Editor's Picks: Packing Essentials for a UK Honeymoon

Winter is one of the most magical times of year. With pristine snow, festive holidays, and new beginnings around the corner, we think it's the perfect time for a honeymoon or vacation... and the whole United Kingdom is just the place! Since it's semi-off-season (though London is a very popular Christmas destination), flights can be more affordable and hotels are cozier. What's not more romantic than that? So we have gathered up our well-loved essentials that are must packs for hopping across the pond to Old Blighty in cold weather. From waterproof accessories to heirloom journals, these packable items will make your British adventure oh so memorable and practical.

This curated roundup has two purposes: to share some personal travel favorites and to announce a very special adventure. Life shifted and drastically changed in 2019, and I unexpectedly found myself with the opportunity to write a new chapter. So for the next 6 months, I will be on sabbatical in Coastal England living out my soul's dream of home alongside my little trusty sidekick kitty, Pickles Barrington.

We have a lot of editorial features in store as we share the beauty of England and its other UK buddies. Our first one will be a complete travel guide for the Isle of Wight in January, so stay tuned for that! You won't believe how idyllic it is, especially for Virginia travelers and honeymooners!

In the meantime, the Tidewater and Tulle Crew will be keeping things operating while I write behind the scenes on what makes the United Kingdom an amazing place to visit. My love for England has been 20+ years in the making, and to have the chance to stay there for awhile is a complete dream come true. If the past 12 months has anything to teach, it's that life is a multi-faceted diamond. Sometimes it gets cloudy and dark, but it's up to us to shine it up and make it sparkle again.

Come join us on the journey on the website, magazine, and social media these next few months! It's going to be pretty awesome! Totally biased, of course, but heck yes to the land of Jane Austen, scones, and thatched roofs.

- Chelsea
Editor-in-Chief of Tidewater and Tulle

What to pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter

Modern travel suitcases by Monos that work well on cobblestone streets in England

High Quality Luggage

get the goods

Without question, having luggage that rolls smoothly over cobblestones and time-worn lanes is non-negotiable when traveling in the UK. Our editor-in-chief is a frequent global traveler, and this has been the bane of her existence while traversing through small towns. Tested over historic Williamsburg's own cobblestone streets and 100% approved before her own adventure to England, Monos Travel saves the day and is the smoothest rolling suitcase ever used! It's the latest luggage brand to come on the scene that doesn't mess around with quality wheels and telescopic handle (the two parts that are most under pressure). Not only weather-friendly, all of Monos' suitcases come with a limited lifetime warranty. If your baggage handlers somehow crack the case or break your handles, Monos has you covered. Our loyalty is for this one just because of that!

Modern Carry-On Suitcase: Monos in Ocean Blue, $275 | Modern Check-in Suitcase (Large): Monos in Storm Grey, $345

Personalized travel journal from Etsy with beautiful pages to share moments on your honeymoon

Travel Journal

get the goods

With the popularity of bullet journals and scrapbooks, why not consider a travel journal to document your honeymoon moments? What we love most about the chic travel journal from Wayfaren is that it's not just filled with blank pages. It has beautiful quotes, maps, budget sheets, trip-specific details, and a keepsake pocket to place your train or museum tickets. You can even get your journal's cover engraved in a few different design styles to personalize your romantic adventures. It's simply a gorgeous book to pack and keep.

Chic Modern Travel Journal Heirloom: Wayfaren via Etsy, $24+

What to pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter
Pretty packable travel raincoat from Joules to wear for a rainy winter honeymoon in England

Packable Raincoat

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If there's one thing that's for certain, you will definitely get a rainy day while in England. No question! It's part of the charm of this beautiful island. As one of the leading British best-loved lifestyle brands, we knew Joules had to be our rainy weather go-to since they're literally the local fashion experts when it comes to staying warm and dry while looking stylish. They have so many lovely colorful outerwear choices, but it's their packable raincoat that is a must have. It literally packs into its own pocket and is ridiculously magical for saving space in your purse and luggage. We recommend sizing one or two sizes up so you can wear over your other winter layers! (Chelsea's wearing a size 14, but if she were wearing for summertime, she would have gone with a size 10.)

Golightly Waterproof Packaway Jacket: Joules in Green Spaced Floral, $80

What to pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter

Camera Equipment

This is a given nowadays, right? From GoPros to iPhone cameras to user-friendly DSLRs, we just want to make sure you capture your memories because you will look back years from now and be so glad you did. If you're bringing a DSLR and it's rainy, consider also bringing along waterproof camera rain cover to keep your equipment dry. And if you're traveling duo and there's no one around to take a photo together, this lightweight tripod on Amazon is one of our personal favorites and packs easily in a large check-in suitcase (like Monos!). The British countryside is magical with its misty hills and would be so romantic for a portrait!

