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Spring Green Wedding Inspiration

Spring is right around the corner and with that comes the brighter colors! With emerald green and yellow gold, we are channeling the historic town of Williamsburg into this classic spring wedding inspiration.

Toile will always have a special place in my heart (hello, old world!), so when I saw the traditionally blue pattern turned gold, I knew this would be my main spot of inspiration! As our springs can be a little chilly at times as the winter season transitions into warmer days, a long-sleeved wedding gown radiates timeless elegance and practical comfort. Add that with the vibrant greens, and you've got yourself a beautiful outdoor celebration!

Yellow bouquet: Akil Bennett via Brides // Gold toile stationery: Josh Gruetzmacher via Snippet and Ink // Gold-trimmed signs: Laura Gordon via Style Me Pretty // Groom’s tie: Trent Bailey via Style Me Pretty // Long-sleeved wedding gown: Rosa Clara via Dress for the Wedding

Gloucester Bed and Breakfast Engagement Session

The Inn at Warner Hall provided the gorgeously stately and peaceful backdrop for Ross and Meagan's engagement session with Lindsay Collette. Not only is it the same location of their upcoming wedding, it also was the perfect amount of space for the big personality of fur named Brewski. Because let's be honest, he kind of steals the show!

With genuine smiles and laughs, Ross and Meagan adventured around the beautiful grounds in Gloucester, enjoying being engaged and envisioning how the Inn will transform into their big wedding day in June. And of course, then there's Brewski… which by the end of this feature you will want to give giant hugs to this handsome pup through your computer screens.

Photography: Lindsay Collette // Location: The Inn at Warner Hall // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Gift Ideas from Best Buy's New Wedding Registry

My husband is a bit of a gadget guy, and I just love online technology in general, so when I heard that Best Buy was finally launching their own wedding registry program, and they asked Tidewater and Tulle to get the word out, I got a little excited! From gadgets to appliances, Best Buy really is the perfect place to get all those techie needs for any wedding couple.


* Group Gifting. Wedding guests can now contribute to higher priced necessities without footing the entire bill! Seriously a rarity in most registry programs - it's just genius to have people pitch in little bits!

* Free Shipping. No matter how big or small the gift is and with no minimum purchase, your guests can send anything on your registry with free shipping… which is huge when the pennies add up as a wedding guest during busy wedding years.


* DSLR Cameras and Lenses. I'm a little biased on this one since I'm a wedding photographer, but seriously, a good camera and a good lens is a must for the honeymoon. (Ironically enough, Rusty actually gave me a nice consumer zoom lens from Best Buy as my wedding gift!) My husband and I went to Belize and Cozumel for our honeymoon, and during our honeymoon, we climbed an ancient Mayan ruin. Beyond the coolness factor, there would have been no way that we would have gotten the shots we did without a good camera and a good lens. It was a total Rocky moment for us!

* Tablets. Don't take your laptop with you on your honeymoon! Bring something small and compact for emails, Facebook, eBooks, or movies on the go. As a frequent traveler, trust me, you will thank me later for not having to lug around that heavy equipment.

* Headphones. This is mostly my husband's recommendation. He's a music guy and can tell the difference between good headphones and great headphones. And it makes all the difference when on vacation! You'll just have to take his word for it. :)


* Small kitchen appliances. I'm not really a chef, so it's funny that one of the best gifts we received was a food processor. I didn't realize how much I'd use it until I was using it at least once a week for dinner. From slow cookers to Keurigs to toasters to microwaves, having the basics and sometimes more really makes those first months as newlyweds a lot easier.

* Apple TV or Roku Box. These streaming TV and radio interface units that connect to your TVs are hands down the most used gadget we have in our house. When we first got married, we got rid of our cable service and stuck to Netflix to save money. Even though we're in a better place financially now, we still haven't gone back to cable. We love our Apple TV unit!

* Gaming systems. Inexpensive date night-in right there! Pop in your favorite video game, pour some chips in a bowl, and open up those sodas. While I'm not much of a gamer, Rusty and I would play Mario Party a lot, so there's definitely a game for everyone. As newlyweds, doing things together at home is one of the best things about marriage.

Best Buy's wedding registry is definitely worth a look! There's a little bit of everything for everyone whether you're a hardcore gamer or culinary genius in the kitchen. So what sort of gadgets do you love?

- Chelsea

Many thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this wedding registry news with me! And while the disclaimer is that I was sponsored through compensation to write this, these words and my love for the brand are all my own.

Vintage Boho Chic Backyard Wedding

In their backyard overlooking the water, Juani and Philippe were married surrounded by their closest family and friends. From trinkets collected all throughout their travels, their children's childhood nostalgia, to baskets Juani's father wove and fabrics that her mother made, this intimate backyard wedding is pricelessly beautiful with sentimental value. Even loved ones who were overseas and couldn't join them were there in spirit by way of handwritten letters.

Sweetly captured by Jessica Ryan Photography, it is obvious this bride has an artistic eye… and it's true! She's a lovely painter, and with the help of Catering Concepts, their eyes for details shone through this exquisitely personal celebration.

Photography: Jessica Ryan Photography // Ceremony and Reception Venue: Private Residence //
Wedding Coordination, Florals, Sweets, Rentals, and Catering: Catering Concepts // Bridal Dress: Urban Outfitters

Wedding Workspaces: Sunkissed Events and Design

It's time for another Wedding Workspaces, and this month, we're sharing our fourth installment with another fab local wedding pro!

Through Wedding Workspaces, we are showcasing Hampton Roads-based wedding pros and where they create throughout the week when not on location for a wedding. Weddings never are one-day gigs; it typically takes months and days to be part of that special celebration... so we might as well feel cozy for the day in, day out tasks!

