DIY Bachelorette Party Slap Bracelets

Nostalgia alert! Slap bracelets are getting a wedding glow-up for a fun bachelorette party or wedding shower accessory that everyone will totally love! These slap bracelets are not only modern and chic, but also very easy to make. Whether you make them ahead of time or have a bracelet decorating party, these blast from the past will surely bring a smile to any wedding-related celebration. Decorate with stickers or faux flowers... the possibilities are endless and will get people snappin'.

This DIY is in partnership with Something Turquoise. Our editor-in-chief Chelsea creates exclusive wedding DIY project tutorials for Something Turquoise, one of the leading global websites for DIY wedding ideas, in addition to creating tutorials for Tidewater and Tulle.

Easy DIY modern bachelorette party slap bracelets using Cricut Easy and fun DIY slap bracelets for modern wedding party using Cricut vinyl DIY bachelorette party or bridal shower slap bracelets for wedding favor ideas DIY slap bracelets with gold and silver shimmer vinyl idea for fun bach party favor

How to Make Fun Slap Bracelets for a Bachelorette Party or Wedding Shower

Ready to get slapping? Learn how to make these chic DIY bach party slap bracelets over on Something Turquoise. They are simple to make and upcycle after the party into gift wrapping roll holders!

Photography & DIY Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton | Dried Flowers: Apple Mint Florist | Vinyl Materials: Cricut | Blank Slap Bracelets: Amazon

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