The Prettiest Classic Bridal Headpieces You Ever Did See

There's nothing that says "bridal" like the timeless adornment of a headpiece. Whether it's a tiara, hair pin, crown, or headscarf, there are so many ways to show your classic tastes for your hair type or preference. With diverse materials like tulle, pearls, lace, and metals, artisans have transformed just about anything into your future something new. So no matter if you're a bride going through chemo, a natural hair bride, or a "long hair, don't care" bride, embrace that elegance! Curated from Etsy and beyond, we scoured the web to find our most favorite and prettiest accessories to help you go from a beautiful gal to a radiant bridal beauty.

Bejeweled Circlet and Bridal Headscarf

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For any modest bride looking to add a little bit of sparkle to her hijab or headscarf, a circlet is a beautiful accessory to crown your head in classic simplicity. We especially love the ones with different textures and details like this circlet with pearls, crystals, and silver filigree!

Photography: Lah’za Photography | Crystal Bridal Headpiece: Maria Elena Headpieces | Headscarf Styling and Creative Direction: Styled by Subhi and The Modest Bride

Vintage Gold Bridal Hair Comb

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As if dipped in gold, this gilded bridal comb of little flowers channels Grecian goddess perfection. If you are envisioning a classic updo for your hair or a simple veil, a comb could be just the touch you want for understated elegance.

Photography: Sally T Photography | Vintage Bridal Comb: What Katy Did Next via Etsy

Beaded Fringe Bridal Halo

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Bridal business in the front, wedding party in the back! The fringe on this beaded headband is a playful, yet timeless nod to the 1920's is the quintessential accessory for an Art Deco-loving long hair bride!

Photography: Lindsey Shaun Photography | Gold Fringe Headband: Danani via Etsy

Embroidered Tulle Head Wrap

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Gossamer is the only adjective that's coming to mind when we saw this delicate tulle head wrap. If you're not loving the idea of something heavy on your noggin or are really sensitive to accessory weight or metals, this light-as-a-feather detail would be a great option to consider for its airy and comfortable style!

Photography: Jen Huang Photography | Tulle and Embroidery Head Wrap: Hushed Commotion via Etsy

Asymmetrical Ivory and Gold Hairpiece

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Let's be real. Some of us have interesting-shaped heads, and that's why we're huge fans of this adjustable wire headpiece that literally molds to where you place it. If you're looking for more of a headband or a decoration across the forehead, the lovely flexibility of this beaded beauty is everything.

Photography: Sarah Joelle Photography | Beaded Ivory and Gold Bridal Headpiece: Romantic ART Life via Etsy | Gown: Jillian Fellers via Etsy

Bronze Double Chain Headpiece

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From the Egyptians to the Renaissance to Middle Eastern aesthetics, head chains are a thing of the past that continues to be relevantly gorgeous for the modern day. With a slight Art Deco inspiration and a nod to the great classics, this bronze-hued accessory gives us all the swoon vibes.

Photography: Loft Photography | Art Deco Bridal Hairpiece: Bride La Boheme via Etsy

Gold Leaf Bridal Crown

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That one time you were totally a fairy queen ruling over an entire fairy kingdom. Well, at least that's what we think of when we see this exquisite gilded crown of leaves and crystals. Move over, Titania, this bride is stealing the spotlight!

Golden Bridal Crown: Mignonne Handmade via Etsy

Enamel Flower and Pearl Bridal Combs

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For the whimsical bride who is having an outdoor celebration, the casual elegance of these two flower combs makes us smile. Perfect for long or short hair, you can slide these anywhere in your tresses to give a tiny touch of wedding day magic.

Photography: Tracy Beveridge Photography | Gown: Jennifer Go Bridal Couture | Small Gold Bridal Hair Comb: All About Romance via Etsy

Double Pearl and Lace Headband

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This beige-colored lace headband dappled with pearls and beads gives us all the classic vibes. For brides who might be going through chemo or who have alopecia, bald is beautiful, and this accessory just takes that to the next level when it comes to your wedding day. Whether you wear a veil with it or just straight up as is, it's a breathtaking statement of your journey to the aisle.

Photography: Sandra Chile | Pearl and Lace Headband: Kata Banko Couture

Delicate Crystal and Gold Headpiece

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Like little snowdrops and frosted leaves, we are dreaming of winter weddings with this delicate hairpiece! The flexible wiring on the comb allows for your own creative spin on how you want to arrange the crystals. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Photography: Meg Fish Photography | Delicate Crystal Bridal Hair Comb: Eden Luxe Bridal via Etsy

White Flower Bridal Headband

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Lace flowers are everything when they're on a headband, especially when they're proportionate to your look! For natural and afro hair brides, bigger is totally better when it comes to this playful, yet classic bridal accessory. We love how it adds just the right amount of wedding day loveliness to better complement a bride's overall style.

Photography: Kurt Boomer Photography | White Flower Headband: Olivia Headpieces

Pearl and Rhinestone Hair Pins

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Need a bit more variety for your curls? Hair pins are the perfect option and a bit more versatile than combs! These little golden beauties can be tucked anywhere you want. Use one, two, or three, singularly or in a cluster, sky's the limit to customizing your bridal look!

Photography: Evonne and Darren Photography | Pearl Hair Pins: One World Designs via Etsy

Low Bridal Wreath Hairpiece

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Nostalgic romance. Enough said. This gorgeous hair wreath can be the anchor to your dream bridal hairstyle. Wear it low in the back or on top like a tiara. The flexible design melts our old world hearts as it channels visions of English countrysides and whimsical dances.

Photography: Bek Smith Photography | Crystal and Gold Bridal Headpiece: Percy Handmade via Etsy

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