5 Reasons to Honeymoon in the U.S. Virgin Islands

June 28, 2017 U.S. Virgin Islands

With a rapidly changing travel world that is not exactly smooth sailing for most people, the last thing you need is a stressful start to your honeymoon. In partnership with the U.S. Virgin Islands and POPSUGAR, I’m so excited to share my personal experience and the top reasons why you need to consider this Caribbean destination for your tropical honeymoon! From no passport needed for U.S. citizens, to wildlife gorgeousness, to a relaxed and diverse culture, you and your partner will find a dream getaway on any of the three islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas.

1. No passport needed for U.S citizens. Really!
That's certainly the biggest practical draw for the U.S. Virgin Islands! As a United States territory, this group of islands is a particularly popular tropical destination for its easy travel, lack of currency exchange, and no sales tax for shopping-lovers everywhere. With travel becoming more burdensome, anything that helps make it a bit easier is a win.

2. Tropical romance in the Caribbean is alive.
Palm trees, turquoise waters, and total beach vibes no matter where you go – it's just one of the most beautiful things about the Caribbean. Celebrating your new marriage together in an idyllic place is just a must do! While most of the Caribbean tends to be religiously conservative, the U.S. Virgin Islands is considered to be inclusive to all couples and has been known to be very diverse. LGBT travelers will especially prefer St. Croix!

3. Wildlife and nature abound.
St. John is the biggest natural wonder in the U.S. Virgin Islands with two-thirds of the island occupied by the Virgin Islands National Park Service. That means creatures galore to watch and enjoy! White cranes, dolphins, and turtles are just some of the animals you'll see, so be sure to bring a set of binoculars and your camera! As an animal-lover, this was one of my favorite activities when visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands. You never know what you’ll spot, and it’s the perfect afternoon date with your sweetie!

4. Pirates, food, and rum!
A long history is woven throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands communities. From Blackbeard’s old stomping grounds to rum tastings (Cruzan Rum's world famous distillery is on St. Croix!) to conch fritters, it’s an experience for the senses. If you have food allergies like I do, you’ll find restaurants to be accommodating with some research and some advance notice to the restaurant. (The Longboard in Cruz Bay had gluten-free marked right on their menu, which made it very easy to find dinner during my afternoon trip to St. John!)

5. One destination, three different experiences.
Between St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, there are so many places you can see on a honeymoon. Fly into and make a home base in St. Thomas, take a short ferry to St. John, and then hop on a seaplane to explore St. Croix. Each island has its own flavor and personality, so it’s totally worth checking out each one. St. Thomas has more of a tourism presence, making it a great place for your resort. St. John is the ultimate in relaxed day trips with its national park, restaurants, and main beachfront in Cruz Bay. St. Croix is the largest island with a more residential feel and is known for its historical and cultural attractions. And still the best part of it all? No passport needed for U.S. citizens to island-hop!

So no matter if you’re looking for ocean adventure or beach tranquility for your honeymoon, the U.S. Virgin Islands is a great romantic getaway for couples looking for a tropical destination without a long flight from Virginia or the complications of international travel.

- Chelsea

Photography by Chelsea LaVere. Many thanks to U.S. Virgin Islands Tourism and POPSUGAR for partnering with Tidewater and Tulle for this fun travel feature! And while the disclaimer is that I was sponsored through compensation to write this, the words, personal experience, and my loyal love for USVI are all my own. You can find our full disclosure policy here.