Meet our newest contributing writer: Chris Malpass

With one of our contributing writers, Heather, having a sabbatical due to a baby on the way, I've been exploring options for awhile to add another writer to the Tidewater and Tulle team to keep the variety on the up and up. And I have always said that if I were going to add to the team, I wanted a male voice. As many of us know, this is a voice that is rarely heard in Wedding Blog Land. So when a certain local wedding photographer guy started submitting weddings to me AND crafting these crazy-perfect stories to go along with these submissions, I did not hesitate to ask the question, "Sooo... have you thought about writing?" :)

Without further ado, his official introduction is here! Readers, meet Chris Malpass of Chris Malpass Photography and give him a big ole welcome as he shares a bit about who he is!


I spent the night before my wedding day trying to develop a roll of black and white film in my bathroom. It was an utter failure but it kept me from focusing on the anxiety I had about the next day.

I was more stressed about getting the centerpieces in place, getting the decorations put up, and preparing the reception space than I was to actually see my beautiful bride for the first time. Finally seeing her walk down the aisle to meet me was the most peaceful moment of that day and my life. She looked like an angel, by the way. Still does.

I proposed to my wife, Meagan, in June of 2011, and we started planning our big day immediately. We knew from the start that our budget would be small, the wedding would be intimate, and we'd have to do a lot of the work ourselves with the assistance of friends and family. What we didn't know is how we were going to accomplish everything on a shoestring budget and manage the stress and financial burden of putting on a fun party for 100 people while still making it special for us as a couple.

Every wedding I have experienced since my own has allowed me to build on those lessons to create, capture, and inform. As a result, I don't consider myself just a photographer. I take great joy in helping others to create and capture stories that are a true reflection of their love and relationships. My existence thrives on it.

As a super-sappy groom, newlywed, and photographer, I'm excited to be sharing things with the Tidewater and Tulle audience through my "I've learned the hard way" experiences. I'm not your typical guy, but I'm looking forward to wearing the "token male at T&T" hat.

- Chris

Chris Malpass is a portrait, wedding, and fashion photographer based in Newport News where he resides with his wonderful wife and their menagerie of fur-babies. As a Yorktown native, Chris has lived in Hampton Roads all of his life. During his teenage years, Chris started his creative journey and has since pursued unique adventures and experiences that shape his approach to life and photography. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you may find him storyboarding his next fashion shoot, trying to find a documentary on Netflix he hasn't seen yet, or thrifting with his wife. Chris loves to revisit the source of his early inspiration at Yorktown Battlefields and can regularly be found exploring ethnic restaurants in the region.

All photos by Daniel Min.