How to Make Sola Flower Drink Stirrers for your Signature Cocktail

Calling all garden wedding lovers because this DIY project is just for you! Inspired by our editor-in-chief Chelsea's English garden wedding and her elderflower and apple spritz signature cocktail, this simple DIY project gives a sweet detail to any signature wedding cocktail using eco-friendly sola wood flowers, naturally dyed silk ribbon, and bamboo skewers. Sola (or shola) flowers are not real flowers, but are handmade with renewable wood from a marshy plant. They are incredibly lightweight making them perfect for a tall drink stirrer! Since this plant grows incredibly fast, it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable craft supply that doesn’t get enough love we think!

These drink stirrer lovelies are perfect for a floral touch to any wedding style or theme and can be personalized to any color palette depending on the ribbon color you choose. We especially love them for any spring or summer wedding!

DIY wedding drink stirrer ideas

How to Make Flower Drink Sticks for Your Wedding

Difficulty Level: Easy

Wood sola flowers in 6 cm (about 2") width
Bamboo skewers
Garden shears
Silk ribbon in 1/2" width

What to make with sola flowers

1. Before getting started, you will need about 5 inches of ribbon per drink stirrer, so calculate how many drink stirrers you want to make before ordering your ribbon of choice. Silk ribbon generally comes in yards. With 36 inches in a yard, you can get about 7 drink stirrers using one yard of ribbon.

2. Next, determine how tall your cocktail glasses will be and choose your length of your bamboo skewers. Generally, most drink stirrers around 7 inches tall, so we have cut our bamboo skewer sticks to 7". Using your garden shears, snip your sticks to your preferred length. Remember to keep your pointy ends as you will need this to add your sola flowers onto your stirrers!

DIY signature cocktail wedding drink stirrers with sola flowers

Easy DIY signature cocktail drink sticks with sola wood flowers

3. Using sharp fabric scissors, trim your ribbon to 5" pieces. For a fun twist, mix colors and have a variety of drink stirrers decorations. It’s a great project to use up your ribbon scraps!

Best way to use sola flowers for your wedding day

4. To "tie" your ribbons onto the sticks, make a flat loop, wrap around the stick, and push the end bits through the loop. Tighten the ribbon and now you have a great little flag detail on your drink stirrer!

Best way to use sola flowers for your wedding day

5. On the pointy end of each of your bamboo skewers, gently wedge your flower in the center. Avoid pushing too firmly as sola flowers are still delicate, and you don't want your bamboo skewer to puncture all the way through. You want your sola flower topper sit firmly in place with no wiggling.

DIY signature cocktail wedding drink stirrers with sola flowers

6. Adjust your ribbon flags closer to the sola flowers and then place into your signature cocktail for a pretty and sweet detail for your garden or outdoor wedding. Stirred not shaken, please!

Easy DIY signature cocktail drink stirrers with sola wood flowers

DIY signature cocktail wedding drink stirrers

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Chelsea Barton (originally designed for Jen of Something Turquoise) | Sola Wood Flowers Florals: Friendly Flowers via Etsy | Bamboo Skewers: Amazon | Silk Ribbon: Pompom Blossom via Etsy | Garden Shears: Amazon

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