How to Make Your Own Cricut Wedding Invitations

Weddings are a time of excitement and absolutely a creative person's time to shine! Thanks to technology, making your own wedding invitations has never been easier with the help of a Cricut machine. If you're not familiar with Cricut machines, they are a type of electronic cutting machine that allows you to cut a variety of materials with precision. (Psst, we have a load of other Cricut wedding DIY ideas to inspire you! We're big fans around here!) Thankfully, talented creators on Etsy have already done the hard part for you by designing beautiful Cricut-friendly downloadable files. All you have to do is pick your favorite, upload into Design Space, and get to work! We are also including the top questions we get about how to make Cricut wedding invitations since we get asked this a lot. If we missed any, drop us a message on Instagram!

Best Cricut wedding invitations
[Monstera leaf tropical wedding invitation SVG file - see end of article for more details]

How can I make wedding invitations with my Cricut?

If you're a beginner to Cricut, you'll need to know that a common cutting file is called an SVG, and this is essentially a template for you to cut out with your Cricut machine. You can find these SVG files for Cricut on Etsy and DIY craft blogs or websites. When browsing Etsy and beyond, you will want to search specifically for SVG files along with the wedding theme you're looking for. You just upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space, and that's it! It reads the file and tells your machine where and what to cut. You may or may not want to edit or adapt the design to your sizing needs, but generally speaking, everything is ready for you to use as is.

You can also use Cricut to address your wedding envelopes using some Cricut pens, but that's a topic for another day. Possibilities are endless!

How to make wedding invitations with a Cricut
[Photography: Aurelia Studios via this coastal blue themed elopement on Tidewater and Tulle]

Can I use Cricut for non-paper wedding invitations?

Even though we are rounding up our favorite paper Cricut wedding invitations in this article, yes, you can make different kinds of wedding invitations with your Cricut! If you have a Cricut Maker, you can use Cricut's engraving tip and quick swap housing and etch onto acrylic sheets for that cool modern look. Or alternatively for the Explore Air machine, you can cut out vinyl and also adhere on acrylic sheets (we only recommend this for smaller weddings as this would get expensive and time-consuming!). You can also use the Foil Transfer Kit to add a metallic touch to your paper invites for some glimmery details.

Unique wedding ideas for using Cricut to make wedding invitations
[Photography: Caitlin Gerres via best DIY wedding ideas made with Cricut roundup on Tidewater and Tulle]

Which Cricut machine is best for wedding invitations?

A Cricut Explore Air machine is perfect for cutting most wedding invitations. Its ample size is great for cutting out invite pockets, detailed invite jackets, trifold designs, and more. It really is an ideal machine for all of your wedding DIY projects, and the one we use for all of our Cricut wedding tutorials. The only time when you might want a Maker is when you're wanting to engrave acrylic or cut thicker materials like basswood.

If you're skipping the whole "make your own wedding invitations" thing but want to make your own wedding place cards instead, you can get away with using a Cricut Joy machine, the smallest, but mighty cutting machine in the Cricut family. It's great for limited crafting space and for projects no bigger than 4.5" at its widest.

Everything you need to make Cricut wedding invitations

Which supplies will I need to make my own wedding invitations with my Cricut?

For basic paper wedding invitations, you'll want to start with some fresh mats and a new cutting blade if your Cricut has been used many times before. Since you'll be doing a lot of potential intricate cutting for your invites, beginning sharp and clean is best practice!

Cricut Explore Air or Maker machine
• 12"x12" LightGrip Cutting Mat
Fine-Point Replacement Blade
Scoring stylus (if applicable)
Weeding tool
• Premium cardstock
Adhesive dots (if applicable)
Glue tape runner (if applicable)
Envelopes (or make your own!)
Large scraper tool (for cleaning your mat in between cuts)
Weeding scrap collector (okay, not 100% needed, but we love how mess-free this makes weeding out all of those tiny bits of paper!)
• ... and last but not least, the actual SVG file of your choice! You'll find our favorites below.

And if you're feeling extra crafty, add ribbon or make your own wax seals with a hot glue gun to finish your wedding invitations!

Beach ocean coral pattern for Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Coral Themed Beach Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Calling all mermaid wedding lovers! Get ready to dive into a sea of love with this stunning sea wedding invitation template! With a beautifully simple coral design, this SVG file allows you to create your very own unique beach-themed wedding invitations. This is designed to be 5"x7" in size and fits into a standard A7 envelope, so make a splash on your special day with this elegant and charming invitation.

