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First Landing State Park Engagement by Bethanne Arthur Photography

Both Carly and Bryan lead busy lives as she is a nurse, and he works for the government. So when they got engaged just this past March, they both knew that they did not want a long engagement and immediately set a date for October 2014!

During their engagement session, laughter was a common theme-- an essential ingredient in any great marriage we all know. And when you add a puppy to the mix, you can't help but smile even bigger and laugh even louder. Being a typical playful pup, Ace kept these two doggie parents on their feet with frolics all throughout First Landing State Park with Bethanne of Bethanne Arthur Photography.

It clearly was a doggone fun time for all!

Photography: Bethanne Arthur Photography // Session Location: First Landing State Park // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Speaking Your Wedding Team's Love Language

Using the popular book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, we can help decipher our relationships in the wedding world, and we can strengthen and better connect with our bridal party, vendors, and all other wedding-related folks.

How do they feel loved? How can we connect? How can we improve our wedding experience by doing so?

In The Five Love Languages, it is explained that how we feel loved can be bubbled down to five different types: Words of Affirmations, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Every person "speaks" these love languages in some varying degree, but everyone has one or two primary love languages-- when they feel most loved by someone or how they show love.

When you first meet someone, you can almost always pick up immediately whether or not they are an introvert or an extrovert. But it takes a little bit more time to really get to know their love language, or how they connect/open up with others. During an engagement, the stress is on. So many people are vying for your attention, you're helping orchestrate one of your life's biggest transitions, and a whole lot of details are on your shoulders.

First, take a step back and look at that amazing support system you do have-- your chosen wedding team. It really couldn't be done without them. When we refocus on outwardly showing our appreciation for those loved ones, it's funny how the stress melts away and the planning can become exciting again.

When you are genuine in learning who your wedding team is on an individual level, you find there are a multitude of ways to "speak their language" and truly make one kicktail experience from engagement to wedding day.


Words of Affirmation
* Send a text message with cheerful encouragement.
* Post a link to their Facebook wall that reminded you of them, like a product they’d love, an outfit that would look fabulous on them.
* Take a moment to write something in your wedding guestbook just for them to discover on the wedding day.
* Say a special speech of thanks during the wedding reception to let them know how much you appreciate their love and support.

Acts of Service
* If possible, ask their "Will you be my bridesmaid?" proposal in person.
* Take a few extra minutes and get them their favorite morning beverage on the day of.
* Ensure everyone is well-fed and hydrated all day long.
* Help adjust their hair and dress (along with a "You are beautiful!" compliment) before you get into your gown.

* Treat your girls to a girls' night in or out.
* Send a little care package filled with some favorite get-wedding-ready goodies.
* Make a card with some favorite inside jokes and send a week before the wedding.
* Pay for day-of hair and makeup.

Quality Time
* Take them out to lunch sometime during your engagement.
* Go shopping together for wedding accessories.
* Invite them over for a movie.
* Organize a "No Wedding Talk Allowed" getaway.

Physical Touch
* Hug them every chance you see them in person.
* Fuss over their wardrobe and hair details while getting ready.
* Link arms during the wedding reception and let them know how much they mean to you.
* Orchestrate a big ole group photo after the ceremony.


Words of Affirmation
* Send a thank you email.
* Tweet out your excitement that you're so glad she is a part of your wedding team.
* Write a review on WeddingWire after the wedding.
* Say a special speech of thanks during the wedding reception to let them know how much you appreciate their love and support.

Acts of Service
* Fill out his/her vendor-specific questionnaires ahead of schedule in the pre-wedding days.
* Ensure she is well-fed and hydrated all day long.
* Share your vendor experience with your friends and online.
* Double-check to make sure they received their vendor meal during the reception.

* Get crafty and send a homemade gift around the holidays in the pre-wedding days.
* Send a thank you gift after the wedding.
* Give one of your floral centerpieces to her after the reception.
* Print one of your favorite wedding photos and send it with your thank you card.

Quality Time
* Set up a lunch date to catch up on wedding progress.
* Invite her to your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.
* Go on a double date with her and her significant other.
* Attend an event hosted by the vendor.

Physical Touch
* Hug them upon greeting.
* Link arms during the wedding day and let them know how much you appreciated their hard work.
* Orchestrate a photo together during the reception.
* If your vendor is working with his/her spouse during your reception, invite them to share a dance together when things are a little more slow.

