The In Town Guide for Out of Town Guests: Williamsburg

In 1632, Williamsburg was founded as a fortified settlement between the James and York rivers. And from 1699 to 1780, the city served as the capital of the Colony of Virginia and was the hub of Virginian political activity leading up to the American Revolution. The College of William & Mary, established in 1693, is the second-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and proudly claims three American presidents and other important figures in our nation's early history as alumni. (source: Wikipedia)

Are you coming into town for a Williamsburg wedding this summer? Or is your wedding here and need a short list of weekend things to send to your out of town guests? Look no further! This list was created by locals to share their Williamsburg favorites. Tried and true, and one less Google search for your to-do list. ;)

* Freedom Park - Williamsburg is known for its British influences and the American Revolution timeline... but it is also home to the nation's earliest Free Black Settlements in America. And this beautiful park, known for its hiking and biking trails, also houses three historically accurate recreated cabins to honor another part of American history from the 1800's.

Jamestown Beach
"It is great living here! We are blessed to have so many bodies of water surrounding us. I love to take a meal or just a chair down to Jamestown Beach and enjoy the beaches."
- Kelly of Kelly Mihalcoe Photography

* Kimball Theatre - The community home of some wonderful films and live performances, this little Theatre holds a diverse range of programs from musical to theatrical. Just check their schedule to see what's showing!

* Jamestown Settlement - Where else can you crawl in recreated Powhatan longhouses and three historically-recreated ships that made the voyage from England?! I will warn ya; it will rock your world on what you know of Pocahontas! I love me some Disney, but you'll have to learn to love it as a story and not a historical one. (Though I'm holding strong that she probably ran through my backyard 300 years ago!)

Merchant's Square in Colonial Williamsburg
"Williamsburg is full of awesome things to do during the summer nights. But our favorite thing to do as a couple is to grab our Cheese Shop sandwiches, bring our own cooler full of frosty beverages and place our chairs on Duke of Gloucester Street in Merchant's Square to listen to live bands at the Summer Breeze Concert Series!"
- Jess of Wedding Co. of Williamsburg, LLC

* New Town - The entire street of Monticello is a favorite because you can literally shop and eat all in one fell swoop. If there's a good movie out, head over Regal Cinemas. Or if you're feeling a sweet tooth, it's Menchie's!

* Busch Gardens - Fun for all and all year round. This amusement park may have great rides, food, and shows, but the park alone is gorgeous to walk around. With a focus on conservation and wildlife, you'll see many birds, wolves, horses, and other animals either out in public with their keepers to teach people about them or just hanging out in their respective enclosures.

* DoG Street Pub - It's British gastropub meets American history. Don't let the clever dog fool ya! Duke of Gloucester Street... DoG... DoG Street Pub. Get it? Either way you spin it, it's delicious for lunch or a late night dinner right in the Historic Area.

"Food For Thought doesn't have a bad dish here! Great for food allergies, but also for experience. From cilantro lime chicken to pot roast, the menu is top-notch with a dash of intellectual quirkiness as Ben Franklin winks at you from their logo. It does get very, very busy at peak meal hours, so call ahead if you're on a schedule. It's worth it!
- Chelsea of Bit of Ivory Photography

* The Gabriel Archer Tavern at Williamsburg Winery - For some of the area's best wine and dining, the Winery's Tavern gives the best of all worlds especially after an afternoon of wine tasting in good company!

* Colonial Houses Historic Lodging - Yep, you sure can fully immerse yourself in an 18th century dwelling in Colonial Williamsburg where our founding families once made their home! It's a rare treat and must-stay if you're a huge history buff.

* Bentley Manor Inn - Williamsburg could almost be called the Land of B&Bs! Backed up by TripAdvisor reviews, this local favorite continues to be a popular and enjoyable place to stay when a traditional hotel isn't your preference.

Wedmore Place
"Although we love Colonial Williamsburg and their great hotels, our favorite getaway that is a little further off the beaten path is Wedmore Place. You can take your welcome glass of wine to the library and take in the atmosphere. The breakfast in the morning is amazing... quiche and croissants... delicious. The rooms are gorgeous, and in the winter, they will light a fire in your room."
- Rachel and Mark of Tiltawhirl Imagery

Do you have any favorite Williamsburg loves to add to our guide? Please share in a comment!

Photo by Tiltawhirl Imagery.
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