And today, we have wedding coordinator and vendor fam Jill Brown of Sunkissed Events and Design and her funky chic home office space in Virginia Beach. Through leopard print and touches of gold, black and white, this cat-loving designer has made her work space not only fabulous, but practical.

What was your inspiration for the space?

The inspiration for my office is really all things that I love like leopard print, gold, and black and white. I wanted a clean look but still funky with my own twist on things.

Give three adjectives to describe how you want your clients to feel coming into your workspace.

Since it's a home office, I actually don't conduct initial consultations here, but I do often have meetings in my office once my clients and I start working together. It's no secret that I'm a cat mom, so it's always good to first find out whether my clients mind my little furry supervisors.

I want my space to be more of a representation of all that's important to me, professionally and personally. I wish I had enough wall space for all of my couples' photos because at the end, that's what I love-- meeting them, getting to know them, and helping them enjoy a memorable moment in their lives! I have a sliver of a wall left so I will be working on adding a few more. ;)

What's your favorite part of the workspace?

The photo of my Mother and me when I was little. First, it's my favorite photo of us, and second, she once told me to find something I love and do it-- she's my inspiration. (It's why I have that "Do what you love" mug!) She has always supported me through every avenue in my life.

Do you have any interesting locally based details in your workspace?

I am sort of a picker and finder. I always find things at the craziest places and end up turning them into something. I found my chair at a thrift shop in Norfolk and refurbished it. The white milk glass dish I found at an antique store in Norfolk, and the Fenton cat (CAT MOM!) from Barrett's Antiques in Virginia Beach. Of course, TJ Maxx is the mecca for picture frames.

Have any personal stories of designing, building, or creating?

I always thought I wanted to incorporate the color coral. I don't know why but the more I really started designing my space, the more I realized I loved the simplicity of the three colors of gold, black, and white. I am really attracted to patterns and textures, so I knew I wanted the blend of those. Sometimes it just takes time to find the right pieces and finesse it all together. I've been working on the office since we moved in about two years ago. The wedding photos really brought it all together for me as my design focal point.

The "Amazing Ideas That Will Change the World" notebook on my desk was given to me by a dear friend who has supported my business, and it's something that I will always cherish.

You can get to know Jill and her wedding happenings on Facebook and fun everyday, kitty-filled life captures on Instagram.

Photography: Caitlin Gerres Photography

Romantic Virginia Beach Engagement Session

Jessica and Jack's engagement session with Michael and Carina Photography took place on one of those "just perfect" days in fall that we are sometimes blessed with here in southeastern Virginia.

With some research and location scouting, the couple found one of the only places in Virginia to have native Spanish moss – and it was at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach! Since Jack asked Jessica to marry him near the beach, it meant so much to them to not only have their engagement session locally, but also their wedding. And that's our favorite kind of love story!

Photography: Michael and Carina Photography // Makeup: Makeup by Kim Porter // Film Development: Richard Photo Lab // Location: First Landing State Park

Helpful Tips on Eloping in Virginia

We love weddings of all shapes and sizes… including elopements and courthouse weddings! So today, we have a special treat from Jamie Leigh Events and T.Y. Photography with some insight on why elopements are awesome, how to elope in Hampton Roads and the state of Virginia, and tips on having a great eloping experience.

Everyday is a day of love for those in the wedding industry, so everyday makes for a perfect day for a wedding. But once you start the planning, you begin to realize a wedding day of 200+ guests just might not be for you.

Elopements have been around forever but we are seeing it becoming more and more popular, especially in the military area that we live in. Some couples even choose to elope first and then have a celebration later when they can afford the big soirée. Since a lot of our clients ask how to elope, we are here to share some tips and how-tos for eloping in Virginia.

1. Find out the courthouse guidelines. Every state and city are different, but the guidelines are on the respective government and circuit court websites (you can find a list of Virginia circuit courts here).

2. Make sure you have your forms of ID and fill out the application for the marriage license before you arrive. You never know how busy the Court will be that day.

3. Bring cash to pay for the license fee and the fee for the commissioner to marry you if you plan to get married in the same day. Most circuit courts require cash only, some will accept credit cards, and almost none accept personal checks.

4. Dress to the nines or dress casual! Embrace the low stress that is an elopement and go with your personal style as a couple. However, it's always nice to wear those perfect heels that you rarely get to wear!

5. Bring friends and family, if you want them there. Keep in mind that the courthouse is not a big space and is best for very small and intimate ceremonies.

6. Choose your own vows or go with the short and simple ceremony. Either way, make it how you want it. Most officiants will help personalize any type of ceremony to honor your beliefs and vision for your ceremony.

7. Still want to elope, but not in a courthouse? Choose a location! In most cities/towns, you have 60 days from when the license is issued to get married. As long as you have an officiant sign it and send it in, you can get married anywhere in the state of Virginia-- whether it's just you two on the beach or you two with your immediate family in your living room. Some locations do require a permit or an admission fee to marry there, so check ahead.

8. Bring a photographer! This will only happen once! Take advantage of it! And if you don't plan to have a big party, you can use these photos as a way to announce to your friends and family that you are married! Most local wedding photographers might not advertise on their websites that they do courthouse weddings or elopements, but some definitely offer photography services for these special moments! Just contact them to ask if they're available on a short notice.

Elopements are beautiful and simple. So whether you decide to get married on a boat or under a tree, enjoy what weddings are all about-- celebrating and starting a life together with the one you love!

- Jamie and the JLE Team

Photography: T.Y. Photography // Venue: City of Virginia Beach Courthouse // Makeup: Dhalia Edwards // Hair: High Voltage Hair by Crystal Casey // Event Planner: Jamie Leigh Events // Stationery: PaperDolls Design // Florals: Roost Flowers // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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