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June 11, 2019 Williamsburg, Virginia

Since our launch in 2013, we continually have gotten the question: "How can I support Tidewater and Tulle?" And this comes from brides, grooms, wedding lovers, wedding pros, and even those who don't live locally but love our content. Our default answer has always been "Please just share and comment on our social content!" but that always felt one-dimensional especially because not everyone hangs out on social media as much as we do for Tidewater and Tulle!

Coastal Virginia wedding blog

So a couple of years ago, we discovered Patreon, a platform website dedicated to crowdfunding creative community resources. It's kinda like a digital tip jar or a donation box on a monthly basis!

As much as we love social shares, social media unfortunately don't keep things running when it comes to the bills. The costs of website hosting, design, business tools, editor/manager pay, and more are why many wedding publications don't last very long in the online world (e.g., it's a big ole penny just to keep the lights on, and that doesn't even count editor paychecks that take care of their families!). With the change in advertising trends and social media algorithms, it's getting harder for online blogs and websites to stay innovative and relevant... which means more hours are spent finding revenue sources versus creating valuable local content. Womp womp, right?

Our passion has always been being an online voice for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia simply because there wasn't one before. That passion hasn't wavered, and it's an honor that we are Virginia's #1 wedding blog because of it. We have had quite the journey so far and can't wait for what's ahead. We'd love for you to continue on this adventure and be an integral part of supporting local!

Coastal Virginia wedding blog

Becoming a Patron is for anyone...

If it weren't for the wedding pros who advertise in our Vendor Guide and the brands who sponsor us to create unique content, we wouldn't be here today. They literally have been the first patrons of Tidewater and Tulle from day one, and we love them. But not everyone is a brand or a vendor.

So this is where Patreon allows us to bring even more people into our community. Are you...

• A wedding pro who might not need our platform for marketing, but still want to support our quality local resource?
• A non-traditional industry friend who doesn't really fit into a Vendor Guide, but love what we're all about?
• A photographer who has been featured multiple times and want to see many more photographers get published in the future?
• A couple who found the website helpful during your planning process and want to pay it forward to future engaged couples?
• An internet friend who stumbled upon the website and love all things coastal and want to continue to see Virginia content take over Pinterest inspiration?
• A family or friend who just wants a monthly way to support us?

Coastal Virginia wedding blog

How can you support?

Patreon isn't like Kickstarter with various award levels. We honestly want to keep it simple and sweet. We would love your monthly support because you want to support a local publication. We aren't a big team (just 1 full-timer and 2 part-timers!), but we do have hopes to streamline more and to grow. As a small business, we don't charge for publishing real wedding content and never will because we want to keep making sure local wedding and travel inspiration is diverse and accessible to all, not to a limited few.

With Patreon, you can donate as much or as little as you want per month. $1, $10, or more? Anything helps! Really, no obligations! And if you ever do become a patron, but need to stop or are having financial issues, there is absolutely no reason to share with us why. It's your money, and you are not required to donate any of it. But of course, we will always be sincerely and ever-grateful that you are part of our community in this very helpful and sustainable way.

Where do the dollars go?

Currently, we are funded by our Vendor Guide advertisers (whom we like to call "vendor fam" who are vetted by past couples; we love to toot their horn!) and sponsored content (like some of our fun DIY projects we've made!). This helps pay some of the bills, but as mentioned above, the industry is changing, and we need to evolve quickly if we want to continue being in it for the long haul. All Patreon funding will go towards Tidewater and Tulle's website hosting, design work, website maintenance, social media tools, editor/content writer pay, and other means to grow the Tidewater and Tulle brand. (Like post boosting on social media for more people to see daily content or hosting workshops! Our bucket wish list has been growing, but the funding just hasn't been there yet!)

Coastal Virginia wedding blog

Patreon-only surprises await...

Throughout the year, it's our goal to do special Patreon-only giveaways to those who give their monthly support to us. Because of our relationships with certain lifestyle and wedding brands, we have insider access on some cool new stuff out there that we know anyone who follows Tidewater and Tulle would love! These giveaways won't be available on our social media channels or the website and will be shared on this page as a locked "patrons only" post (which will also get emailed to you!). A little stockpile of awesomeness already is waiting to be given, so stay tuned!

Ready to support local?

Head over to our Patreon page for more details and to become a patron. We hope this new modern way of support brings even more friends into our community. Whether you fund us or not, thank you for letting us inspire you from Coastal Virginia and beyond.

- Chelsea and the Tidewater and Tulle Crew