DIY Hand-Stamped Sweetheart Table Runner

Warning: This will literally be the easiest DIY you will ever do. Proceed with no caution and all excitement to 100% because you'll basically want to make these handmade table runners for beyond your wedding day as they make the perfect gifts and home decor, too. No blank linen in your house will be safe! Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year "Living Coral" and one of our favorite quality fabrics, we have married the two into a stylishly chic hand stamped project. With a linen table runner from Europe (the best kind!) and some fabric paint, you'll be personalizing your sweetheart or reception tables in no time.

Living Coral and white hand stamped table linen for your wedding day
How to make an easy and unique table runner for your wedding using a homemade stamp

How to Personalize Your Wedding Table Runner

Difficulty Level: Easy
Color Inspiration: Pantone's Living Coral and white

Linen table runner (ours is 16"x40" in Off-White)
• Fabric paint (Bright Coral and Ultra White)
Wood block
• Yarn (or rubber bands if preferred)
Paint brush
Paint palette
• Paper towels

LINEN SOURCING TIP: As much as we love local, there's just no comparison to linen that comes from Europe. If you want a cotton fabric, then yes, source from the States since we have some great quality cotton here. But if you want linen, look to our neighbors across the Atlantic for the quality stuff. It's also considered a much more eco-friendly fabric! That's why we were so excited to have spotted Linen Home Decor on Etsy. Hailing from Greece, Katerina's small shop not only has a vast amount of variety from which to choose, but at very fair prices which makes this a win for anyone looking to buy in bulk for their wedding day (or as we mentioned in our intro to outfit their house in hand-stamped pretties)!

Materials for making a hand stamped table runner

1. Pre-wash your table runner using your normal laundry detergent. Do not use any added softeners as this can affect the fabric paint application. Allow to dry.

2. Before you start to stamp, iron your table runner. Linen is naturally "wrinkly" so embrace the beautiful texture, but make sure that the deep creases are smoothed out for even stamping.

How to make a homemade stamp using a wood block and yarn

3. To create your stamp, tightly wrap a smooth piece of yarn (or rubber band) around your wood block and tie it off on the back side. Adjust your yarn lines to your preference in pattern. The great thing about making your own stamps is that there is no one way to do it! Have fun and make a variety if you'd like!

Easy way to make Pantone Living Coral color with DecoArt fabric paint
Ways to personalize your wedding with a handmade table runner for your sweetheart table

4. Set your stamp aside, and it's time to mix your fabric paint to the proper Living Coral hue! In your clean paint palette, squeeze out some of your Bright Coral paint. Very slowly and one drip at a time, carefully squeeze out Ultra White into your coral paint. Mix together and add coral or white drops as needed.

HELPFUL TIP: If you have access to a paint chip card from Pantone like we did, it can be helpful to use it to help match your color! Otherwise, you can reference your computer screen and match the best you can! We guarantee no one is going to be analyzing your Pantone accuracy on the big day. (Or at least, we surely hope those kinds of guests aren't invited to your happy celebration! No one has time for that!)

How to match your craft paint to Pantone colors

5. Once you achieve your desired Living Coral shade, apply the paint to your stamp using your paintbrush. Use a paper towel to wipe excess paint off or do a test stamp.

OPTIONAL STEP: If you want a real stamp experience, you can create a stamp pad with a kitchen sponge. After you have mixed your paint, just move your paint on top of the sponge and spread evenly. We still prefer the paintbrush for this particular project, though!

Fun stamping for a unique table runner for your home or wedding
Tips for making a handmade stamp to decorate your table linens

6. Starting at the corner of your table runner, firmly press your stamp to create your first impression. Repaint your stamp and create your next impression. Repeat until you stamp your entire table runner!

7. After you have stamped your entire runner, look over and see where it would be beneficial to fill in some of your stamped lines to look more full. Using your paintbrush, brush lightly over any faint or empty patches you want to enhance to achieve that organic stamp mark. Avoid using a wet brush with a ton of paint on it as you don't want to ruin the overall imperfect stamp vibe.

Stylish way to upgrade your linen table runner with fabric paint

8. Allow to dry for 48-72 hours and then wash your table runner on your washing machine's gentle cycle. Hang to dry or dry on low heat. That's it! Enjoy your handmade table runner!

Chic linen table runner with Pantone Living Coral modern design using a handmade stamp
Modern boho wedding ideas using pops of Living Coral and mustard yellow colors
Naturally inspired sweetheart table with hand stamped table runner and gray terrazzo coasters for unique wedding reception design
Coral pink table runner with all green wedding centerpiece with eucalyptus and closed up anemones
Unique wedding table setting with green compote centerpiece on a handmade coral table runner and wooden table
How to create a stamp with household and craft items for your wedding

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Photography, Tutorial, and Florals: Chelsea LaVere | Venue: Jollity & Co. | Rentals: Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals | Flower Supplies: Morrison's Flowers | Catering: The Twisted Fork | Fabric Paint: DecoArt | Linen Table Runner: Linen Home Decor via Etsy

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