These New Traditional Wedding Desserts Aren't Going Anywhere

November 7, 2018

Once upon a time, it was all about the cake. Now don't get us wrong, we are very much still all about that cake (yasss), but as the wedding world embraces diversity, personalized celebrations, and food allergy awareness more, we are seeing a few sweet staples that are here to stay. You're guaranteed to enjoy a variety of desserts to satisfy your tastebuds when you watch your loved ones say I Do, so let's get acquainted with some well-loved yummy selections as shared by classic wedding photographer, vendor fam, (and our very own Features Editor), Maria of Maria Grace Photography. Let's have her take it from here!

Popular wedding donuts for casual rustic weddings

There are some wedding traditions that have come and gone through the years, and some that have stood the test of time. The simple – but delicious! – wedding cake is one yummy idea that will probably live on forever, of course. After all, who doesn’t want something sweet after their meal, and with all the dancing that happens at a reception, wedding cakes are totally worth the calories!

Some brides, while keeping the idea alive, are veering off the strictly traditional path of cakes to freshen up a timeless trend. Whether because of dietary restrictions (gluten-free and vegan brides, we hear you!) or simple choice (after all, cake is not everyone’s favorite dessert), there are tons of delicious options for brides and grooms who still want a sweet treat despite their preferences! Here are just a few popular wedding desserts that are in it for the long haul – and some ideas you can steal for your own special day!

Yummy cake donuts with milk for new traditional wedding dessert favorite


Having donuts for dessert is the newest variant that is stealing the show in the past couple of years. Whether making a cake out of donuts, serving them as a part of the day, or even mounting them on a gorgeous donut wall, there are so many options to choose! Because they are so individualized, donuts can be customized for your guests – and for you! Whether you are avoiding certain flavors, hosting a brunch wedding, or just want all the sprinkles, donuts as a wedding dessert is something we can all get on board with. (Consider even adding a milk or coffee station to pair!)

Wedding pies for rustic and handmade dessert option


Less common than donuts, pies are an excellent choice for incorporating family heritage recipes or for couples who love fruit as a sweet snack. Cherry, apple, blueberry, or even chocolate... the flavors go on! We can’t help but think they are a perfectly beautiful addition to the wedding and add a homemade touch while still getting snatched up when the plates are passed.

Wedding dessert bar ideas with cake pops and donuts

Cake Pops

Is it just us or do you feel like it took a very long time for this amazing dessert to make its way into the wedding world? Portable and small in size, cake pops are the perfect amount of sweetness to add to a dessert table. If you just want a bite, limit yourself to one. Or if you have a bigger sweet tooth, you can try a few different flavors. Just make sure there are enough for everyone! These sweet snacks can also be beautifully decorated to fit whatever color or theme the couple has chosen for their day and can accommodate for food allergies very well.

Small wedding cake with mini cinnamon donuts

Dessert Bars

Let's be honest, sometimes we just want it ALL! Fortunately, you don’t really have to choose one dessert or another if you can’t make up your mind in today's wedding world (remember beyond the cake!). Consider having a table at your reception dedicated as a dessert bar. If you (or your mom!) still wants to hold fast to the cake tradition, you can even have a mini one-tiered cake alongside donuts, cake pops, pies, and more so each guest can have exactly what they want. This is a win-win scenario... and if you decide not to decide, this choice is for you!

Truthfully, the wedding cake – or other treat – is almost everyone’s favorite part of the reception. Having an alternative dessert will win the hearts of many guests and allow you to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences, including your own! We can’t wait to continue to taste both these new traditional favorites and ones that are sure to pop up soon when it comes to the sweetest moment of the wedding day.

Photography: Maria Grace Photography | Desserts: Creatiff Cake Pops, Sunrise Donuts, Jamestown Pie Company, Chelsi Cooks, Glazed Doughnuts Hampton, & C&O Catering