3 Easy DIY Ways to Make Arch Table Numbers with CraftCuts

If you've been anywhere on the internet lately, you will have seen the trendy arch shape everywhere in home decor, weddings, crafting, and beyond. Sometimes it's called the boho arch, other times it's the boho rainbow, and sometimes just the plain ole arch shape. You might have even scrolled through our arch-shaped wedding cakes roundup from last year! There are endless ideas to use this lovely shape into your special days, and today with our friends at CraftCuts, we are sharing three gorgeous ways to incorporate the arch shape as table numbers no matter what your wedding style is.

Using CraftCuts' products, we have dreamed up chic DIY wedding table numbers to the tune of classic, boho, and modern. The best part is that everything can be sourced from their website or can be used as part of any larger handmade project you have in mind! CraftCuts will be your new DIY wedding bestie for all of your big day ideas, so get ready to be inspired for your wedding reception tables with this one!

Best ideas on how to make arch shaped wedding table numbers with CraftCuts

How to DIY Arch Table Numbers in 3 Styles

Difficulty Level: Easy

Acrylic arch shapes (in White, 7 inches height, 1/4 inch thickness)
• Lowercase vinyl "spelled out" numbers (in Citrus Script font, color Metallic Gold Gloss, 1/5 inches height)
• Uppercase vinyl "T A B L E" lettering (in Din font, color Metallic Gold Gloss)

Birch Plywood arch shapes (unpainted, 7 inches height, 1/2 inch thickness)
Birch plywood numeric numbers (unpainted, in Basic Serif font, 4 inches height, 1/8 thickness)
• Hanging Strips (included with CraftCuts wood numbers)
• White craft/acrylic paint (in Snow (Titanium) White from DecoArt)

Birch Plywood arch shapes (painted in Fuschia, 7 inches height, 3/4 inch thickness)
Acrylic numbers (in White, in Monrovia Deco font, 4 inches height, 1/8 inch thickness)

DIY boho arch wedding table numbers with wood and paint

EDITOR'S NOTE: CraftCuts makes DIY wedding table numbers so easy without having to find additional materials! Whether you choose painted or unpainted, everything is delivered together. You can also choose to have hanging strips included for adhering your numbers to your arches. For acrylic numbers, they already have an adhesive backing to make it even easier to stick on! However if you prefer using a different adhesive or want to paint a different color, then just be sure to grab those materials at your local craft store before starting your project.

How to make beautiful DIY wedding table numbers without a Cricut machine with CraftCuts

How to make beautiful DIY wedding table numbers without a Cricut machine with CraftCuts

Using an Arch Shape for a Classic Wedding Style

Envisioning a timeless wedding style? Having your celebration in a ballroom or historic venue? Consider incorporating the trending arch shape with a monochromatic color palette and a font that speaks to the style. Greenery in your florals also always looks fabulous with this setup! You can either stand your table number up next to your centerpiece or place on a small gold tabletop easel for the ultimate classic look.

On CraftCuts' website, select white acrylic/plastic arch shapes and choose a metallic hue (like gold) for the vinyl lettering. All custom vinyl includes transfer tape for perfect application to your table numbers. Just peel and stick! No fuss, no weeding, no last minute craft store visits. This is the literally the easiest kind of DIY ever, especially if you don't have the time or space to use a Cricut or electronic cutting machine at home. It's not needed when you can get this ready-made vinyl delivered right to your doorstep!

And after the wedding, our favorite part about using vinyl is that you can also peel off the stickers and reuse these table numbers for home signage, gifts, and more!

Easiest DIY arch wedding table numbers with vinyl and acrylic shapes

Classic arch shaped wedding table numbers made with CraftCuts

How to make classic wedding table numbers with CraftCuts arch shapes

How to make beautiful DIY wedding table numbers without a Cricut machine with CraftCuts

Easy DIY boho arch wedding table numbers with CraftCuts wooden shapes and DecoArt paint

Using an Arch Shape for a Boho Wedding Style

Getting married under a forest of stars or with the sand between your toes on the beach? Boho dreams go perfectly with the arch shape in any size or color, and we especially love the natural grain of wood. This kind of neutral complements any other color that you may introduce into your wedding theme.

