How to Adorably Personalize a Flower Girl Shirt

There's nothing cuter than those kiddos sharing in your wedding day, so make them feel included by personalizing a gift just for them! Whether they wear it while getting ready or for the ceremony itself, there's nothing more special than a top that screams "I am the flower girl today!" And an easy way to do this is by embroidering some flowers onto a t-shirt like our next DIY tutorial. Perfect for beginners and experienced stitchers alike, this project shows you how to use pre-designed stick and stitch patches for an adorable detail on a basic shirt. You'll just need to learn four basic stitches, and you'll be set!

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How to embroider a flower girl tshirt with a stick and stitch kit

Flower girl wedding gift ideas

DIY embroidered flower girl tshirt for a cute wedding gift idea

Adorable flower girl tshirt ideas

How to Embroider a Flower Girl T-Shirt

Learn how to stitch a beautiful embroidered flower girl t-shirt over on Something Turquoise. Get your beginner's kit, find your favorite colors in embroidery floss, and let's get to making!

Photography & DIY Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere Barton | Embroidery Kit & Thread: Tales from the Hoop via Etsy

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