What is your primary love language? How do you like to show love to people?
Share in a comment below! :)

SEE THE WEDDINGS: Guestbook Writing by Bit of Ivory Photography on Borrowed and Bleu // Photo Booth Fun by Rob Garland Photographers // Elvis' Pink Caddy by Bit of Ivory Photography on Pretty Pear Bride

Handmade Legacy Hall Williamsburg Wedding by Dani White Photography

From the anemone-speckled bouquets to the carved birch candleholders to the custom-made bridal gown, this is the epitome of a perfect handmade winter wedding. And if you're a winter bride like myself, you are going to do some major swooning!

With the help of very talented family and friends, Heather and Rob celebrated their special day in both Newport News for the ceremony and in Williamsburg for the reception.

For other handmade-loving couples, Heather advised, "Don't feel that just because the wedding industry tells you that the average wedding costs $28,000, that means you need to spend that much on your wedding for it to be beautiful and special. Think outside the box for venues-- we used the James City County's Legacy Hall, and it was beautiful and affordable plus we had the building all day."

Whether you are a handmade bride or just someone who loves looking at pretty, this lovely wedding will surely inspire with its sweet moments and well-crafted details.

Photography: Dani White Photography // Ceremony Venue: Nelson Chapel // Portrait Location: Lee Hall Mansion // Reception Venue: Legacy Hall // Videography: Jake Perry Films // Florals: DIY by Groom's Family via Viviano's Flower Shop // Hair: Emily Marie // Birch Candleholders: DIY by Groom's Family // Bridal Gown: Desiree Spice // Menswear: Jos. A Bank // Cake: Scratch Bakery // Catering: Central Meats and Almost Catered // DJ: Surf and Sound Events // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Modern Cat Bridal Shower Inspiration

Cat's meow. Feline fine. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.

Fact: the internet is obsessed with cats. Jon Stewart even said so himself. And I'm no exception. ... and a whole ton of wedding vendors, blog editors, and brides around the world. We are cat crazy, loud and proud!

With Pantone's 2014 Spring colors of Cayenne, Violet Tulip, Paloma, and Hemlock as the source of inspiration, Jill of Sunkissed Events and Design conceptualized the purrfect bridal shower inspiration for the modern cat-loving bride with the creative help of bold and colorful florals from Palette of Petals, sleek beauty touches by Dhalia Edwards, yummy and adorable cookies from Make Life Sweet, can't-even-cuteness of a cake from Cake Delights, and wonderful linens and furniture from Distinctive Event Rentals.

And, folks, I am a proud cat mom. My two furbabies are making their modeling debut in this feature. Readers, meet Pickles Barrington (the brown tabby) and Marmalade O'Hoolihan (the ginger). Our model Emily also happens to be their fairy godaunt. It was a good ole cat-family affair!

So, hold onto your tails and get ready to be whisker'ed away with ditzy polka dots, bowties, and chic sophistication! :)

Bit of Ivory Photography, Dhalia Edwards, and Sunkissed Events and Design are Tidewater and Tulle Vendor Fam.

Photography: Bit of Ivory Photography // Concept Styling, Coordination, and Stationery: Sunkissed Events and Design // Hair and Makeup: Dhalia Edwards // Florals: Palette of Petals // Cake: Cake Delights // Event Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals // Custom Cookies: Make Life Sweet // Model: Emily Claudio

Doggone Sweet Virginia Beach Wedding by Sharon Elizabeth Photography

What's cuter than your furbabies at your wedding? Those furbabies wearing the cutest silk tie and a pearl necklace, of course!

Between the too-adorable-for-words doggies and the gorgeous smiles of Kristi and Kenny, this Virginia Beach wedding at the Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront from Sharon Elizabeth Photography is jam-packed with joyful moments! The day was centered around this bride and groom's love for each other, and it's evident throughout their entire visual wedding story.

It threatened rain, but these two lovebirds couldn't have had more perfect weather for a beach wedding, even with the windy ocean breezes. Take that, meteorology! Love conquers all! ;)

Photography: Sharon Elizabeth Photography // Venue/Catering: Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront // Bridal Gown: All the Rage // Florals: Norfolk Wholesale Floral // Cake: DIY by Family Friend // DJ: Astro Entertainment // Hair and Makeup: Salon Vivace // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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