DIY Marriage Proposal Box for the Mr. or Mrs. To Be with Woodsbury

July 26, 2021

With the popularity of bridesmaid and groomsman proposal boxes, today we are turning the tables and are asking what about a proposal box for a bride- or groom-to-be! Multi-national couples aren't anything new, but the pandemic brought on the acute awareness that there are thousands of couples around the world separated by travel bans, military orders, or closed borders. (Our editor-in-chief Chelsea and her British husband included last year!). So when the circumstances require it or someone wants to make a beautiful in-person experience, we are sharing how anyone can create a thoughtful proposal box that can be shipped or presented with our ring box experts and friends at Woodsbury, a brilliant Australia-based company who specializes handmade wood heirloom-worthy ring boxes and ships these beauties worldwide.

We are so smitten with their incredible ring boxes that they are the ones who inspired this DIY tutorial! What if you were separated by your significant other and wanted to make it official from a distance? You're going to need the ultimate wow factor! Woodsbury's unique sleek wooden ring boxes with a rotating ring holder aren't just pretty either. Their design is also practical for proposing via a gift box or down on one knee. There's literally nothing else like it in the wedding world, so you know we're personally obsessed as it's guaranteed to give a happy surprise response from your love!

So what do you include in a proposal box for your husband- or wife-to-be, how do you ship it, and how to execute a memorable proposal from afar? Let's find out!

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

How to Propose to your Sweetheart with a Personalized Gift Box

Difficulty Level: Easy
Color Inspiration: Romantic sunset hues

Woodsbury wood engagement ring box
Luxury magnetic closure gift box with ribbon tie
Matching photo frame accessory for gift box
Real everlasting preserved rose
Personalized location-inspired candle
• Handwritten note
Fizzy or champagne-flavored gummies
"Will you marry me?" sticker
Shredded paper filler

• Double-walled cardboard shipping box
Shipping tape
Eco-friendly box cushioning material

Marriage proposal gift box for your sweetheart

Order and gather all of your gift box's components. Give yourself about 2-3 weeks to get everything together. Timing is everything, so be sure to factor in ordering, shipping, and then official shipping time to your sweetheart. This is where we depart from our usual DIY tutorial instructions and explain why we have added the items we did for the ultimate proposal gift box! Each one was thoughtfully curated and meant to invoke all five senses... which is key when doing a memorable long-distance proposal! The more you can close the distance by those fabulous good feels, the better.

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

The One: Woodsbury Engagement Ring Box

As the centerpiece for your proposal, safely secure your engagement ring in a gorgeously unique handmade wooden ring box by Woodsbury. These boxes are slim enough to fit inside of a pocket or purse which makes it especially great for travel when you two can see each other again in person. When opened, this ring box performs beautifully as it delicately twists for the breathtaking wow factor. Not only does Woodsbury's special design inspire surprise, its high quality means this ring box is destined to become an heirloom for you to keep and pass on to future generations. Unlike bulky ring boxes, its sleek hard case protects your ring while also being discreet. And if you love personalized items, you can also get your names, a special short phrase (like "Will You Marry Me?"), or a special date engraved on the box for a small extra fee.

How to create a marriage proposal box for your girlfriend or boyfriend

Use a Luxury Gift Box to House all the Goodies

Available in many colors and sizes, package your engagement ring, Woodsbury ring box, and other gifts in an easy-to-assemble keepsake box. Ribbons are also interchangeable which makes this a completely "just for them" kind of gift. The Foldabox we have used in our photos is the A4 Deep Gift Box in Rose Gold.

As an added personal touch, remind your partner of your past romantic adventures together by adding a photo frame to the top of your box. This sets the tone that this gift has been personalized just for them from the very start. Choose a photo that means something to the two of you. Print this photo from your home printer or get it professionally printed through your favorite online printer.

After your engagement, upcycle this box into a memory box for your wedding and swap out the photo for one of the two of you in your wedding day finest!

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

For The Sense of Smell:
Personalized Location Candle

Places mean so many different things to people, so whether it's where you first met, where you hope to live together, where you had a memorable vacation, or a dream location, you can get a gorgeous candle gift with a personalized map engraved on its glass. Choose a scent that you know they will love or a scent that invokes a special memory. Since perfumes and colognes are generally a no-go when it comes to shipping, this aromatic gift will fit the bill perfectly and win you major brownie points for the customized glass that can be reused into a bud vase once the candle is no longer.

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

For The Sense of Touch:
Everlasting Rose

As a symbol of romance, the rose is queen. Did you know that you can get a real rose that has been preserved to last a long time that actually ships well? Yep, you can, and it makes the perfect inclusion in a proposal box! Everlasting roses are soft to the touch just as petals normally feel like, and they retain their fresh color meaning they won't wilt or turn brown. These aren't silk faux flowers; they're really real! To ensure an uncrushed delivery, Eternity Florist London recommends "giving the rose as much protection as possible. It is beautiful and preserved, but they are still fragile!" (In our photos, we have clearly left the rose's box lid off to show how lovely it is, but you'll want to keep it on for transit!) If shipping internationally, be sure to disclose on your customs forms that you have a "dried/preserved flower" inside.

