10 Photos To Inspire You to Visit the Caribbean

October 17, 2017

Hurricane season has not been kind to our friends in the Caribbean this year. There was so much devastation in various ways, and recovery is currently still happening at time of this publication. As a fellow coastal community that has had its own share of past storm damage, we feel their loss all too sharply.

We strongly believe in the power of tourism for obvious reasons, so if you're looking for more ways to truly help the Caribbean and surrounding communities heal, consider planning a vacation and supporting the local economy there once it's deemed safe and realistic to visit. Tourism will always be one of the best ways to help devastated communities rebuild. It may seem odd to think about vacays during this heartbreaking time, but remember small businesses in these popular destinations especially rely on tourism to take care of their families and now to rebuild their livelihoods. We hope these visual reminders of the great destinations that hug the Caribbean Sea inspire you for your next tropical adventure.

Dominican Republic from the plane

1. Dominican Republic

Known for its extensive coastline of beaches and cliffs, the Dominican Republic is second largest country in the Caribbean, and its personality is one of contrasts. You can go from lagoons with mango trees to desert-like environments with cacti, making it the perfect vacation spot for adventuring couples who love the outdoors.

Photography: Awesomesauce Photography

The Pitons in St Lucia

2. St. Lucia

Island of beautiful mountains, tropical fruit, and incredible beaches, Saint Lucia is a green gem in the Caribbean blue. The lush rainforests and gorgeous Caribbean sunsets make this a perfect destination for lovebirds seeking relaxation surrounded by natural beauty.

Photography: Chelsea LaVere // Read more about St. Lucia and the beautiful Pitons.

Swimming pigs in the Bahamas

3. Out Islands, Bahamas

The diversity of the Bahamas is, well, diverse, because you have a variety of islands from which to choose a Bahamian vacation. However, there is one fantastic feature in the Out Islands, and that is the swimming pigs of Exuma. Said to have been brought there by sailors, these little piggies have adapted to island life over the decades, even preventing their own sunburns! For animal lovers and unique experience gurus, the pigs will complete your visit to the Bahamas -- guaranteed.

Photography: Chelsea LaVere

Romantic waterfalls in Puerto Rico

4. Puerto Rico

Surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls in Cialas and the tropical beaches in Manati, every moment in Puerto Rico is earthy enchantment. From vibrant colors in the cities like San Juan to the tropical wonders along the coastline and beyond, this is a country perfect for resort, history, and water sports lovers.

Photography: Ashley Hamm Photography // Read more about Puerto Rico and its secret waterfalls.

Overwater villas at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica

5. Jamaica

Home to the very first overwater villas in the Caribbean, Jamaica has always boasted its popularity for a carefree joie de vivre experience. With some of the friendliest locals you'll meet and the easiest flight itineraries, it's no wonder why there are luxurious resorts set up all over this island to welcome guests.

Photography: Alexis June Weddings

Six toed cats at Hemingway Home in Key West Florida

6. Key West, Florida

Nicknamed the Key to the Caribbean, Key West has inspired actors, authors, and artists for over a hundred years -- none more famous than Ernest Hemingway (affectionately known as Papa) who lived at the the now iconic Hemingway Home in the 1930's. Nowadays, it's the cozy residence of the descendants of his popular six-toed cats. These kitties meander all over the property as visitors come and go in their historic sanctuary. You may even just spot one sleeping on Papa's bed!

Photography: Chelsea LaVere

Boating in St Thomas in the USVI

7. U.S. Virgin Islands

No passport needed. That's certainly the biggest draw for Virginians to the U.S. Virgin Islands! As a United States territory, the collection of three islands, St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas, is a particularly popular tropical destination for its easy travel, lack of currency exchange, and no sales tax for shopping lovers everywhere.

Photography: Chelsea LaVere // Read more about what to do in St. Thomas.

Tulum Ruins overlooking the Caribbean

8. Tulum, Mexico

As the only coastal Mayan city in all of Mexico, it goes without saying that the former "City of the Dawn" is one to add to your travel bucket list. With the breathtaking and romantic views of the Caribbean to the unsolved stories of the Tulum Ruins, it all keep us appreciating what it offers to modern day traveling couples.

Photography: Chelsea LaVere // Learn more about the history of the Tulum Ruins and the magic of coastal Mexico in the Caribbean.

Sailing around the British Virgin Islands

9. British Virgin Islands

A dash of pirates, a dash of tropical gorgeousness, and even a dash of fish and chips, the British Virgin Islands is a sailing couple's dream. With close proximity to the U.S. Virgin Islands, you could have multiple destinations in one trip by boat. Nothing beats the sunsets in this part of the Caribbean, so be prepared to be smitten.

Photography: Tyler Adams

Rainbow over Turks and Caicos

10. Turks and Caicos

For a truly luxurious getaway, Turks and Caicos boasts some of the most beautiful quiet beaches in all of the Caribbean. While getting your Vitamin Sea, you might even spot humpback whales, sea turtles, and stingray. Watching marine life, sipping on a fruity cocktail, and enjoying all that nature has to offer, there's nothing better for an ultimate vacay under the sun.

Photography: Destination Weddings Travel Group

If you are looking for more ways to help some of these beautiful destinations that were affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria, there are many great organizations hosting opportunities to give and volunteer. Awarded as a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator, we recommend Global Giving's campaigns for both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria disaster relief.