8 Fun Ideas for Wedding Reception Games to Entertain Adults

It's time to entertain the guests! There are numerous ideas for outdoor and indoor wedding games that range from classic board games to wild scavenger hunts. Whatever games you and your spouse decide on, make sure it reflects who you are as a couple and the kinds of things you like to do together as it adds a uniqueness to the day your guests will talk about long after the games are finished. And if you have a really competitive crowd, be sure to include a point system so teams can compete against one another and possible prizes to win!

The key part about offering wedding games is to vary up the types so everyone can partake. Have a mix of tabletop games for those who need to be seated and standing games for those who bloom when moving around. Game diversity will be greatly appreciated by all!

Giant jenga tumbling tower game for wedding reception ideas
[Photography: Kelsie Scully Photography from our editor-in-chief's own wedding!]

Wine tasting game idea for wedding receptions
[Photography: Chelsea LaVere Barton via Tidewater and Tulle]

1. Blindfolded Wine Tasting

For the wine connoisseurs in your crew, set up a table of disclosed wine bottles and provide some blindfolds. Guests will have to try to figure out what wine is in a wine bag. They must guess whether the wine is red or white, the country of origin, the year produced, and the grape variety. Who knows, you may even have a Master Sommelier in your midst without even knowing it!

3 different wines, table, black tablecloth (to cover up any potential wine stains!), 3 wine bags, party blindfolds, a notepad, pen or pencil, and wine tasting spittoon

Cute wedding cake pinata for outdoor wedding games
[Photography: Luke and Mallory Photography via Huff Post]

2. Wedding Piñata

If you're having an outdoor wedding that has a lot of open space, then a piñata is must, especially for any couples with fiesta vibes or Mexican heritage! And yes, you can absolutely have a stylish piñata for the big day just like the wedding cake one in the photo which is too cute. This isn't a child's birthday party -- it's your wedding that is sure to bring nostalgic smiles and laughs as that cake gets busted open!

Wedding cake piñata, a sturdy tree, thick rope for hanging, and lots of swing space

Wedding camera game ideas for alternative wedding reception entertainment

3. Wedding Paparazzi

Grab one of those disposable cameras or a cute Instax instant camera to get people snappin'. Either place one on each reception table or create a dedicated camera table for this game. Guests can create teams by using the same camera to capture wedding moments. Be careful that the camera is not too expensive as there is a risk of damage to the camera from dropping or otherwise. All teams should take a least one group photo. The newlyweds can judge the best photographs at the end of the reception or just relive the hilarious moments snuggled on their couch at home.

"Can't Wait To See What You Captured" printable sign (as seen in photo), 8"x10" frame for sign, disposable camera or Instax instant camera, Instax mini film (if using Instax), table (if needed), box for instant photos (if needed)

Fun I Spy scavenger hunt game for wedding reception game ideas

4. "I Spy" Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a gam of I Spy?! Your guests can have their own wedding-inspired version and complete unique tasks using clues that you give. Some clues for weddings can be goofy like "Entire team must sing a full verse and chorus from a song with the word LOVE in it." While other scavenger hunt clues can be more obvious like how many helium balloons are at the venue or counting how many gold vases there are on the tables. If your guests know each other well, you could also make clues that are unique to particular guests. For example, your brother may be well known for his Homer Simpson impersonation or your best friend might be known for always having unicorn hair.

"I Spy" printable (as seen in photo) for every two guests, pencils or pens

Wedding trivia game perfect for couples quiz ideas

5. Wedding Trivia

Personalize questions about you, your partner, or you as a couple together. Questions can include where you were engaged, favorite activities, or questions related to your wedding venue. In one fun spooky twist, if your wedding venue is purported to be haunted by 7 ghosts, ask "How many ghosts are said to roam the halls of [wedding venue]?" Don't forget to include a few non-trivia games for tabletop entertainment, especially for those plus-ones who might not know you as well.

Personalizable wedding trivia or game card for every guest, pencils or pens

Tic tac toe tabletop game for wedding game ideas
[Photography: Michael Radford Photography via Martha Stewart]

6. Yahtzee or other Table Top Games

Whether it's tic-tac-toe, playing cards, Yahtzee, Scrabble, or dominoes, think about all of your favorite board games that can be played at guest tables. Include games that are good for all skill levels and personalities. Take into consideration your actual table size availability when planning out your games. Ask your family and friends if you can borrow their sets, too, to help save some money. But if you want to go all out, this super cute personalized wood tic-tac-toe game using your initials is the best fun wedding detail ever!

Stylish leather cup Yahtzee dice, basic Scrabble, or personalized dominoes gift set

Croquet for wedding lawn game ideas
[Photography: Kelsie Scully Photography from our editor-in-chief's own wedding!]

7. Lawn Games

If you have an outdoor venue with a good size lawn area, consider lawn games such as bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, or lawn darts. You could create a grid structure with random points and score points for whatever space the ball or dart lands or just keep it relaxed without point keeping. There's a reason these games are so popular... they're easy to play, and the game itself is a nice keepsake after the big day!

Custom cornhole boards, croquet set, ring toss set, or wooden bocce ball set

Tug of war for outdoor wedding lawn game ideas

8. Tug of War

Nothing brings guest tables together like a friendly game of shared strength! The classic game of tug of war is a good way to start cocktail hour or even break up the evening outside. Be mindful that you may have guests in fancy shoes, so if there's mud anywhere, bring everything onto a concrete patch or make the game a bit more gentle only having a couple of people play at a time.

Tug of war rope

Wedding reception game ideas for grownups
[Photography: Brittany Lowe Photography via Tidewater and Tulle]

We all know how expensive weddings can get, and by incorporating wedding games, it makes amusing entertainment an affordable option to keep your guests laughing. Find games that fit in your budget and style, but most importantly, just have fun.

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