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Old World Gatsby Glamour Wedding Inspiration

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Every Virginia Beach local knows the Old Cavalier Hotel. When I was in high school, most of my friends and I all worked for Children's Activities for the beach resorts, so that place and other Oceanfront hotels are very much part of our personal local history, back then and now. The Old Cavalier closed down a few years ago, was purchased, and now finally has plans to be reopened back into its restored icon in the near future. I know I'm excited about it because not only is it a historical sight to see, it is the quintessential wedding venue for brides and grooms dreaming of old world glamour for their weddings, especially if they love the trendy art deco theme.

Sweet Baking Lifestyle Engagement Session

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

As the big blue monster said himself, C is for cookie, and those are the best! But when it's a chocolate chip cookie baking engagement session at home with Andrew and Tianna Photography, there seriously is nothing sweeter or more perfect.

One of Erica and Josh's favorite activities together is just relax, drink wine, and bake cookies all the while Josh sings to his beloved. These two lovebirds actually met in college where they were both Theatre Arts majors and just always had the unspoken knowledge that their relationship was "the one." And when you know, you know! They dated for a few months before Erica transferred to Regent University in Virginia Beach, and Josh wasn't going to let that be the end of it. He got a job here locally to be near her, and in a little over a year later, he proposed!

Fun and Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's no secret we love bridal showers around here. And like the wedding world, no two showers are alike! So today, we have rounded up some of the most fun and creative bridal shower theme ideas from around the web to inspire you for your pre-wedding celebration. While we call them "bridal showers" for all Googling purposes, we really are celebrating "wedding showers!" From wedding party Olympic games to art deco, there's a little something for everyone!

Pastel-Hued Kitty Hawk Pier Wedding

Monday, July 27, 2015

Get ready for an incredible "how they got together" cross-country story because these two gorgeous Outer Banks brides take the cake (or donuts in their case!)!

About four years ago, Caroline and Elke found each other in Iowa at a local Crossfit gym. Elke was in grad school earning her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Caroline was coaching with the Iowa Hawkeye Field Hockey program. After a couple of girls' nights out at the Crossfit gym and several long conversations later, they found themselves inseparable from one another. But like all romantic comedies, their inseparableness was put to the test when their careers gave them a bicoastal relationship-- Elke in Philadelphia where she began her medical writing career and Caroline in San Diego to continue her Olympic dream with the U.S. Field Hockey team.

For what seemed like a year multiplied by ten, the distance only grew their love as well as their amazing career opportunities. Caroline found out she was going to be a 2nd time Olympian and compete in the London Summer Olympics and to Elke's East Coast by continuing her hockey career as a coach at Columbia University.

After a couple seasons at Columbia University for Caroline and a solid couple of years building a career with Elke's company, these lovebirds decided to move to Pennsylvania together where Caroline was returning to compete with the U.S. National team once again. That was when Caroline decided she couldn't live without Elke any longer, so that Christmas, Caroline asked Elke to marry her.

Now both in New York City, they knew they dreamed a relaxed beach wedding down in the Outer Banks with all of their closest loved ones. With pastel colors and bright, sunny smiles, this Kitty Hawk Pier wedding captured by Elizabeth Henson Photos is one sweet whirlwind of a finally happily ever after!

Jewel-Toned Ruby and Marsala Wedding Inspiration

Thursday, July 23, 2015

One of the best parts about southeastern Virginia is that America started here. Literally. And since the early 1600's, gorgeous English-inspired colonial plantations settled along the James River and beyond, particularly in Charles City just west to the colonial capitol of Williamsburg. But the even better part is that you can actually get married at some of these historical landmarks! So when this beautifully romantic stylized shoot came into my inbox from Michael Simon Photography, I was all but too eager to share such inspiration: in theme and in location!

Draped in rich jewel-toned hues of ruby and Pantone's marsala, Zahara's Events and Design and the amazing creative team dreamed up a dramatic earthiness that only befits the deeply-rooted-in-history Westover Plantation.

With golden brass table decor, wildly vibrant red peonies and carnations, and modern vintage stationery, this sophisticated inspiration is perfect for the couple who loves bold details yet still wishes to honor timeless tradition.

Walking Around Williamsburg Engagement Session

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh, Williamsburg! It's obviously and totally a biased opinion from this 'Burg-based editor, but it's the best place for engagement session in all of southeastern Virginia! Well, one of the most top best places, at least.

For Suzy and Dave's engagement session with Memories by Mere Photography, they wanted some meaningful parts of their personalities to show through while they walked around the Historic Area in Williamsburg, so they got nostalgic about their first date at a coffee shop to the bride wearing her traveling skirt that had been with her on trips across the world (and would now be with her on her biggest adventure-- marriage!).

With their wedding day having a slight inspirational nod to J.R.R. Tolkien, it was also a must to visit Mermaid Books, a cool vintage bookstore right off of Prince George Street, for a few cuddly reading photos!

Where to Donate Your Extra Wedding Stuff

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We're all about reusing and recycling, and it goes the same with weddings! Did you know that you can donate your leftover wedding flowers? Or even your leftover wedding reception food? Well, you can! And we have rounded up the best ideas for what to do with your extra wedding stuff after the big day.

From selling to donating to upcycling, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a new home for your wedding goodies long after that last song gets played at the reception.

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