50 Ways to Save for your Wedding

No one should go into debt for their wedding. There are easy everyday ways you can effortlessly save for your wedding if you’re committed to sticking to your budget. These 50 tips even apply beyond the wedding day to help build your wealth and embrace a more intentional financial lifestyle together!

The key with any of these ideas is that the money you're not spending goes into your wedding savings account. When you have a set monthly household budget then you know what will be "leftover" money per month. So that leftover is "extra" cash for the big day! A penny saved is a penny earned. Whether you use this list for a set amount of time or adopt it permanently, we can always use ways to save our hard-earned cash.

Best ways to save money for your wedding

50 Ways to Save Money for Your Wedding

1. Sell no longer needed household things on Facebook Marketplace. Home decor and small kitchen appliances do very well from experience. Edit your home, make space, and get some extra cash.
2. Sell broken or orphan gold jewelry to your local jeweler. They will buy gold at scrap costs. If you have an earring that's missing its twin or a broken necklace, it's still worth something! Sometimes jewelers will even offer a 10%-20% bonus if you ask for in-store credit instead of cash which means this is a perfect opportunity to put it towards your wedding bands or jewelry.
3. Sign up for Paribus. This neat website by Capital One monitors your online purchases via email and gets you refunds when prices drop within the store's price drop timeline. For Amazon Prime fans, it also tracks your late deliveries and tells you how to get compensated for those delays via Amazon's shipping policy. Make that technology work for you!
4. Sign up for Dosh for cash back on purchases you're already making. In its app, you securely link your debit cards, and it automatically searches for offers any time you use your card. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the cash back offer and puts it into your account. You even gets $1 just for linking your cards!
5. Sell your name brand clothes and accessories at Clothes Mentor or Plato’s Closet. Go Marie Kondo on your closet and get rid of attire you no longer wear or need. If it's in very good, sellable condition, resale stores will buy it from you! Do your research as different resale stores have different kinds of customers. Clothes Mentor is our personal favorite as it pays a little more. But it's all about your style! Clothes Mentor is geared more towards a young professional and mature audience versus Plato's Closet is marketed more towards the teen, nightlife, and young adult style.
6. Sell your old Apple products. Have old iPods hanging around? Anything you have in the Apple family might be worth anything from $1-$100+. Our personal experience with SellYourMac.com has been a great one since our Editor-in-Chief Chelsea has gotten $230 for an old MacBook Pro that no longer worked and even $1 for a first gen iPod Nano.
7. Shop your pantry. Challenge yourself to do a no-grocery-shopping week and make meals from your pantry only. You'd be surprised what you find and create!
8. Quit cable. With so many affordable home entertainment options these days, analyze your cable usage and see if it's worth it while you're saving for your wedding.
9. Support your local library for book & DVD rentals. Heck yeah to free books, DVDs, magazines, and more! Your taxes pay for that wonderful local resource so take advantage of it.
10. If eager to see the newest movies, go before 4:00pm for matinee pricing. Or if you're military or a college student, check to see if the theater offers a special ticket discount.

Best ways to save money for your wedding

11. Set a strict budget on alcohol or soda purchases. Those bevs add up! Opt off for water when dining out or at home for awhile.
12. Practice energy-saving habits at home. Use energy saver light bulbs, reduce the amount of times you run the dishwasher or washing machine, turn off lights when leaving a room, and so forth. Not only are you saving money, but you're giving love to the environment, too.
13. Call your utilities and ask if there are ways to lower your bills. Because of consumer competition, companies are more than ever looking for ways to keep their customers. Call your cell phone provider, your trash company, and more to find ways to reduce your monthly bills. You could be saving anywhere from $5-$30 just by asking!
14. Wait a couple of days before impulse buying. We all get those shiny retail emails, and most of the time, we don't really need the stuff. Push the hold button and sleep on it to figure out if it's really a need or a want.
15. If no rush, wait to purchase until a really good sale. Need that long-line bra for your gown? Price-watch for awhile since it's likely you won't need that until your gown fitting. Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Memorial Day, and other mainstream retail holidays always are great deals.
16. Use your rewards and points with loyalty programs. Tis the era of customer loyalty so most anywhere has a program where you can earn freebies and discounts. This is a great way to still keep going on your date nights when trying to save money! Just plan your evenings out around which member perks are available at the time.
17. Eliminate single-use plastic and consumables. We know single-use is a pretty bad thing for the Earth, and it's also bad for your wallet because you keep having to buy the product when you run out. Invest in reusable straws, cloth napkins, wool dryer balls, and reusable makeup remover pads. (All of these are currently in use at Chelsea's home!)
18. Check out your local thrift store for certain household essentials. Before buying new, stop by your community's second-hand shop to see if they have what you need, especially dishware, glassware, entertaining food displays, and more. These tend to look like new once washed, and you're supporting local jobs!
19. Stop buying bottled water. Just say no to that single-use plastic again! If you have hard water at home, invest in a water filter and reusable water bottles.
20. Consider air drying your clothes. Did you know it actually extends the life of your clothes when you let your clothes air dry? Yep, and it saves electric by not using the dryer. Drying racks are the greatest things ever.

