Tips for Planning a Classic Wedding

Are you a classic-loving bride or groom? Since most people love the timeless details that make up these celebrations, we are sharing some expertise on how to have a memorable and classic wedding. From color schemes to iconic wardrobes, there are so many different styles within the classic genre.

Defining your style and type

The first step in planning a classic wedding is to work on honing your vision so you won't be sidetracked by new bridal trends or input from those around you during the wedding process. We recommend you first look to your favorite muses for bridal style. Our personal muses were all from the 1950s and 1960s which included Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn-- the classic trifecta of female style (in my book)! All of these beautiful ladies embodied elegant timelessness, and that's exactly what we envision for a classic wedding style to emulate. It's all about looking back at your wedding photos 30, 40, or 50 years later and still find every detail to be as beautiful as the day you wed.

So think of some women whose style you just can't get enough of and start a Pinterest board devoted to those gals (or even go old-school and start a binder of magazine cut-outs). The important thing with these collected images is that you begin to nail down a certain classic style for your wedding and bridal attire-- whether it's from everyday attire, a certain pair of pearl earrings or a gorgeous hairstyle. If an image inspires you, add it to your collection.

Once you have a particular bridal style in mind, it's time to focus on the type of wedding you want. Maybe it's an intimate garden chic celebration, a lavishly swanky black-tie affair or a simple, yet elegant coastal wedding. Think of what you want surrounding you on your wedding day... do you mind dealing with the outdoor elements and the chance of rain or would you rather plan an indoor wedding? Is a church ceremony important to you? The list of possibilities goes on and on... talk with your spouse-to-be and begin narrowing down your choices as well as what's feasible for your budget.

Bridal attire and venue selection really go hand-in-hand. The type of dress a bride would wear for a seaside wedding usually differs greatly from the attire worn for a formal church ceremony or a courthouse elopement. Since these two puzzle pieces lock together, we think it's important for brides to focus on them from the beginning so afterwards you can really start looking at the possibilities available!

Finding your color palette

Our best advice for creating a classic color palette is to stick with two or three colors. We are huge fans of white with natural greens, and you can't go wrong with navy blue. It looks great with almost any color, especially mixed with any of the following: white, yellow, green, or coral. These duos tend to create a very preppy nautical feel if you're thinking about having a seaside wedding. And of course, you could ever go wrong with an all-white palette -- it's perhaps the most classic and clean look of all.

Selecting your vendors

Sometimes this step gets glossed over a lot in planning guides but it's probably one of the most important aspects of wedding planning: not all florists, photographers, and caterers are created equal. You've got to do your research to find the right vendors for your wedding vision. If you're looking for a classic wedding, a BBQ buffet might not be the best fit. If you're planning a classically preppy wedding, a hands-on crab cracking bar might be perfect then! If you're not sure where to start, you can begin by searching online for blog posts on weddings in your area. Many wedding blogs are devoted to a certain area or have categories for certain states and regions. Check them out and start bookmarking certain vendors listed in these posts that line up with your style. Set up appointments with them and make sure they understand your vision and your budget.

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