What to Pack for a London Honeymoon

Even though I put this feature together before I left, you can rest assure I'm having the best of times here across the pond (which you can see on my personal Instagram account), so we're continuing our "Honeymoon in the UK" theme this week with our editor friend Cris of Kiss My Tulle. She has put together a fabulous pinnable "What to Pack for 7 Days in London" wardrobe list for us, and it's as if she read my mind! Practical, stylish, and oh so space-conscious so you can bring back your favorite British goodies (because confession: I brought an entire empty bag so I could fill it with Percy Pigs and Twinings tea boxes. It's that serious!).

One of the hardest parts about planning the honeymoon can be figuring out what you're going to pack! Often, you've never been to the location that you'll be 'mooning at, and it can be tempting to over plan and over pack. Don't do it! Save your money and save your sanity by pre-planning your wardrobe and packing a few versatile pieces (thus, saving precious space for shopping!). Here are my tips and suggestions on packing for 7 days in London:

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The first step to planning the ultimate London honeymoon wardrobe is know your itinerary and the weather conditions for the time of year you'll be visiting. England is notorious for rainy days, so packing a small umbrella and trench/raincoat is a must (or be prepared to pay $15-$25 for a brolly/umbrella once you're over there)! It's very rare to have an entire week without some sort of drizzle, so travel-sized rain goods are a must.

Really think about what you'll be doing for the bulk of each day of your trip - sightseeing, museum hopping, shopping, fine dining? By lumping like activities together, you'll better be able to plan what to wear each day (and cut down on needing to create multiple outfits for the same activity).

Once you have a basic grasp on how many days/times you'll be doing each activity, then you can roughly calculate 1-2 combinations that would work for each activity. You do not need to plan 1-2 completely different outfits for each - just figure out a look that can be created using one or two special items combined with some foundation pieces. Also, keep in mind any special requirements or dress codes for the activities (i.e., covered shoulders or walking shoes). 

Next, you'll need to plan your foundation items (generally, shoes/boots, dresses, shorts, skirts, lingerie/swimwear, outerwear, and tops). Pick 1-2 items in neutral colors for each category that would work for at least 2-3 of your planned activity days. Don't stress out about this - you may find later that you can swap out a foundation piece for a fun accent piece later.

Lastly, you'll want to plan each day's wardrobe and look to see where you can add/swap out accessories or accent pieces to create different looks with each combination -- scarves are popular in the UK! Try to see if you can reuse the same accessory with another combination - you're looking for every single item you pack to do double (or triple) duty. It's okay to pack a few little somethings special and lovely to wear at night. After all, it's your honeymoon!

What perfect pieces would you plan for your London honeymoon?

- Cris

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Photo by Bit of Ivory Photography.