How to Design Your Kitchen on Your Wedding Registry with Braun

Weddings are in high season now, and that means wedding registries are getting a lot of love! With a fresh twist on what to add to your wedding registry, we're taking the design angle and how to make your house a home with those goodies you're registering for. It's kind of like a double gift! In partnership with our friends at Braun, we're getting visual and sharing some of our top tidbits for creating the best wedding registry for you and your partner's kitchen in mind... starting with Braun's new BrewSense Coffee Maker in a timeless white finish that you can get on as our inspiration. We have also included a few DIY treats for you so push hold on clicking that "register all the things" button and read these tips first!

Wedding registry tips for designing your kitchen
How to design your kitchen with your wedding registry and Braun

Go neutral.
When registering, start with the neutral basics when it comes to color. Neutral hues are timeless and will last far beyond what you expect. (It's a big reason why we love Braun's new BrewSense Coffee Maker in white!) Your home style will change as the years pass, but when you have neutral colors (such as cream, white, or ivory), you can redesign without breaking the bank or having to invest in an entire new kitchen arsenal. Neutrals look great with any wall, appliance, or cabinet color!

Biscotti basket for a coffee station in your kitchen
Ideas on how to make coffee with Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker

Get the basics...
And by basics, we mean the basics that are for your lifestyle. Not everyone uses a toaster, so make a list of what are some everyday essentials that you do use. If you and your sweetie are already living together, look at the basics that could use a replacement or a new basic that you realized you need and don't have. Some of our personal suggestions: a utensil caddy for storing your cooking spatulas, cutting board, drinking glasses, ceramic air-tight containers for keeping your coffee/tea fresh, and hand towels. The great thing with the basics is that you can jazz some of them up with custom design vinyl or foil (like what we did with our coffee can!). Possibilities are endless!

Cute wedding sign for coffee bar station

... and get a few extras.
Not everything has to be completely practical! That's the fun part about gift giving and receiving! Throw some non-essentials on your wedding registry to help pull in the design factor of your kitchen. Consider peel-and-stick backsplashes (which are great if you're renting!), a new light fixture, or stylish kitchen rugs. Since you've gone neutral with the big stuff, this is your chance to get creative with colors and textures. Personalizing a space in your house is what makes it a home!

Making easy coffee with Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker
Iced coffee with Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker

Research your core small kitchen appliances before adding to the registry.
For those who are savers (like us) in money and/or have eco-friendly habits, we don't replace things very often and prefer brands that go the distance. Look at reviews, look at product offerings, and look at how long a brand has been around. What's the possibility they will be around in 2 years when you might need a part replacement? Will this color still look good in your kitchen in a year? That's one reason why we're tooting Braun's horn today because they've been around for almost 100 years, and their products have the characteristic German engineering and quality that last a pretty long time. Basically our new white BrewSense Coffee Maker will likely outlive us if properly cared for and maintained which is fabulous considering how affordable it is! (We are also quite partial to the 12-cup carafe for multiple days of iced coffee and its easy-to-clean factor -- everything can go into the dishwasher, even the reusable gold filter!)

12 cup coffee maker with Braun

Be diverse.
Add products to your wedding registry that range from low to high prices. Since your guests' budgets are going to be different, help them help you! It's also a great way to get those small kitchen design details that you might deprioritize like salt and pepper shakers, trivets, oven mitts, biscotti baskets, cloth napkins, and more.

DIY coffee can label with Cricut adhesive foil

DIY ALERT! Want to make our geometric coffee can label and coffee-inspired kitchen sign? You can download our graphics (coffee can label here and coffee sign here) and upload them to your Cricut Design Space to create your own! We used adhesive foil in Stainless Silver for both DIY projects to match the stainless steel of our Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker.

Modern chic newlywed kitchen ideas with white Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker

So how will you design your kitchen? Are you a shabby chic vintage lover or a modern minimalist? There are a ton of great options to inspire on Braun's website from which to choose for your style and registry needs including one oh so pretty and practical coffee maker for your morning routine or evening cuddles on the couch. [Extra Fun Treat: From now until May 12, 2018, Braun is also giving 15% off of everything! No promo code needed!]

Photography and Styling: Chelsea LaVere | White Coffee Maker: Braun | Craft Supplies and Fabric: Cricut

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