Gold travel mug for hot tea while honeymooning in the United Kingdom

Travel Mug for Tea

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Ready for a cuppa? While tea is always a thing all year round every day in England, you'll certainly want to stay warm on the go with your favorite hot beverage! Brew some warmth at your cottage with an easy-to-pack and quite pretty travel mug and head out for your daily adventure around town. And to be even more eco-friendly, avoid paper cups, bring your travel mug to any café, and ask them to fill it up with their locally-favored British teas.

Hot Tea Travel Mug: Proof via Amazon, $20

Water resistant walking boots from Keds for a British honeymoon vacation in the winter

Water-Resistant Walking Boots

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"Rainy weather" is the ongoing theme in our roundup if you haven't noticed already! The British love the outdoors, and going for walks around the various districts and parks is a must do for any honeymooning couple. If you're London-bound, water-resistant footwear is equally important as well! A good pair of boots that repel water during colder months have to be in your suitcase. Collaborated with the ever popular Rifle Paper Co., Keds has the prettiest shoes you ever did see when it comes to their Garden Party boots (hint hint the UK also cherishes their gardens so theme on point)! High quality foam footbed gives you the comfiness while Keds' special Dream Shield water and stain repellency spray-treated exterior makes sure walking through puddles or dusty markets keeps your feet clean and dry. We recommend sizing up if you have a wide foot or prefer to wear thick socks. (Chelsea's wearing a size 9 in these boots whereas her normal shoe size is an 8 Wide.)

Rifle Paper Co. Water-Resistant Garden Party Boots: Keds, $89.95

What to wear and pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter

Layered Clothing

It's always sweater weather in England, but especially in the winter! There's a chill in the air and packing a wardrobe with layers in mind is the well-prepared thing to do. Sweaters are bulky and take up a lot of valuable suitcase space, so consider selecting two neutral-colored favorites that are mix-and-matchable. You can accessorize through scarves, gloves, and hats, but the wardrobe diversity will come through with your tops and pants. And don't forget your packable raincoat and another thicker jacket for colder days!

What to pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Winnie the Pooh and his blustery day is no joke. Wind-kissed cheeks and noses will happen, but it's when the rain hits, that it might not be as romantic if you don't have a solid umbrella to keep you two dry. There are a lot of umbrellas out there to help with the brolly inversion problem, so do your research. With 9,000+ reviews on Amazon, we spotted this gem of an umbrella that was not only packable but has a mighty metal frame to prevent it from turning inside out. 77% 5-star reviews can't be wrong, right?!

Waterproof weekender travel tote from Logan and Lenora for the perfect British honeymoon bag

Waterproof Weekender Tote

get the goods
Pockets, pockets, pockets! No matter where you're headed in the UK, you need a quality lightweight bag to carry around to fill with that day's essentials or goodies that you pick up along the way. We're obsessed with this waterproof pocket-filled tote from Logan + Lenora because it also has a trolley sleeve that you can slide right onto your luggage's handle. Even if it gets dirty while passing through the Underground, this bag is completely machine washable when you get back home to the States! (Bonus: The crossbody strap and tassel are vegan leather, stain resistant, and removable should you want to change it up.)

Large Waterproof Travel Tote: Logan + Lenora, $175


If you're new to travel or even to the UK, it's a must to know that over-the-counter medications can be very different than what you're used to in Virginia. For example, acetaminophen/Tylenol is not sold in the UK; its British equivalent is paracetamol. And Allegra is only available by prescription only, so you won't be able to pick it up from a local pharmacy without a doctor's script. Anything that you use on occasion is worth packing as a just in case! (Experience Tip: Chelsea was personally not a fan of British cough drops; the flavors were too strong for her, so more mild ones from home are always in her suitcase now! You'll discover little things like that on your journey and learn what definitely is your own personal essential!)

Power Converter and Adapter

The UK has its own 3-pin electrical outlets with a different voltage than the US, so some of your electronics may need a voltage converter for electronics from the US if the converter unit doesn't automatically do this. Some modern hotels, upgraded homes, and new phones/laptops might not be a voltage concern, so inquire with your host/concierge and read through your electronic's user manuals before your honeymoon. Big advice: Don't bring a hair dryer or straightener as these do tend to blow a fuse no matter the converter based off of reader experience! However, many electronics (like iPhones or laptops) already allow a diverse voltage range, so it may eliminate the need for a voltage converter.

What to wear and pack for an England and United Kingdom honeymoon in the winter

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