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

For The Sense of Taste:
Fizzy Gummies

You can't send a care package without a treat, especially a sweet one! To make it seasonally-friendly without fear of melting in the hotter months, gummies are a solid choice for shipping no matter the destination. And if you or your partner has food allergies, gummies generally are the safest candy out there since most are gluten-free, can be vegan, and aren't ever in contact with nuts. But because this is a special occasion, take the everyday gummy up a notch and find fizzy or champagne-flavored ones (like these ones) to celebrate popping the question.

Unique ideas on how to propose marriage

The Sense of Sight:
Handwritten Note & "Will You Marry Me" Sticker

Words are the most powerful details, so also make sure your partner knows your love in the most literal, obvious way. You don't have to say much as long as it comes from the heart in your handwriting. Trust us on this one -- it'll mean so much seeing your writing on paper from afar!

Also help get your engagement message across by popping the question on the inside of your proposal gift box. It's a fun visual that's totally photo-worthy that your sweetie will want to share with their loved ones to show off their new relationship status! While we made our own with our Cricut machine for this project, you can find these vinyl stickers easily on Etsy; just reach out to any shop who makes them for a custom request if you don't see the exact sticker you want.

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

The Sense of Hearing: Video Proposal Call

When your box is delivered to your sweetheart, instruct them to wait to open it and schedule a Facetime or video call together. Your voice will make your proposal even more meaningful when they hear you verbally pop the question amidst all of the other ways you're asking for their hand in marriage with your proposal box. Be sure to ask them to hold up their Woodsbury ring box and slowly open to the camera as you ask that important question! (Maybe you might actually need to include some tissues in your proposal box, too?!)

Gorgeous heirloom wood jewelry boxes from Woodsbury

Additional Thoughtful Ideas to Enhance Your Proposal

Give another heirloom accessory with a coordinating wood box. If your partner's love language is gifts, then an extra sparkle might just be something they would appreciate in their gift box! The chic wooden jewelry box from Woodsbury would match your engagement ring box and can house bracelets, earrings, brooches, and more.

Have champagne or their favorite celebration drink locally delivered on the same day. With all of the restrictions surrounding shipping alcoholic beverages, it's best to order directly with a local-to-them licensed retailer to deliver the goods.

Order a bouquet of flowers to also be locally delivered. Find a local florist who delivers to your partner's address. Share favorite colors, flowers, and why you're sending them with the florist. Let the expert work their magic without the hassle of shipping restrictions, especially if dealing with international delays or restrictions! Consider having the bouquet delivered to their workplace with a little note to say, “Can’t wait to see you tonight!” Anticipation always adds a little pizzazz to every relationship (and momentous occasion).

Share plans to meet in person. Remind your significant other that this is just the beginning. Whether you've booked a vacation for the two of you to celebrate your engagement or are making plans to start the visa process together, now's the time to really get excited about the future!

How to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a unique Woodsbury engagement ring box

Domestic & International Shipping Advice

Our most important advice yet: buy the most express shipping you can afford. Whether that's overnight or 2-3 days, purchase what you can. With global and domestic delays everywhere due to the pandemic, you don't want to leave anything to chance. For international shipments, we recommend DHL. For U.S. domestic shipments, we recommend either FedEx or UPS.

Request signature upon delivery if available. Shippers have changed the way they deliver because of COVID-19, so this might not be an option. At least make sure your sweetheart is home when your package is delivered. If they won't be in, loop in a friend or family member of your partner with your plans and have them help you receive the package.

Ensure you have package insurance that covers at least the cost of your engagement ring if not more. When you can, don't reveal you have expensive jewelry inside as it is an obvious target for thievery. Besides, you don't want to give away the surprise if you can help it!

When shipping internationally, things do get a bit more tricky. You must disclose the value and contents of your package for customs agents. Items with high value may bring about unfortunate customs fees, VAT, taxes, or surcharges levied by their country, so your well-loved recipient may be charged before the package can be delivered. Always research with local authorities prior to shipping to confirm taxes and duties.

If possible, we would recommend shipping to a friend and family member's local address, have them take away the yucky cardboard box with all of the international shipping labels, customs forms, and declarations on it, and ask them to hand-deliver the pretty gift box to your future spouse. It'd help keep a bit of the sparkle, and your partner would have an insta-buddy to celebrate with in person!

Alternatively to avoid the additional potential taxes or fees when it comes to international shipping, you can ship your proposal box without the actual ring inside. Just purchase the engagement ring in the country your partner is in and have it directly delivered to their address. It loses a tiny bit of magic, but practicality may be more beneficial here. Just have your lovebird place the ring in the Woodsbury ring box when you pop the question over your video call! It makes for a little laugh at least! Long distance love's road never was a straight-forward one anyway!

Beautiful wood wedding engagement ring box by Woodsbury Heirloom personalized and engraved wood wedding engagement ring boxes by Woodsbury

Many thanks to Woodsbury for partnering with Tidewater and Tulle for this fun DIY tutorial! And while the disclaimer is that we were compensated to write and design this, the words and our love for Woodsbury are all our own. Some of the above product links are affiliate-linked and purchasing through these links helps support our wonderful sponsors and Tidewater and Tulle! You can find our full affiliate disclosure policy here on Tidewater and Tulle.

Photography, Styling, & Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton | Wood Wedding Ring Boxes: Woodsbury | Luxury Gift Box with Ribbon: Foldabox | Forever Rose: Eternity Florist London via Etsy | Candle: Kindred Fires via Etsy | Loose Florals: Apple Mint Florist