Best 50 ways to save money for your wedding

21. If not already happening, combine your phone plans, bank accounts, or other accounts. Contact your service providers to see if there are bundle discounts available when creating a family plan. Sometimes when combining services there could be some savings.
22. Consider store brand foods versus name brands. We can always be a bit brand loyal when it comes to some groceries, but to help save some money, change it up for awhile by going off-brand. Aldi, Trader Joe's, and Lidl are great places to help make this happen.
23. Restrict subscriptions. Whether it's a clothing, food, beauty, or entertainment monthly fee, tighten that wallet by putting some not-so-needed subscriptions on hold until after the wedding. It can be difficult clicking that cancel button when you love it, but think long term and your wedding day!
24. Pay bills on time. Late fees can rack up over time. If you're notoriously delayed with your monthly bills, consider putting your bills on auto-pay. Make sure there is a sufficient balance in that particular account to avoid overdraft fees, too!
25. Use cash when you can. Literally the best way to stay on budget and save money is to use cash. It's psychological when you see your finite amount of money in your wallet and what you have to buy what you need. Withdrawing a month's worth of cash is a good starting point. Have leftovers at the end of the month? Put it in the wedding savings account!
26. Make a loose change jar. When you use a cash method for budgeting, it's easy to "round out" with your coins into savings. When your jar is full, cash it out! Some banks offer this for their customers, but if yours doesn't, you can find Coinstar or coin-counting machines at some grocery stores. Not sure where to find a machine near you? You can also roll your coins and deposit them with your bank teller.
27. Do your own mani pedis until the big day. Grab a foot file, your favorite cruelty-free nail polish color, and treat yourself to an at-home spa moment for a fraction of the cost at your local salon. Then with your savings, splurge and get truly pampered by the pros for the wedding!
28. Negotiate insurance rates or switch policies. Whether it's car or house insurance, many companies might offer bundle rates, "in good standing" discounts, or more. Do you work from home? Some auto insurance policies are even based on how much you drive, such as Allstate's Milewise. (That's what Chelsea uses and pays between $12-$25 a month depending on the miles driven. She also gets rewards for good driving that can be redeemed for gift cards and retail discounts. Hello, Target gift cards for groceries!)
29. Borrow tools/household items from friends and family or rent from home improvement stores. Don't buy new if you know someone who might have the same exact thing you need. If no one has the tool or it's not available for rent, visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for low cost home improvement or household goods. Tons of excess or used products are donated by local construction companies and everyday neighbors to these non-profit stores. All proceeds benefit local affordable housing initiatives. Feel good and save some money on something you need.
30. Create a realistic budget and commit to it. You know your finances, you know your needs and wants. Figure out a budget that works within your goals, especially as it relates to your wedding-related needs. The key is discipline though. You gotta stick to it!

