The Best Cricut Gift Guide Ever for the DIY Bride or Groom

November 4, 2019 Williamsburg, Virginia

'Tis the season for gifting inspiration, especially for the creative ones looking to personalize their thoughtful projects with loved ones! DIY is part of our own everyday hearts, and DIY wedding projects are our favorite features to share on Tidewater and Tulle, so it was only a matter of time that we would round up some of our favorite crafting goodies to the theme of Cricut since that's our most used craft brand. In continued partnership with Cricut, we have curated our top materials and tools for you to take your gifting game to the next level for your getting married friends. Perfect for stocking stuffers or group gifts, there's a little something at every budget!

DIY wedding ideas with Cricut Vinyl

Cricut Vinyl

• see how it was used in our DIY Textured Copper Table Number Vases project •

One of our most favorite crafting materials is vinyl. Once you go vinyl, you don't go back! With so many colors, textures, and metallic shimmers, Cricut vinyl transforms anything you dream of into a personalized wedding masterpiece. From wedding signs to table numbers to cake toppers, you can cut out your vinyl of choice into words, shapes, and designs. Don't forget the transfer tape to go with it since it makes vinyl application effortless! It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any DIY bride or groom because of its Cricut tube packaging!

Vinyl: Cricut, $5-$17 per roll

DIY wedding projects using Cricut ink pens

Cricut Pens

• see how they were used in our DIY Selenite Crystal Place Cards project •

One of the lesser known DIY funsies you can do with any Cricut cutting machine is that you can actually have it write things for you like wedding invitations or escort cards! With Cricut pens that are made exclusively to fit inside of the Cricut machine tool holder, you can make pretty calligraphy happen without mistakes. The pens come in different thicknesses and styles, but we're definitely partial to the metallic gold pen set because three of the pens have special calligraphy tips!

Pens: Cricut, $9-$13 per pack

DIY wedding ideas using Cricut Access and Design Space

Annual Cricut Access Subscription

If you're a digital gift giver or not local to your engaged friends, then enable their craftiness with a yearly Cricut Access subscription that would give your pal oodles of images, fonts, and ready-to-make projects from which to choose for their DIY wedding ideas. This can be especially helpful for brides or grooms who might need some help figuring out how to personalize their special days. Double bonus is that they can find 75,000+ goodies that are non-wedding-related, too! It's rather addictive once you start finding fun holiday decor projects. (Warning: You'll forget what time it is after awhile!)

Annual Cricut Access Subscription:, $96-$120 billed yearly

DIY wedding project ideas using Cricut iron on vinyl

Cricut Iron-On

• see how it was used in our DIY Personalized Kitchen Towels project •

If vinyl is our first craft love, then Cricut iron-on (or also commonly known as heat transfer vinyl) is our second. It's versatile and fabulous with so many uses! From bachelorette party fanny packs to ring bearer shirts to wedding vow books, iron-on is easy and fun to apply to a ton of different materials. Wood, leather, cotton, you name it. Any of the Cricut foil iron-on rolls makes anything insta-wedding pretty!

Iron-On: Cricut, $6-$15 per roll

DIY wedding ideas using Cricut tool sets

Cricut Tools

• see how they are used in any of our DIY wedding projects

Any DIY project will require some crafting tools, and what better stocking stuffer to give than some essentials! Cricut has a bunch of different options, but we find we use the weeding tool and the scraper/spatula set the most, especially with vinyl and paper projects. (Our gold ones in our photo came from the Martha Stewart Cricut Explore Air 2 (Wedding Edition) bundle... basically the prettiest tools you ever did see!)

