How to Choose Eco-Conscious Wedding Flowers

Are you planning your dream wedding and want to make it an eco-friendly shindig? Flowers are a great starting point! Choosing eco-conscious wedding flowers can make a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint and contribute to the sustainability of the environment. With a little bit of research and consideration, you can choose flowers that not only align with your eco-friendly wedding theme and style but also promote sustainable and ethical practices. So today, we're sharing some top tips and tricks on how to choose eco-conscious wedding flowers to make your special day even more meaningful. Let's get started!

How to have eco conscious wedding flowers

Buy Locally-Grown

When it comes to planning a wedding, supporting local is always a good idea, especially with flowers. The benefits of using locally sourced blooms go far beyond aesthetics. Firstly, locally grown flowers reduce carbon footprint by decreasing the distance travelled and hence transportation emissions. Choosing flowers that are grown close to the florist also means that they can be cut and delivered in lesser time, ensuring they are fresh and last longer. Secondly, supporting local farmers promotes sustainable and ethical practices, providing them with a much-needed income while also preserving natural resources.

Locally grown flowers are a great option for the environment because they’re not transported from hundreds or thousands of miles away. This saves on the emissions from air or land shipping, and ultimately, using locally grown flowers in an eco-conscious wedding not only reduces environmental impact but also supports local communities while enhancing the beauty of your meaningful celebration.

How to have eco conscious wedding flowers

Choose In-Season Flowers

With current horticulture technologies and our world made smaller by quick shipping, you can find most flowers year-round. However, out-of-season flowers come at a huge cost to your wedding floral budget and the environment. When choosing out-of-season flowers, these blooms' growing environments require special climate control, irrigation, lighting conditions, and transportation. That racks up the carbon footprint and makes them a less ideal choice for the environment.

No matter what season you get married in, you can find beautiful in-season flowers, even winter wedding flowers! Your florist will be able to guide you to what's available within your budget, so lean on their expertise and connections to help you learn what will be the best floral bunch for your special day.

How to have eco conscious wedding flowers

Rent Silk Bouquets or Arrangements

Planning an eco-conscious wedding can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing flowers. But did you know you not only have real flower options, but silk or faux flowers as well? Silk flowers offer the perfect solution for eco-conscious couples looking to minimize their environmental impact. Not only do these delicate blooms look just as beautiful as real flowers, but they can also be reused time and time again by vendors and couples alike, especially for couples or guests who might have severe flower or pollen allergies!

This means that you can create a stunning floral display without worrying about wastage or contributing to harmful agricultural practices. Another benefit of silk flowers is that they offer endless color options, making it easy to incorporate your chosen palette into your venue decor seamlessly. You can even get some gorgeous eco-friendly silk ribbon to tie onto any bouquets!

How to have eco conscious wedding flowers

Avoid Single-Use Floral Foam

The sad fact is that floral foam is terrible for the environment. Aside from its dust that can cause respiratory problems for florists, it also breaks down into microplastics that contaminate the soil and nearby water supplies, and end up ingested by aquatic animals and other marine life.

As an alternative for floral foam in table centerpieces, you can choose reusable materials like stones, floral bouquet cage, chicken wire, waterproof tape, silicone arranging grid, stainless steel flower frog, and more to help stabilize or keep your flowers fresh throughout the day. Going more eco may also impact what types of flowers you have especially when having a summer wedding, so be sure to chat with your florist about your options and warm weather-friendly flowers that can withstand the heat without hydrating floral foam.

How to have eco conscious wedding flowers

Use Plants Instead of Some Flowers

When planning a wedding, many people tend to go for the traditional choice of flowers because yes, they are gorgeous! But for an eco-conscious couple, opting for potted plants can be another great alternative. Not only do plants have a longer lifespan than cut flowers, they also have the added benefit of being reused after the big day, too.

Plants can be used in a variety of ways, from centerpieces to hanging installations, creating a unique greenery look that never goes out of style. And when the wedding is over, the plants can be replanted, given as gifts, or used as decor in your new home. By choosing potted plants over cut flowers, you're not only reducing waste but also supporting sustainable practices in the floral industry. It's a small choice that can make a big impact on the environment!

Photography: Chelsea Barton, Kia and Co. | Florals: Apple Mint Florist and DIY

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