On CraftCuts’ website, select an unpainted wood arch shape and an unpainted wood number and add on "hanging strips" to your order so the numbers are ready to be adhered to your arch shape to give that lovely dimensional look. You'll need to trim the hanging strips to the width of your numbers. After a few snips, peel off the backings and attach! These are freestanding display signs, so no other accessories needed to complete your guests' tables.

We recommend painting your number in a color that matches your wedding party’s attire or your centerpieces. If you're undecided or prefer the colors to stay with your florals, white or unpainted numbers also goes very well with the whole neutral boho vibe. With wood materials, there's also no waste, making it a very eco-friendly wedding detail! Either resell your numbers after the big day, donate to your local thrift shop, or even use as firewood. These table numbers will always be upcyclable.

Easiest DIY arch wedding table numbers with wooden shapes and and paint

Boho arch shaped wedding table numbers made with CraftCuts

How to make boho wedding table numbers with CraftCuts arch shapes

DIY boho rainbow arch shape wedding table numbers

Easy neutral color DIY boho arch wedding table numbers with CraftCuts wooden shapes and DecoArt paint

How to make modern wedding table numbers with CraftCuts

Using an Arch Shape for a Modern Wedding Style

Having an art gallery or museum wedding or just really love bold colors? Modern themes are right up your alley, and the arch shape is literal perfection since there are so many ways you can personalize it to your wedding!

Pantone’s 2023 color of the year "Viva Magenta" was our inspiration when putting together this modern style for our table numbers made by CraftCuts. When selecting birch plywood for your table number, you get the option to have it painted for you by CraftCuts. There are 35 colors to choose from, so yet again, another no fuss, no mess, and all yes kind of idea to help your wedding prep be super easy breezy!

We especially loved the painted arches with a crisp white acrylic number adhered onto it. Acrylic numbers arrive with an adhesive backing already on it, so peel off and stick for minimal work and maximum visual impact.

Easiest DIY arch wedding table numbers with wooden shapes and and acrylic numbers

Modern arch shaped wedding table numbers inspired by Viva Magenta Pantone Color of the Year 2023 made with CraftCuts

DIY modern arch shape wedding table numbers for your museum wedding with Pantone Viva Magenta Color of the Year 2023

How to use Pantone Viva Magenta modern wedding table numbers with arch shapes

Tips on Creating Your Own Table Numbers

Our sizes, materials, font, and color choices are found under the Materials list above, but if you decide to go another route to match your style better, these top tips will make sure your reception signage is perfect when displayed.

Make your table numbers the thickest available if you’re wanting freestanding signs. If you’re wanting them to be supported by another material (like displayed on a mini tabletop easel or stand), you can make yours thinner with a lighter material, of course! Just keep in mind physics is at play no matter which setup you choose.

Make your actual numbers large enough to be seen from a distance. At the end of the day, while gorgeous, these signs are meant to communicate where your guests are seated. This can mean painting your number a contrasting color or just sizing up.

Make your table numbers proportionate to your table size and centerpieces. There is such a thing as too big and too small for wedding reception tables! Balance out your signs with what’s on the table. For a 60-inch and 72-inch round table, a table number no taller than 7” would look best. Equally important, any smaller of a sign might make your numbers not visible at a distance.

Best ideas on how to make arch shaped wedding table numbers with CraftCuts

CraftCuts has become one of our favorite go-tos for DIY wedding ideas because they just make everything easy. Whether you're a crafty guru or just a beginner in crafting, their website gives you a plethora of big and small ideas for your wedding projects. We literally mean big and small because you can get materials that are tabletop ready or giant standalone size!

Stay tuned over the next coming months as we share more unique DIY ideas using CraftCuts customized products that you can create for your special day.

Because our CraftCuts pals are awesome, they are giving an exclusive code to our readers to use for their own wedding DIYs! For a limited time, use promo code TIDEWATER10 for 10% off your entire order. The code expires March 31, 2023, so be sure to get your craft on before then!

Easy unique DIY ideas on how to make arch shaped wedding table numbers with CraftCuts

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