The Only List You Need for Wedding Beauty & Wellness Must Do's + Giveaway

On the wedding day, every couple wants to feel and look their best. After all, photographs and videos will be shared through the generations, and heck, it's just not often enough we get to dress up in fabulous clothing. So in partnership with one of our new favorite brand finds, Luster Premium White, we are sharing our top tips for wedding beauty and wellness that all ladies and gents can do before the big celebration.

Exercise meditation or mindfulness.

Not just for your external beauty, but for the beauty of your mental health and well being. Find some quiet time to decompress and just be. There can be a lot of stress around planning a wedding, so don't forget the beauty that you can't always see and remember the simpler moments of your relationship and your upcoming marriage. Whether it's a yoga class or even a nap on the couch, get in touch with your inner loveliness as often as you can.

Be consistent with your hydration and vitamins.

Depending on your activity and how much water you drink, be sure to keep the pace for a healthy skin glow and feel-good vibes with some good ole H20 and multivitamins. If you don't always have a water bottle with you, don't forget that fruits and veggies contain their own water/vitamins, too, so that totally counts! We recommend varying up your liquids such as fruit-infused water, sparkling water, or decaffeinated beverages. Our bodies are pretty good at telling us what we are lacking or what we need if we pay attention, so find those vitamin-rich foods and guzzle your favorite kind of hydrating drink. And, of course, it goes without saying, but consult your doctor for any concerns about your nutrition and vitamin levels.

Consider adding a teeth whitening routine to your daily regimen.

You're going to be smiling all day long, so think about amplifying those pearly whites into wedding readiness. As avid wine, coffee, and soda drinkers, we often get the side effects of their deliciousness in the form of natural stains. Our new favorite beauty find of Luster Premium White's Pro Light Dental Whitening System helps with that without messy dental trays or strips. It's enamel-safe and sulfate-free, but the real deal clincher is that you can get up to 6 shades whiter in 30 minutes. For busy couples on the go, this is a total win. Even busier than that? Make it part of a fun date night-in and have a Smile Off contest with each other. Cheesy? Yes, but let's refer back to getting your groove on with your mental wellness leading up to the big day! Laughter and being together are always good excuses to let our grownup guards down.

Editor's Experience: We actually tried it ourselves! Since I currently unfortunately have a dead tooth and pending special dentist appointment for that, I enlisted my husband, Rusty, to try out the Pro Light Dental Whitening System to share his teeth whitening experience. After repeating treatment steps 10 times (the recommended is 10-12 times), we both noticed visibly whiter teeth a couple shades lighter than his previous hue. He said he didn't experience any pain or sensitivity while using the Dual-Energy Whitening Light, Accelerinse, Stain Lifting Serum, or the Power White Pro Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste. The instructions were clear and easy, and Rusty liked that you could do touch-up treatments afterwards so it wasn't just a one-time-and-done product; it was worth the affordable price tag and feels like you get your full value. We have done whitening strips in the past, but they were goopy and left our teeth feeling gross, so the simple cleanup of Luster White Premium is an A+ from me. - Chelsea

Indulge in hygge-inspired moments.

Channeling the Danish concept of hygge [pronounced hue-guh] is just what any bride or groom needs before and after the wedding. Pamper yourself with cozy warm baths and snacking on comfort food. Find ways to capture contentment and simple things and surround yourself with good people who make your spirit light.

Consult with your wedding hair and/or makeup specialists.

You need the experts! When it comes to skin and hair types, they've seen it all, so make an appointment to ask what you should be doing to prepare for the big day. If they're the ones you've hired for your day-of beauty and grooming, then request a trial so you can work out what you need to do before the wedding. If you have dry skin or redness, ask your makeup artist about hypoallergenic cosmetic options. If you have brittle hair, inquire your hair stylist on how you can help grow stronger hair for the style you envision. Even if you're an au naturel kind of person, you will want at least some light coverage for your professional photos, and the right beauty specialist will guide you to the proper resources so you still feel like you, but wedding photo ready.

Pamper your hands and feet.

Make it a wedding party weekend activity and get the spa treatment with your besties! From glam gel nails to nude polish, we all know the most wonderful part of a hand or foot treatment is: the massage! Get your blood circulation flowing and your skin exfoliated and allow yourself to be pampered while getting the best version of your fingers and toes. Your hands will likely be in quite a few photos with your new rings, so treat yo'self courtesy of Parks & Rec's Donna and Tom.

Decide on a skin wellness plan.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? That's why we should take care of it beyond the wedding day! Figure out the most important challenges you have with your skin, and set the course for your preferred results. For all skin shades of ebony, ivory, and in between, we always recommend sunscreen anytime that you go outside and a proper lotion or cream for your skin type. If in the summertime, keep your face in the shade to avoid redness, acne, and other skin mishaps. Some lighter couples might consider spray tanning, but we prefer a more natural look because this is what shines on camera. (Too much spray tan can appear as orange depending on your venue or dress/suit colors when photographed!)

It's Giveaway Time!

Win what we tried! To help you prepare for the big day, we're giving away a fabulous new and shiny Pro Light Dental Whitening System courtesy of Luster Premium White to one lucky Tidewater and Tulle reader. Just follow the instructions below for the many ways to enter. We hope this little goodie makes you smile!

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