Best tips to save money for your wedding

31. Make financial goals. Just like your committed budget in #30, set real financial milestones. What are you saving for for the wedding? What kinds of bills do you have? When you have very specific goals in mind, it's a lot easier to save money. It's all interconnected.
32. Use the Cushion app to negotiate fees with your bank. It happens. Sometimes we do have a late fee or two. Whoops. Well, pick right back up and see if you can get a refund on that fee, especially if it doesn't happen often. You can either call your bank or try out Cushion which uses AI to chat with your bank for you. It's some pretty neat technology that connects through Facebook Messenger. (If they're successful in getting your fees back, they do take 25% as their cut.)
33. Use AirBnb or Vrbo for out-of-town travel. If you're visiting family or attending someone else's wedding, look into non-commercial lodging options as prices can be significantly lower depending on the area.
34. Avoid toll roads. Ugh, Hampton Roads. Sometimes we can't avoid the tunnel tolls, but if you can, go an alternate route. If you can't avoid them, make sure to register for an EZPass because tolls will be lower when you have the device in your car. This goes for out-of-town travel as well.
35. Minimize hair and beauty appointments until closer to the big day. Stretch that haircut or color as long as you can until absolutely necessary before heading into the salon.
36. Drive gently to save gas. Did you know your driving habits actually may be costing you more money? Pumping the gas pedal or hard start/stops affects your car's efficiency, so train yourself to drive more consistently with less of a heavy foot to save on fuel and maintenance costs.
37. If relevant, ask your employer if you can work from home a few days per week. Speaking of saving gas money, some jobs might allow for remote work. If you're all computer-based, then perhaps your boss will allow you to work from home on some days. There's no harm in asking, especially if you have a great reliable track record!
38. Cook at home more. Dining out is one of our favorite things, but it definitely adds up a lot in a month if not kept in check. It may seem like a no brainer that feeding you or your family at home is going to save you quite a bit of money, but it's always a good reminder when we may get tempted by those daily specials or when our friends share photos of their restaurant food.
39. Make your own gifts. It's obvious DIY projects are totally our jam, and handmade are so much more personal than a mass-produced sweater from your big box store. Not all crafts are created equal, so make sure your materials don't cost more than a non-handmade product. Keep your gift ideas realistic and doable within your budget.
40. Host get-togethers at home. For all you social butterflies, it can be difficult to say no to friends who want to go out where your budget can be blown on just a few cocktails. Instead of outright saying no, be upfront with them about your intentional saving and offer to bring everyone together at your place. Ask your loved ones to bring a drink or dish to share and make it a cozy day/night in. Themes can also make these get-togethers special!

Best ways to save money for your wedding

41. Be very selective about credit card use. Dang APRs. That interest adds up if not monitored. While sometimes a credit card is unavoidable when it comes to planning a wedding, be very intentional about when you use it and try to use cash wherever else possible.
42. Track sales on large purchases. When needing to make pricier purchases, watch the prices and research before buying. Camelcamelcamel is an online price tracker for Amazon, and the Honey app has a Droplist feature that also can watch certain prices for you.
43. Barter and trade with friends and family. Need a babysitter for date night? Ask your inner circle and see if you can trade watching each other's kiddos. Need a ride to work when your car is in the shop? Perhaps a coworker lives near you and can swing by to help you out before you have to call a Lyft.
44. Put $10 (or another dedicated amount) in your savings account per week. Set it and forget it. All banks (as far as we are aware) offer the online banking feature of auto-transfer. Let your savings build without your notice. It's money you won't miss and will love when you need to access it!
45. Consider alternative gyms. Evaluate your gym membership. Are you going as much as your fees are worth? If not, consider free online videos for at-home exercising or look into your local rec center for low-cost visits and fitness classes.
46. Upcycle clothing or decor. With a little paint or fabric dye, you can create all-new wardrobes or rooms. Anyone who loves to create knows the value of transforming everyday things into something fabulous.
47. Embrace DIY if DIY is more affordable. Sometimes making something for the wedding can be really cost-effective, and then sometimes it's not. Map out the prices before committing to DIY. (Expert Tip: Candy buffets are a lot more expensive than you think when you want to color coordinate your sweets.)
48. Be upfront with family and friends about your saving money. Real Talk: You have to tell your loved ones what's going on. This will help them be more understanding when it comes to family gatherings, gifts, or holiday weekends. If you can't afford it or you haven't budgeted for it, be honest with them.
49. Negotiate a lower interest rate on your credit cards. Contact every credit card you have. If you've been a good customer who pays on time consistently, you have negotiating power. They want your business, they know it's easier now more than ever to transfer balances, and they want to keep you.
50. Always keep learning. Continue to read and find more ways to save. Technology rapidly changes, and with that, consumer habits do as well. There are always going to be new ways to save some money, so search on Pinterest, read those articles, and find what fits for your financial goals and wedding planning. Then long after the vows are exchanged, you'll have a pretty good foundation for a smart and savvy money budgeting lifestyle to see you through the years.

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