't forget to have a beautiful tiered floral-decorated wedding cake to keep in with your Bridgerton-inspired theme.

5. Classic Tea Time
If you're having an afternoon wedding reception, why not end the day with a classic British tea time? Serve up a variety of teas along with finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and petit fours. Your guests will love this charming nod to the era and modern British favorite.

When it comes to food and drinks for your Bridgerton-themed wedding, it's all about creating an elegant, romantic, and memorable experience for your guests. With these ideas, your wedding reception's feast will be a true Regency-inspired menu fit for the Bridgerton family themselves.

Regency Bridgerton themed wedding venue ideas

Music and Entertainment for the Big Day

One of the key elements to making your Bridgerton themed wedding truly unforgettable is the music and entertainment. As with all aspects of the day, it’s important to stay true to the regency era. This means classical music, string quartets, and operatic performances. If you want to go all out, hire a live harpist to play throughout the ceremony and reception.

For the reception, a traditional waltz is a must. This will allow the happy couple to dance together for the first time as newlyweds in true Bridgerton style. Consider hiring a choreographer to teach you the proper dance steps so that you can nail the performance. Alternatively, you could opt for a ballroom dance where your guests can join in the fun as well.

As for the rest of the evening, make sure to keep your guests entertained with activities like lawn games, card tournaments, and other traditional Regency pastimes. If your budget allows, consider hiring a live performer or even a theatre company to put on a mini-performance for your guests. This could include dramatic readings of Bridgerton-inspired literature, like a passage from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice or even a monologue from a Shakespeare play.

Remember, the music and entertainment at your wedding should be reflective of the time period and atmosphere you're trying to create as well as your own personal style. With the right music, activities, and performances, your guests will feel as if they’ve been transported back to the Regency era and have been fully immersed in the world of Bridgerton.

Regency Bridgerton themed wedding flower ideas

Incorporating elements from this hit show into your wedding will ensure that your big day is truly memorable. We’ve given you some great ideas for how to create a unique wedding that pays homage to the drama and romance of the Bridgerton series and tells your own love story, so best wishes planning your fairytale celebration, dear readers!

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