DIY Ocean-Inspired Ring Dish

Inspired by beautiful ocean waves and seafoam, we're channeling all of our coastal vibes in this month's DIY project using cute little terra cotta planter saucers and nail polish! Affordable and super easy to make, this gift idea for all of your bridesmaids or any jewelry-loving people in your life is the perfect personalized touch to say "Thanks for supporting me!" Heck, if you've got a few extra terra cotta beauties, give the gift of pretty for your own sparkly trinkets. Let's get to crafting!

Marbled terracotta ring dish
How to make an easy DIY terracotta ring dish for your bridesmaids

How to Make Ocean-Inspired Trinket Dishes

Difficulty Level: Easy
Color Inspiration: Ocean blues, sage green, and ivory

4" Terra Cotta Saucers (or you can find them without the pots less than $1 at Home Depot)
Large Bucket
• Water (at room temperature)
Navy Blue, Sage Green, and Pinkish Ivory Nail Polish
• Disposable chopsticks or wooden skewers
Nail Polish Remover

Materials for a DIY marbled ring dish

1. Fill your bucket with plenty of water; it should be deep enough to submerge your dish. Be mindful of your water's temperature because this will affect your marbled look on your dish. It would be a good idea to have some trial runs on other objects before creating your official gift-worthy trinket dishes!

FOR THE SEAFOAM LOOK: You will want to have somewhat lukewarm water. The temperature reacts with the nail polish and causes the little "popped bubbles" and neat foamy texture.

FOR THE SMOOTH WAVES LOOK: You will want completely room temperature water. The polish will sit more on the surface and provide a smooth marble appearance on your dish.

Blue nail polish for handmade marbled ring dishes

2. Once your water is at the temperature you want, pour the navy blue (or darkest color) nail polish first into your bucket then pour your second color (sage green) immediately after.

How to make a marbled ring dish with a terra cotta plant saucer

3. Using your chopstick or skewer, lightly drag through the surface of the water. This will help blend your colors together to make that pretty marble design!

4. Dip your ring dish into the "polished" water and drag the dish allows the nail polish to cling to the dish. Try not to take too long as this will create unnecessary clumps.

Easy DIY project for making affordable ring dishes for your bridesmaids
DIY Coastal-Inspired Marbled Trinket Dishes

5. Before making more ring dishes, take your chopstick and drag through the water. This will collect the remaining nail polish and clean up the water for your next dish.

6. Repeat the above steps to create the rest of your gorgeous ring dishes!

Easy marbled ring dishes with a coastal flair
Gorgeous blue and soft green ocean inspired ring dishes
How to marble terra cotta saucers

Photography, Tutorial, and Styling: Chelsea LaVere | Nail Polish: Courtesy of Sally Hansen and Essie

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