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Spotlight Feature On: Nathaniel's Unique Events

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

wedding vintage furniture rentals in richmond virginia

Excited, happy, and sentimental is how Pam of Nathaniel's Unique Events sees her kind of perfect wedding couple! From the start, Pam considers every event as if it were her own and loves curating highly unique furniture or decor pieces to take her couples' wedding vision to the next level.

[photo: Sarah Elizabeth Photography]

Handmade Intimate Beach House Wedding

Monday, May 2, 2016

One trend we love seeing this year is intimate weddings with a small group of only the closest friends and family to witness the marriage. Anna and Trey's oceanside ceremony in Virginia Beach Sandbridge hit all the right notes to make the day truly about love of all kinds. We couldn't help but smile at the fact that Anna's parents flew all the way over from Hungary to meet Trey for the first time; it's a beautiful thing to see family friendship blossom because of two becoming one.

From stunning ethically-sourced wedding rings to handmade salt dough ornaments and signage, everything had a personal touch. Sweet notes read that morning, photos lining the staircase at their reception that showed each lovebird's childhood through the years, and warm toasts at the end of the celebration were the perfect conclusion to such an intimate wedding. With Kimberly Frost Photography behind the lens and those near and dear by their side, Anna and Trey said "I do" in a truly meaningful way.

Out of this World Wedding Ideas from Around the Web

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Happy International Astronomy Day! Started in 1973 by the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, Doug Berger, this obscure holiday hopes to create a greater understanding of the wonders of the universe. And we say heck yes! Even though the galaxy wedding trend is trending off, we still love the classic inspiration touches that can still be brought in on a wedding day to celebrate a love of the stars. Whether you're getting married at a planetarium or just grew up wanting to be an astronaut, the "final frontier" continues to capture our imaginations and hearts with celestial whimsy, so we've rounded up the Top 10 of the best galaxy wedding ideas out there for you to swoon over!

How to Use Your Wedding Business Blog to Optimize SEO

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It goes without saying that we're advocates for blogging, and we especially think one of wedding pros' greatest marketing tools is a business blog that showcases their work, their goals, and their marketing messages. Google continues to love local and fresh content, so why not take advantage of this fab and free resource? Well, we have our local SEO expert (and Tidewater and Tulle's very own Features Editor!), Maria of Maria Grace Photography to hopefully convince you and share some of her top tips for optimizing your business blog for the best kind of SEO!

Unveiling Aisle Society: The New Wedding Website Go-To

Monday, April 25, 2016

It's not every day that an industry game changer comes along to shake things up. And for the past 9 months, 30+ wedding blog editors from around the world have been working to do just that. To make the wedding world a better place, to hold the bar high when it comes to online publication, to embrace industry diversity, to celebrate the creativity of all wedding professionals worldwide, to challenge the way media is digitally consumed, and to bring together some of the best wedding blog editors that the internet has ever known. It's with super great excitement that we introduce... Aisle Society!

When a Scientist and Attorney Get Married... with Dinosaurs

It's no secret that we love featuring weddings infused with personal details, and this one is roaringly perfect! Yes, you read that title correctly – this wedding was all about the dinosaurs! Because Ginny is a scientist who studies sea ice at the poles, she and Ryan decided to give a unique nod to her scientific outlook on life and incorporated this pre-historic element throughout their wedding!

To tie the past with the present, Ginny wore her mother's wedding dress and even took a picture side by side with a vintage portrait of its first bride. Bethany & Dan Photography captured each sweet and simple detail, from the cookie dessert bar to a nighttime view of the ever-gorgeous The Country Club at the Highlands in Chesterfield. Keep scrolling for a wedding that's fun from the beginning of the day all the way to the sparkler exit!

5 Reasons Why Rhode Island Is Perfect for Virginia Couples

Thursday, April 21, 2016

One of the best things about the wedding industry is that we are inspired by people and places from all over the world, and we infuse those themes into our lives as they speak to us... it's especially true for a region like Hampton Roads, known for its huge military presence that brings thousands of new people from all over the world into our coastal area every year.

Thanks to Visit Rhode Island, last month, I had the opportunity to experience the smallest state in America through a wedding-colored lens. And well, friends, I'm calling it now. Rhode Island is totally Virginia's BFF. With the immense local pride Rhode Islanders have as well as their love for all things nautical and close-knit wedding community, it's a match made in travel heaven. I met so many new industry friends (and hugged it out with my Aisle Society gal pals Glamour and Grace and Love Inc.), saw incredible places, and got to learn about some great things for Virginia couples looking for a coastal destination either for their weddings, honeymoons, or even weekend getaways. So without further ado, here are my 5 reasons why the Ocean State is perfect for those hailing from Old Dominion!

1. Nautical vibes everywhere.
Especially in Newport, there is an underlying urge to go find a sailboat and set sail around Narragansett Bay. With monkey knots, lifestyle brands like Kiel James Patrick, and fresh seafood galore, nautical isn't just a style; it's a way of life here. One of my favorite wedding venues we visited in Newport was Castle Hill Inn, a 19th century shingle-style summer home of a Harvard marine biologist turned coastal getaway and event venue. Nestled upon a cliff overlooking the Narragansett, the main Inn is beautiful, but it's their private beach cottages that charm their way into your salty air loving hearts along with its famous Castle Hill Lighthouse built in 1890 by the highly celebrated American architect, H.H. Richardson. Major ahoy here!

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