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Preppy Boho Beachside Anniversary Inspiration

It's no secret that we love marriage and especially anniversary sessions here on Tidewater and Tulle, so when this sweet beachside anniversary stylized shoot from Elizabeth Friske Photography and Michelle Amarillo Event Planning, it made me smile!

When Elizabeth looked for the perfect couple, she contacted friends of hers, Jenna and Nick, who have been married for two years. So how perfect would it be to photograph a two year anniversary inspiration shoot with them and a little cameo by their own son, Mason?

The combination of natural elements, like a berry-entwined floral crown from Catherine's Distinctive Floral Designs and succulent-topped naked cake from Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe complement the romantic stationery designed by The Girl Tyler and natural makeup from Karla Klingensmith.

All of this mixed with modern and coastal touches in the tablescape gave this shoot the perfect feel for a beachside celebration!

Photography: Elizabeth Friske Photography // Event Planner: Michelle Amarillo Event Planning // Cake: Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe // Invitations: The Girl Tyler // Hair and Makeup: Karla Klingensmith // Florals: Catherine's Distinctive Floral Designs // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Playful Downtown Norfolk Engagement Session by Sachel Samone Photography

In the middle of the Norfolk Admirals' ice rink, surrounded by thousands of people, Ryan proposed to Kelsey with the most beautiful vintage pearl ring. You know the rest from that-- she said yes!

It was only fitting that Ryan and Kelsey went back to where the next chapter of the their relationship began with Sachel Samone Photography: Downtown Norfolk. So on a quiet Saturday afternoon, they walked around Norfolk, chatting about their wedding plans and their families, but more importantly, they enjoyed one of the best moments of being engaged: just being with each other and enjoying that very second.

Photography: Sachel Samone Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

The In Town Guide for Out of Town Guests: Williamsburg

In 1632, Williamsburg was founded as a fortified settlement between the James and York rivers. And from 1699 to 1780, the city served as the capital of the Colony of Virginia and was the hub of Virginian political activity leading up to the American Revolution. The College of William & Mary, established in 1693, is the second-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and proudly claims three American presidents and other important figures in our nation's early history as alumni. (source: Wikipedia)

Are you coming into town for a Williamsburg wedding this summer? Or is your wedding here and need a short list of weekend things to send to your out of town guests? Look no further! This list was created by locals to share their Williamsburg favorites. Tried and true, and one less Google search for your to-do list. ;)

* Freedom Park - Williamsburg is known for its British influences and the American Revolution timeline... but it is also home to the nation's earliest Free Black Settlements in America. And this beautiful park, known for its hiking and biking trails, also houses three historically accurate recreated cabins to honor another part of American history from the 1800's.

Jamestown Beach
"It is great living here! We are blessed to have so many bodies of water surrounding us. I love to take a meal or just a chair down to Jamestown Beach and enjoy the beaches."
- Kelly of Kelly Mihalcoe Photography

* Kimball Theatre - The community home of some wonderful films and live performances, this little Theatre holds a diverse range of programs from musical to theatrical. Just check their schedule to see what's showing!

* Jamestown Settlement - Where else can you crawl in recreated Powhatan longhouses and three historically-recreated ships that made the voyage from England?! I will warn ya; it will rock your world on what you know of Pocahontas! I love me some Disney, but you'll have to learn to love it as a story and not a historical one. (Though I'm holding strong that she probably ran through my backyard 300 years ago!)

Merchant's Square in Colonial Williamsburg
"Williamsburg is full of awesome things to do during the summer nights. But our favorite thing to do as a couple is to grab our Cheese Shop sandwiches, bring our own cooler full of frosty beverages and place our chairs on Duke of Gloucester Street in Merchant's Square to listen to live bands at the Summer Breeze Concert Series!"
- Jess of Wedding Co. of Williamsburg, LLC

* New Town - The entire street of Monticello is a favorite because you can literally shop and eat all in one fell swoop. If there's a good movie out, head over Regal Cinemas. Or if you're feeling a sweet tooth, it's Menchie's!

