Let's Go Girls! Make Your Own Bachelorette Party Shirts

Bachelorette parties are a really fun time for any bride and her besties, and they are the perfect chance for crafty people to dazzle! And we're here to state the obvious: creating your own bachelorette party shirts with a Cricut machine is the best way to personalize your celebration. If you haven't hopped on the electronic cutting machine bandwagon yet, a Cricut machine is a tool that helps cut things out with pinpoint accuracy. (If you've been a reader for awhile, you'll know about our Cricut DIY ideas for all of your wedding needs!)

Bonus: we have scoured Etsy and found lots of brilliant designers who have already created gorgeous Cricut-compatible downloadable files for your bach party makes. Along with a few of our current faves, we're also sharing answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about ironing on bachelorette party shirts. So let's get right to it!

Best Cricut bachelorette party tshirts
[Getting Hitched and Rowdy Cowgirl SVG files - see end of article for more details]

How can I make bachelorette party t-shirts with my Cricut?

If you're a beginner to Cricut, you'll need to know that a common cutting file is called an SVG, and this is essentially a design file for you to cut out with your Cricut machine. You can find these SVG files for Cricut on Etsy and DIY craft blogs or websites. When browsing Etsy and beyond, you will want to search specifically for SVG or PNG (with transparent background) files along with the wedding theme or wedding words you're looking for. After that, upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space, and that's it! It reads the file and tells your machine where and what to cut. You will need to resize the width or height of your image for each t-shirt you make, so you have flexibility on the size for your needs!

How to make wedding bachelorette party shirts with a Cricut
[Photography: Chelsea Barton via this DIY wedding jacket tutorial on Tidewater and Tulle]

What materials do I need to make wedding shirts with my Cricut machine?

To make t-shirts, you have two options to use: Iron-On (also known as heat transfer vinyl or HTV) and Infusible Ink (aka pre-made sublimation transfer sheets). For wedding-specific shirts, we recommend iron-on vinyl though because this can be used on any kind of fabric or t-shirt. Infusible Ink is limited to clothing that is mostly made out of polyester, so 100% cotton won't work. Infusible Ink also doesn't work well on dark-colored shirts unless you first prep your shirt with a white iron-on background. Overall, Infusible Ink has a few more limitations, and unless you're not new to your Cricut machine, you may just want to go the easy route with HTV!

With iron-on vinyls, there are metallic golds, silver, neutrals, glitters, bolds, pastels, and more when it comes to colors, so you'll definitely find something to match your bachelorette or hen do theme!

After you've decided which material you're using, you'll also need an EasyPress or clean household iron. The EasyPress does take the temperature/duration guesswork out of making a perfect t-shirt, so if you have a lot of shirts to create, the EasyPress may be a good option for you to look into! If your budget is limited or you don't see yourself making shirts after the wedding, your normal iron will work as well.

And if you plan on making a business out of your wedding shirts, the Cricut Autopress is a must-have for batch making. You can read more about our thoughts on the Autopress in our DIY Wedding Welcome Bags tutorial!

Unique wedding ideas for using Cricut to make bachelorette party shirts
[Photography: Chelsea Barton via How to Make Bachelorette Party Fanny Packs tutorial on Tidewater and Tulle's Instagram]

Which Cricut machine is best for making wedding t-shirts?

A Cricut Explore machine is perfect for cutting all t-shirt designs. As most t-shirts aren't giant projects, these machines give you plenty of length or width for cutting out your designs. It also is a great machine for all of your wedding DIY projects, and the one we use for our Cricut wedding tutorials. So once you're done with your shirts, you can move forward the other DIYs on your wedding to-do list!

Everything you need to make Cricut wedding shirts
[Photography: Chelsea Barton via DIY gift ideas made with EasyPress tutorial on Tidewater and Tulle]

Which supplies will I need to make my own wedding shirts with my Cricut?

For bachelorette or wedding day t-shirts, you'll want to start with the basics.

Cricut Explore
• 12"x12" StandardGrip Cutting Mat
Iron-on (HTV)
Infusible Ink transfer sheets
Weeding tool
Brayer (optional - this helps remove bubbles from your cutting mat)
EasyPress or household iron
• ... and last but not least, the actual SVG file of your choice! You'll find some of our current favorites below or you can design your own in Design Space with the text of choice.

Spooky Halloween goth bachelorette party idea for Cricut wedding shirt SVG file

Let's Go Ghouls Bach Party Shirt

get the goods

If you're a spooky queen or just celebrating at Halloween time, consider this chic skeleton party hand design for your bach party! Even more perfect if you use glow-in-the-dark iron-on for nighttime ghoul fun!

Spooky Halloween Bachelorette Party SVG File: Dark Lagoon Studio via Etsy

Last Fling Before the Ring Cricut SVG file

Last Fling Before The Ring Bachelorette Party Shirt

get the goods

This groovy design gives a feel good vibe for any beach or vacay bach party! You can make this with three different iron-on colors or keep it to one color. Possibilities are endless!

Last Fling Before The Ring Bach Party SVG File Bundle: Asofy via Etsy

Classic Team Bride Cricut sweatshirt SVG file

Team Bride Bach Party Sweatshirt

get the goods

For those ladies who love the minimalist look but with a touch of trendy, this fun bubbly wave Team Bride design fits the bill. It's another one that you can make with multiple colors or keep it monochromatic.

Team Bride Bubble Letters SVG File: Print Boutique 4U via Etsy

Coastal Cowgirl disco ball Cricut bach party shirt SVG file

Disco Ball Cowgirl Boots Bachelorette Party Design

get the goods

Want something a bit more versatile after your Nashville bach party? No words necessary with this super fun disco-loving cowgirl design! Even better that this is a shirt you and your ladies will definitely wear again when the bach party is over.

Disco Cowgirl Nashville Bach Party SVG File: Lichen Meyer via Etsy

Witchy magic bride and her coven Cricut wedding shirt SVG file

Witchy Bride and Her Coven Bach Party Shirts

get the goods

For our crystal loving brides and mystical lovelies, this beautiful bundle is sure to set the magical tone for your coven during the bach party celebrations. We can totally see glitter iron-on looking gorgeous with this one.

Mystical Bachelorette Party Shirt SVG File: Creative Union Design via Etsy

Classic Team Bride Cricut bach party shirt SVG template

Classic Team Bride Bach Party Design Set

get the goods

Cute alert ahead! For that classic look, these Team Bride designs work with tanktops, shirts, and sweatshirts. You choose colors and wardrobe for your bach party, so everyone wins with this one!

Team Bride SVG Files: Svg Mode via Etsy

Cowboy Rustic Getting Hitched Cricut wedding shirt SVG file

Getting Hitched Bachelorette Party Shirt

get the goods

Yeehaw! Getting Hitched and Getting Rowdy is another great design set for your crew celebrating around a farm, barn, country bar, or even Nashville. Don't forget the accessories like hats and boots!

Modern Country Themed Bachelorette Party Shirt SVG File: Creative Union Design via Etsy

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