Tools for Crafting: Cricut, $6-$50 for individual tools and sets

DIY wedding paper ideas using Cricut self healing mat and precision craft knife

Cricut Self-Healing Mat and Knife

• see how they are used in our DIY wedding vow book project •

Beyond the Cricut world, a precision knife comes in handy a lot around the house, and the Cricut TrueControl knife beats all of the others we have tried in the past. It can cut thin plastics, canvas, paper, fabric, and more, but the grip and the fact it doesn't roll when you put it on the table makes it the perfect craft tool to have around. (If your bride or groom already has this, the Cricut rotary cutter is another favorite cutting tool of ours that gets used often! We used it in one of our IKEA hack projects to cut vegan leather for a woven stool.)

Self-Healing Mats: Cricut, $14+ per mat | TrueControl Precision Cutting Knife: Cricut, $14+ per kit

DIY wedding paper craft ideas using Cricut portable trimmer

Cricut Portable Trimmer

• see how it is used in our DIY modern beach wedding seating chart project •

Though this is a sponsored roundup, we wouldn't share any of these without personal experience and love, and Cricut's portable trimmer is no exception! We have used this for years now, and the cutting blade is superior to many of the portable trimmers you find at the craft stores. It's the best to trim down photos, paper signage, place cards, wedding invitations, and anything else you can think of. Leather can even be cut with the trimmer! The blade doesn't need to be replaced often, and when it does need to be replaced, it's easily done with the replacement blades. It's probably the most awesome practical gift you can give to your crafty wedding friend!

12" Portable Trimmer: Cricut, $22

Unique and easy DIY wedding projects using Cricut Explore Air 2 machine

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

• see how it is used in our DIY fiesta food flags project •

Real Talk: We know this might be too expensive for one single gift giver, but a Cricut Explore Air 2 machine would be an amazing group gift to give at a wedding shower to help kickstart the bride or groom's wedding DIYs! All of these fun ideas are completely a moot point without this beauty of a creative dream maker. It allows personalizing a wedding day so easy with its user-friendly features and materials available. Beyond the celebrations, gift giving will never be the same again once you know you can make a t-shirt or earrings for your loved ones. If you're a bride or groom yourself, it's also a great thing to add to your Amazon wedding registry, too!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine: Cricut, $199-$250+

DIY wedding project ideas using Cricut cutting mats

Cricut Cutting Mats

• see how they are used in our DIY wedding memorial chair decor project •

The more you use your Cricut machine, the more you'll need new cutting mats. And there's a cutting mat for every material! From LightGrip (for delicate papers), StandardGrip (for vinyl and most other common materials), StrongGrip (for leather and thick materials), to FabricGrip, these accessories are necessary to make any DIY wedding projects with Cricut. Any hardcore crafter will squeal at getting these as a gift! For those wanting to make larger scale wedding signs, Cricut even makes a larger mat sized at 12"x24" so those signs have the freedom to be as big as they need to be!

LightGrip, StandardGrip, StrongGrip, and FabricGrip Cutting Mats: Cricut, $12-$18 per mat

DIY wedding project ideas using Cricut EasyPress 2 and iron on vinyl

Cricut EasyPress

• see how it is used in our DIY bachelorette party fanny packs project •

As another group gift idea (or even as a wedding gift from one lovebird to their sweetie!), the Cricut EasyPress 2 is a dream for those who love to make projects using iron-on! From bridesmaid tote bags to getting ready shirts, the EasyPress makes any iron-on design adhere perfectly to your "canvas." Temperature and timing are super important to different iron-on materials, and this gadget takes the guesswork out of the equation, so you have a professional product each time. While not required, we do recommend pairing it with the EasyPress mat since it's scientifically designed to with help with moisture and heat when pressing. (And heck yes, beyond crafting, we use our EasyPress as an iron for our tablecloths! Because why not?!)

9"x9" EasyPress: Cricut, $199

Many thanks to Cricut for partnering with Tidewater and Tulle for this crafty holiday guide! And while the disclaimer is that we were compensated to write and design this, the words and our loyal love for the Cricut brand are all our own. Some of the above product links are affiliate-linked and purchasing through these links helps support our wonderful sponsors and Tidewater and Tulle! You can find our full affiliate disclosure policy here on Tidewater and Tulle.

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