* Busch Gardens - Fun for all and all year round. This amusement park may have great rides, food, and shows, but the park alone is gorgeous to walk around. With a focus on conservation and wildlife, you'll see many birds, wolves, horses, and other animals either out in public with their keepers to teach people about them or just hanging out in their respective enclosures.

* DoG Street Pub - It's British gastropub meets American history. Don't let the clever dog fool ya! Duke of Gloucester Street... DoG... DoG Street Pub. Get it? Either way you spin it, it's delicious for lunch or a late night dinner right in the Historic Area.

"Food For Thought doesn't have a bad dish here! Great for food allergies, but also for experience. From cilantro lime chicken to pot roast, the menu is top-notch with a dash of intellectual quirkiness as Ben Franklin winks at you from their logo. It does get very, very busy at peak meal hours, so call ahead if you're on a schedule. It's worth it!
- Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography

* The Gabriel Archer Tavern at Williamsburg Winery - For some of the area's best wine and dining, the Winery's Tavern gives the best of all worlds especially after an afternoon of wine tasting in good company!

* Colonial Houses Historic Lodging - Yep, you sure can fully immerse yourself in an 18th century dwelling in Colonial Williamsburg where our founding families once made their home! It's a rare treat and must-stay if you're a huge history buff.

* Bentley Manor Inn - Williamsburg could almost be called the Land of B&Bs! Backed up by TripAdvisor reviews, this local favorite continues to be a popular and enjoyable place to stay when a traditional hotel isn't your preference.

Wedmore Place
"Although we love Colonial Williamsburg and their great hotels, our favorite getaway that is a little further off the beaten path is Wedmore Place. You can take your welcome glass of wine to the library and take in the atmosphere. The breakfast in the morning is amazing... quiche and croissants... delicious. The rooms are gorgeous, and in the winter, they will light a fire in your room."
- Rachel and Mark of Tiltawhirl Imagery

Do you have any favorite Williamsburg loves to add to our guide? Please share in a comment!

Photo by Tiltawhirl Imagery.
You can see this Williamsburg engagement session in its entirety here on Tidewater and Tulle.

Classic Hollywood Wedding Inspiration

Through the colors of red, black, white, and gold, the elegance of Old Classic Hollywood is alive through this stylized wedding shoot dreamed up by Amanda Truth Photography and Dear Sweetheart Events. We all love a good classic vintage, and this one hits the spot!

The dreamy red roses and anemones arranged by Aleen Floral Design, the meticulously-piped sugary details on the tiered cake by Cindy's Cakery, the monochromatic stationery pieces from Twila and Co., and the bridal gown's gorgeous fluttery sleeves from Bridal Boutique of Gloucester all contributed to the quintessential homage to the silver screen and its timeless style. With Ford's Colony Country Club's classic interior from top to bottom, it was the perfect venue to bring this creative vision to reality in Williamsburg!

Bar none, this romantic inspiration is guaranteed to make you want to grab your Casablanca DVD, fluffy socks, and sweetly sigh over a bowl of ice cream.

Photography: Amanda Truth Photography // Venue and Furniture Rentals: Ford's Colony Country Club // Event Planning and Styling: Dear Sweetheart Events // Stationery: Twila and Co. // Cake: Cindy's Cakery // Florals: Aleen Floral Design // Bridal Gown: Bridal Boutique of Gloucester // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Sweet Yorktown Beach Engagement Session by Luke and Ashley Photography

Sara is smitten by polka dots, a daughter named Anna, and her high school sweetheart and soon-to-be hubby, Alex. Their beautiful little girl is such a central part of their lives that they wanted to include her in their Yorktown engagement session, and Yorktown Beach's variety of photo opp spots made it fun and casual for all of them as Luke and Ashley Photography documented their session adventures.

Right after high school, Alex joined the Navy which brought him here to Virginia, and Sara soon followed after. The rest is history as their relationship grew, and together, wrote new chapters of their lives... and one of the biggest ones yet to come will be this October as they celebrate becoming husband and wife!

Photography: Luke and Ashley Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Things Your Photographer Wants You To Remember For The Wedding Day

Your wedding photographer is one of the pros on your wedding team who is with you the longest. From getting ready to reception departure, they've seen it all when it comes to big days-- no matter if the weddings take place at home or in a grand ballroom.

