The Yays and Nays of Wedding Registries with Erie Insurance

Completely unsure what to put on your wedding registry? Or maybe you want to be more intentional with what you do add? We have the ultimate scoop for you today -- directly from couples themselves and their own experiences! We are all about sharing good solid information, so when our new friends and sponsoring partner Erie Insurance said they conducted a nationwide survey focused on wedding registry wishes and misses, we knew we had to pass along the nuggets of wisdom.

Since Erie Insurance is the expert in what goes into houses (e.g., all those gifts!) and keeping those luxury heirlooms safe through homeowners insurance, their survey ran the gamut of questions from "What was the most unusual wedding gift you received?" to "What do regret not registering for?" Let's hop into the details so you can create your own personalized modern and intentional wedding registry!

Engaged couples wish they registered for luggage on their wedding gift registries according to Erie Insurance

Time To Get Away

Have you thought about your honeymoon when it comes to your wedding gift registry? If not, time to do so! 34% of surveyed couples said they wished they put luggage on their lists. Whether you travel a lot or a little, great quality suitcases and bags are such a necessity these days.

Anyone who travels for a living like our editor-in-chief Chelsea is 100% behind this fact! "Hard-sided luggage is the only way to go for me now! The amount of times that soft-sided suitcases have been damaged beyond repair in domestic and international travel is ridiculous. It's been a huge waste of money until I started investing in better quality luggage."

Couples also mentioned in the survey that they requested money in lieu of physical gifts because of travel. 31% used these monetary gifts for their honeymoons including funding airline tickets, date night dinners, or snorkeling activities.

Honeymoon travel on wedding gift registries according to Erie Insurance

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto & Electronic Friends

We have all seen the funny YouTube videos of pets riding those self-sufficient vacuums. (We see you, Shark Cat!) Well, they must have affected us deeper than we thought because 58% of couples wished they had registered for a robotic vacuum cleaner. Whether you want to have your furbaby ride in style throughout the house or not, we have to agree that anything that helps with chores is going to be a great thing in your home together as newlyweds.

Along with the vacuum cleaners, other electronics that married couples said they regret not putting on their registries include lawn care equipment and BBQ grills. If you have an outside porch or a yard, then it's a great reminder to not forget about gift ideas that relate to your outdoors!

HELPFUL FACT: Did you know you can add your wedding and engagement rings to your homeowners insurance policy? Heck yes! Just like your fine china or heirloom silverware, your jewelry is just as sentimental, so protecting it is just as important. Erie Insurance recommends talking to an agent about how to make sure you’re properly covered. The experts know best!

Gorgeous diamond engagement ring to be insured under home insurance

Kitchen Reigns

Even if you've never been married before, it's no surprise that kitchen goods are never forgotten on wedding registries. From gadgets to servingware, there is always something we need or want for where food brings people together. 48% wished for an air fryer, 38% for a food saver/vacuum seal system, 31% for a bread maker, 27% for a stand mixer, and 26% for a food processor.

When you register for high quality kitchen appliances, they will last forever and ever with enough care, so it's worth the effort to research brands and products you prefer before putting them on your gift lists. (Some electronics and appliances can be insured under your homeowners insurance, too, so be sure to check about protecting those!)

Romantic travel honeymoon must haves

Hold Back that Scanner Device

Sometimes we have regrets. Now what was a total 'Nay' for couples and their gift registries? Several couples shared that they received way too many casserole dishes, dog seat covers, and even back scratchers (!) because they added too many to their lists.

This is where couples have to get really intentional about their wishes. We recommend going through your current homes and deciding what needs an upgrade, what is missing, or what would be nice to try out. In our own past experience, we found upgrading to a larger slow cooker was super helpful as well as a newer Apple TV device for the living room. Determine what your needs and wants are to help you avoid gift regrets!

(Or you could be one of those who receive a partially-used restaurant gift card like one couple in Erie Insurance's survey! Eek, Emily Post is rolling in her grave!)

Chic pink home decor insured under Erie Insurance

Get Your DIY On

The biggest advice shared is "Get all of your needs taken care of before your wants." When lovebirds have asked for money, 10% of them are asking for help with home improvement projects. Paint supplies, tools, and more are little things that add up in expenses. Some major home improvement stores even offer wedding gift registry services, so it's worth investigating those for your needs! Maybe you would appreciate some helping hands instead of spackle? Let your wedding party and family know that you would love their time in lieu of gifts. This would be especially considerate for those guests on tight budgets who would be excited to help make your house a home with their skills.

HELPFUL TIP: When figuring out your DIY needs, this is a great time to look at your current homeowners insurance policy and seeing if there needs to be any changes. For our area here in Coastal Virginia, Erie Insurance suggests paying very close attention to flood insurance details (which tends to be additional coverage to your homeowners insurance), especially as it relates to hurricane season. After each storm, inspect your property and make a list of needs. Since October is the new June when it comes to wedding months, you may find you need to ask for some unconventional gifts!

Want even more information on what Erie Insurance discovered in their wedding gift registry survey results? Head over to their blog and even get some tips on how to figure out the homeowners insurance process.

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