DIY Coastal Wedding Charger Plates with DecoArt

Calling all ocean lovers! Inspired by boho textures and the seashore, we're channeling our coastal vibes in this gorgeously simple DIY project meant to transform your sweetheart table place settings with some glass paint and clear charger plates. In partnership with our friends at DecoArt, we are so excited to get crafty with their new glass paints and glass paint markers now available at Michaels Stores. These paints make our DIY hearts sing with how versatile they are! Whether you upgrade a charger plate, glass votive, or centerpiece vase, possibilities are endless with this unique opaque paint in a rainbow of colors. Easy to use, easy to clean up, easy to love. And you'll see how we have found the solution to writing on oyster shells for place cards... there is a happy, no-frustrating ending! Paintbrushes ready, let's go!

DIY coastal inspired boho wedding glass charger plates with DecoArt

How to Make Beautifully Painted Glass Charger Plates

Difficulty Level: Easy
Color Inspiration: White, gold, deep green, and navy blue

Large glass plates
• Paper towels (as needed)
Paint palette
• Bowl for water
DecoArt Glass Paint (in Deep Green, Navy, and White found at Michaels)
DecoArt Glass Paint Marker (in Metallic Gold found at Michaels)
Parchment paper

• Oyster shells
Gold flatware
• Assorted potted plants
Rattan chargers
• Glass stemware
Woven paper place mat

How to paint on glass for wedding charger plates with DecoArt

1. Set out all of your materials and thoroughly wash your glass plates to clean your painting surfaces. Completely dry your plates and lay down parchment paper to protect your surfaces and use as a scrap paint palette.

2. For your charger plate designs, find some painting inspiration for reference on Pinterest and keep it nearby. If you are not experienced with painting, that's okay! You are creating abstract textures and lines for your chargers, not a Renaissance portrait! Do practice strokes on your parchment paper before painting on your plates. Experiment and have fun with it!

Using different paint strokes with DecoArt glass paint

If you're new to painting, there are a lot of beautiful ways to use a paintbrush! Consider the amount of pressure you give to your surface. This can give you different textures and darknesses on your charger plate. To make lighter/thinner colors, wipe off your paintbrush on your parchment paper until there's only a little paint left on your brush. Water cannot be mixed with glass paint, so get creative with the paint as it is!

How to personalize glass charger plates for a DIY wedding project

3. Shake your DecoArt glass paint bottle well and squeeze a few paint dots at a time into your palette. With your paintbrush, create your design on the bottom side of your glass plate. You will want to paint in layers to help with opacity of each color, so allow each layer to dry before additional layers. If time is of the essence, use a hair dryer to help speed up the drying.

Painting techniques for using DecoArt glass paint on wedding DIY projects
DecoArt glass paint in Navy for unique wedding DIY project

FUN FACT: DecoArt's new glass and glazed ceramic paint comes in 20+ gorgeous colors for your own wedding DIY style. There's Pink, Mint, Light Blue, and many more trendy hues for your special day's theme. Not only useable on glass, you can also paint glazed ceramics like mugs, cups, non-glass plates, and even vases to personalize your wedding. Creativity is endless, and we are here for it!

DecoArt glass paint for unique wedding DIY project
Painting techniques for using DecoArt glass paint on wedding DIY projects

4. Switch between your colors and lines for visual interest on your charger plates. While painting, flip over your plate frequently to make sure you like what you're painting. Plan on how you want to layer and connect your paint strokes if going for a coastal vibe. Be intentional with every stroke so you can repeat it on your other charger plates.

5. Once happy with your plates, allow to dry and cure for 4 days before using. Enjoy!

HELPFUL TIP: On appropriate oven-safe products, DecoArt's glass paints can be bakeable for a dishwasher-safe finish. After you're done painting, place your oven-safe dishware (e.g., ceramic mug) in a cool oven. Heat the oven to 275°F degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to cool inside of the oven. This will make your painted creation ready to be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher!

DecoArt glass paint for unique wedding DIY project

DecoArt glass paint available at Michaels Stores

Oyster shell wedding place card with gold calligraphy using DecoArt glass paint marker

How to Write on Oyster Shells for Your Wedding Place Cards

You don't need a tutorial to learn how to write on oyster shells when you have DecoArt's new opaque metallic glass paint markers. It's absolutely our new favorite DIY crafting tool! Use a pencil, sketch your guest's name, and write over it with the glass paint marker. These markers come in so many different colors, but we especially love the neutrals: black, white, metallic gold, and metallic silver for wedding DIYs. Finally an easier beach wedding option for oyster shell prettiness!

Unique painted wedding glass charger plates and oyster shell place cards for fun DIY wedding idea
Oyster shell wedding place card with gold calligraphy using DecoArt glass paint marker
DecoArt glass paint for unique wedding DIY project
Coastal inspired DIY wedding place setting ideas using DecoArt glass paint and markers
Oyster shell wedding place card with gold calligraphy using DecoArt glass paint marker

Photography, Styling, & Tutorial: Chelsea LaVere for Tidewater and Tulle | Glass Paints: DecoArt

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