Infuse Your Personality Into Your Wedding

Wedding inspiration is a funny thing. It is great to have, but it can also make us feel overwhelmed with all the options out there. At the root of all wedding planning, though, our number one advice will always be "take it back to the basics: you." A wedding should represent you and your partner to the core, so we're super excited to have vendor fam and quirky fab wizard of capturing life as it happens wedding photographer, Linda of Awesomesauce Photography, to share her pro insight on how to infuse your personalities into your big day. Weddings aren't cookie cutters, and as cheerleaders for diversity, we can't get enough of all the ways couples are showing off their unique love stories! Take it away, Linda!

Ways to incorporate personality into your wedding day
How to have a unique Virginia wedding

We have all seen the Pinterest boards full of epic wedding photos that depict picture perfect celebrations. But what we forget is that those photos you see are of someone else’s vision or wedding day... and ultimately, another couple’s personality and life’s story.

These inspirational photos are a great start to figuring out what is important to you two, but all couples should only use them as such -- inspiration. Not just the personality disconnect, trying to execute an identical idea can really set anyone up for disappointment, especially when you find out that that gorgeous overflowing flower ceiling in your reception tent comes at a $15K price tag or that favorite high-in-demand ceremony arch needed to be booked six months ago.

How to plan a personalized wedding day in Virginia
Fun ways to make a wedding unique and different
Ways to celebrate your love story for your wedding day

Look deep into what you both celebrate in your relationship. Ideas for infusing your uniqueness into your wedding are literally all around you. Were your first dates at concerts? Use those concert ticket stubs as table decorations. Did you both adopt a furbaby? Include the pup or kitty either on the day of or with absentee tributes like cake toppers or special signature cocktail names. Or are you both typically casual? Wear some fun footwear or silly socks.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in pleasing a parent or trying to keep up with the trends, but all you really need for a wedding is two people who love each other and an officiant to make it official.

How to have a personalized Virginia wedding day no matter your budget or style
How to not get overwhelmed by planning a Pinterest wedding

Start that Pinterest board, but then take notes on how to make those ideas truly yours. When your guests walk in to celebrate with you, they should immediately say, “Ah! This is so them!” instead of comparing it to what they have seen before.

- Linda

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