Obsess Over These 15 Unique Wedding Veil Alternatives

Not every bride is all about the veil, and the great thing about the wedding world right now is that fashion diversity is thriving! There are more options than ever to personalize your bridal style, especially when it comes to what you'd prefer to don on your crown. From tulle headbands to modern structural pieces of art to bridal capes, give your wedding day look a chic and unique flair that speaks to you. We have curated our newest favorites from wedding artisans of Etsy, and we hope you are just as obsessed as we are!

Cathedral wedding cape with fabric flowers and pearls as an elegant bridal veil alternative

Romantic Floral Bridal Cape

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Photography: Kristen Booth | Floral Wedding Cape: Be Something New via Etsy, $350

Shimmery tulle turban headband for a modern classic bridal veil alternative

Speckled Bridal Tulle Turban Headband

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Photography: Amber Gress Photography | Tulle Turban Headband: Hushed Commotion via Etsy, $110

Macrame wedding veil alternative with fringe tassel for the boho bride

Boho Dreamcatcher-Inspired Bridal Fringe Halo

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Photography: Loblee Photography | Bohemian Bridal Fringe Headpiece: Danani via Etsy, $158

Chic modern gray birdcage veil alternative with velvet tufts and hand sculpted flowers for a stylish bride

Modern Gray Birdcage Headpiece

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Gray Feather and Dotted Birdcage Headpiece: Daniella London via Etsy, $275

Modern couture tulle bridal pouf veil alternative for fashionable bride

Couture Bridal Pouf

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Photography: Whitney Heard Photography | Bridal Pouf Veil: Blair Nadeau Bridal via Etsy, $200+

Whimsical butterflies for bridal veil alternative for festival bride

Whimsical Bridal Headpiece of Butterflies

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Bridal Butterfly Crown: Wild and Free Jewelry via Etsy, $65+

Tulle headband bridal veil alternative with clustered pearls and beads

Beaded Tulle Hair Scarf

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Photography: Whitney Heard Photography | Tulle Headband Hair Scarf: Blair Nadeau Bridal via Etsy, $192

Asymmetrical modern bridal headpiece with ivory and brass feathers for showstopper alternative veil

Modern Gold and White Feather Headpiece

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Photography: Christina Solomons | Sculptural Feather Bridal Headpiece: Agnes Hart via Etsy, $456

Rad rainbow bridal tulle cape for alternative veil and bride

Glorious Rainbow Bridal Cape Streamers

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Multi-Colored Rainbow Tulle Bridal Cape: Crown and Glory via Etsy, $229

Preppy silk bow headband as a bridal veil alternative

Preppy Silk Bridal Bow Hairpiece

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Silk Bridal Bow Headpiece: Maggie Mowbray Bridal via Etsy, $308

Rock and roll grunge bridal festival headband as a veil alternative

Grunge and 90's Inspired Bridal Festival Halo

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Grunge Bridal Headband: Filipa Cardoso via Etsy, $190

Regal and royalty inspired bridal crown for wedding veil alternative

Timelessly Regal Bridal Crown

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Bridal Crown with Spanish Embroidered Lace: Truvelle via Etsy, $314

Bejeweled bridal tiara with shimmery stars for celestial bride or wedding

Bridal Tiara of Celestial Stars

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Celestial Bridal Tiara: Erica Elizabeth Design via Etsy, $460

White porcelain leaves for romantic halo veil alternative for classic bride

Romantic Bridal Halo with White Leaves

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White Leaves Bridal Headpiece: Lena Rom Headpieces via Etsy, $243+

Double floral bridal crown with wild roses and velvet leaves for a contemporary bride

Double Floral Crown with Veil Attachment

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Double Floral Halo Crown: Agnes Hart via Etsy, $256

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