Since they are pretty much experts in wedding time flow and details, I reached out to Hampton Roads wedding photographers to get the scoop! What would they want brides and grooms to remember on the big day? What is going to help make their images go from beautiful to sheer visual perfection? Well, you'll just have to read below to find out!

Visualize Your Exit
"If you want to have a reception exit, have a sign that tells guests when it will be taking place. If they know the exit is just 20 minutes away, they'll probably stick around to send you off instead of slipping out early. And if the exit will take place after dark, sparklers will photograph the best."
- Caitlin of Caitlin Gerres Photography

Show That Happiness
"Smile throughout the day! As silly as it sounds, practice your smile in the mirror. You'll recognize your own smile and be comfortable with it. Then when your big day comes you'll be confident and naturally show it off a lot more! This goes for brides AND grooms!"
- Susan of Fowler Studios

Fancy Up The Fancy
"Bring a non-plastic hanger for the gown. A gown that you only wear once, spend lots of money on, and is gorgeous. It deserves to be on a pretty hanger for a dress shot!"
- Ashley of Luke and Ashley Photography

Channel The Camel
It's not directly photography-related, but I always remind my couples to drink lots of water. Even if they don't feel like eating, the water thing is vital! Bring a case of water for your wedding party to share. Not just good for the skin, but it also helps with your energy levels and keeps you pepped up during those longer photo timeframes like family formals. We lose a lot of water when we least expect it, especially during the summer, so no worries about those potty breaks and big poofy gowns! You're just replenishing what your body needs. And if you don't see your photographer drinking water, make sure he or she does so as well; he or she's probably losing a lot more running around! There is no greater bummer on the big day than an entire wedding party with heat exhaustion!
- Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography

Own Your Bridal Beauty
"This is less about photography and more for the bride, but I always tell my brides to look in the mirror! Sometimes brides get so worked up getting to the next step that they forget to look at themselves and enjoy! I'm speaking from my own experience as a bride, too."
- Dani of Dani White Photography

Make That Ring Sparkle
"Don't forget to clean your engagement ring for those close-up shots!"
- Maggie of Portraits by Maggie Ann

Leave The Trident To King Neptune
"Skip the gum on the wedding day and instead provide mints to those who need fresh breath! Consider putting them in welcome bags, the bathrooms at the reception, gift bags for wedding party, and especially in your getting ready gear. This way no one will accidentally walk down the aisle chewing away or end up with endless chewing pictures (or even worse, film footage). We want to see confident smiles in front of our cameras."
- Tyler of The Girl Tyler

Details, Details, Details
"If you want pictures of the details, be sure to lay out any special jewelry, shoes, garters, and the sort before I arrive so that I can be sure to capture them for you."
- Stephen of Kinstler Photography

Ask And You Shall Receive
"We are there to serve you and capture the beautiful moments between you and your new husband or bride, and if you have a request - ask! While we would love to have mindreading skills, we need to hear you because we want you to have the best pictures of the best day of your life!"
- Bethanne of Bethanne Arthur Photography

Just Snuggle
"Unless you have a fun choreographed dance planned, try not to talk or sing the entire first dance song. You might get unwanted awkward open mouth photos! Just enjoy and spend time snuggling and dancing together."
- Melody of Melody Gillikin Photography

Raccoon Eyes Are Not Cuddly
"If you can avoid it at all costs, don't have your ceremony outdoors in the middle of the day in open sunlight. Just don't. The sunlight will give everyone raccoon eyes and make harsh and unflattering shadows on everything. Obviously this isn't always something that you will have control over but moving your ceremony back just a few hours to give you the benefit of prettier sunlight that is lower on the horizon will make your photographer's job of making everything look like it was from a storybook that much easier. If you absolutely can't do anything about it, build some time into your day closer to sunset so that the photographer will have some pretty natural light to wrap your love-fest all up in. Ask your photographer about "golden hour" if you want to make their day."
- Chris of Chris Malpass Photography

Do you have a tip to add to help make wedding day photos look better? Share in a comment!

All photos by Beth Hamilton Photography.

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