Coral Wedding Invite SVG File: Milana Lux via Etsy

Rustic vintage lace Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation

get the goods

This rustic, vintage lace trifold wedding invitation is the perfect choice for couples who want to create a shabby chic look with their Cricut. The SVG template allows you to make your own 5"x7" folded invitation that includes a little pocket to tuck the extra detail cards. We especially love the contrast of white lace against your preferred colored cardstock. Dark blue or kraft brown would be so pretty!

Lace Wedding Invite SVG File: Milana Lux via Etsy

Orchid flower trifold Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Orchid Flower Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Orchids never looked so good! Hand drawn and digitized by this artist, this invitation template is sized for a 5"x7" design in its folded state. Its trifold design is like opening a gift or a gate into a fabulous party! Shimmer cardstock would look extra beautiful with this one.

Orchid Wedding Invite SVG File: GoodwoodUAShop via Etsy

Fall autumn maple leaves Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Fall Leaves Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Looking for the perfect wedding invitation to match your autumnal wedding theme? Look no further than this cozy maple leaf invitation SVG! Beyond the actual invite itself, this template set also comes with a place card and RSVP card holder to continue your fall wedding stationery dreams.

Autumn Maple Leaves Wedding Invite SVG File: ExclusDesigns via Etsy

Mountain themed Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Mountain Themed Pocket Wedding Invitation

get the look

Are you dreaming of a mountain wedding that takes your breath away? These are literally the best invitations for your outdoor wedding! Featuring intricate mountain silhouettes with its own pocket, this 5"x7" invitation suite is sure to set the tone for a beautiful wedding celebration. It comes with a PDF file with instructions on how to use the SVG files, and oh yes, we absolutely love the little dog hiking details on the pocket!

Mountain Range Wedding Invite SVG File: SimpleSummitDesignCo via Etsy

Simple rose Cricut pocket wedding invitation SVG template

Rose Cut-Out Invitation Sleeve

get the look

This minimalist pocket wedding invitation design features a beautiful rose window that lets your actual invitation shine through from below. The 5"x7" pocket card design comes in two styles -- landscape and portrait -- so you can decide which way to turn your invites. Simply download, print and cut on Design Space, and your handmade invitations will be ready to impress your guests.

Flower Wedding Invite Sleeve SVG File: Chulimare via Etsy

Rustic horseshoe and roses Cricut barn wedding invitation SVG file

Rustic Wedding Invitation with Horseshoe

get the goods

Yeehaw! If you're having a barn wedding or a ceremony overlooking a gorgeous field, this rustic pocket wedding invitation design might be just what you're looking for. With roses and a lucky horseshoe, it comes in a 5"x7" size, but can be resized without losing detail. It'd also make for a great wedding shower invite!

Country Themed Wedding Invite SVG File: EGDigitalFilesStudio via Etsy

Mandala design Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Mandala Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Featuring a mesmerizing mandala design, this beautiful lace invitation is perfect for any couple looking to add a pop of bold lace or honor their Indian heritage. Measuring 5"x7", this trifold pocket envelope can be used many different ways. You'll need adhesive dots for this one!

Indian Inspired Wedding Invite SVG File: ExclusDesigns via Etsy

Fairytale rose SVG file for Cricut wedding invitation

Fairytale Wedding Invitation

get the goods

This rose wedding invitation design is the perfect introduction to any classic wedding or Disney wedding celebration. If you're getting married at a grand estate or envision a fairytale wedding vibe, this trifold invitation has a few different variations to it so you can choose which one is best for your special day. Consider adding contrast with your paper colors so the rose really stands out!

Single Rose Cut-Out Wedding Invite SVG File: DigitalGoodsArina via Etsy

Forest of trees woodland theme Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Forest Belly Band Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Calling all woodland couples! This line of trees is a must-have belly band detail to keep all of your wedding invitation suite together! This is sized to wrap around a 5"x7" invitation and looks great with a more text-based invitation with no other illustrations. Let the typography and your love of the forest shine with this one!

Forest of Trees Wedding Invite SVG File: Milana Lux via Etsy

Traditional lily Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Lilies Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Perfect for traditional weddings, the lily takes a spotlight in this intricately cut invitation design. It's a 5"x7" trifold format that places your invitation on the left side with your other information cards on the right. You'll need a glue tape runner for this project as there is some folding to do once it's cut on your Cricut.

Traditional Lilies Wedding Invite SVG File: ExclusDesigns via Etsy

Tropical monstera leaves Cricut wedding invitation SVG file

Tropical Wedding Invitation

get the goods

Escape to a tropical paradise with these stunning monstera leaf wedding invitations! The downloadable SVG template includes both a 5"x7" invitation and RSVP card for cutting out. You will need 12"x12" scrapbook-size cardstock for this one!

Monstera Leaves Wedding Invite SVG File: Milana Lux via Etsy

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