DIY Honeymoon Passport Cover

Ahoy! Tropical destinations are ahead! Well, at least when fun colorful accessories that make traveling so much more Instagrammable are around! Inspired by Lilly Pulitzer's cheerful and poppy patterns, this DIY passport cover tutorial is super easy to make with a little bit of vinyl, glue, and total honeymoon vibes. Not going on a honeymoon? That's all good! This project is for anyone who is dreaming of Caribbean beaches or just has been bitten by the travel bug, so let's get to crafting!

How to Make No-Sew Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Passport Covers

Difficulty Level: Easy
Color Inspiration: Sky blue, coral, lime green, white

• Computer/Laptop
Lilly Pulitzer-Inspired Non-Adhesive Vinyl
E-6000 Craft Glue
• Ruler
Light-Colored Permanent Marker
• 1 - roll of Cricut Gold Adhesive Foil
• 1 - roll of Cricut Premium Outdoor Vinyl
• Personal electronic cutting machine (e.g., Cricut)
Weeding Tool
Standard Grip Adhesive Cutting Mat
Binder Clips
Small Gold Brads

1. We'll first start with getting the correct measurements on your vinyl. For the passport cover, measure 1 1/2" on the left side and on the right side. Make a small mark with a permanent marker on the non-patterned side. Then measure and mark 1/2" on the top and on the bottom; this is necessary because you will end up gluing in this area so your passport has enough room to slide into the cover!

Sourcing Tip: There are a ton of vinyl options out there, but I was inspired to use the resort cheerful Lilly Pulitzer prints for this passport cover tutorial, particularly the "X Marks the Spot" pattern. The other print patterns in the Materials photo are: Nice Tail (blue mermaids) and Crazy Cat House (lime green kitty and pineapples). When finding the right vinyl for you on Etsy, make sure it's not adhesive or iron-on!

2. Fold over the left and right edges and crease to create your pocket. Use binder clips to help keep vinyl in place as it's really flexible and durable.

3. Using the craft glue, on each side, draw one short line of glue on top and on the bottom. Use the binder clips to keep the edges down. You will need to let your passport cover cure/dry overnight to be completely permanent.

Helpful Hint: This is my favorite craft glue because it's like cement! For this project though, I would recommend getting thin plastic glue applicator tips since you will be gluing tiny areas and details. I wish I had them when I did this project!

4. While your passport cover is drying, it's time to prep the pretty details for the front cover! With the gold adhesive foil, cut out a rectangle that is 2" wide and 2 1/2" long; this is your foundation for every other detail.

5. Download your preferred passport symbol; I used this free palm tree clipart. Consider planes, globes, skulls, suitcases, monograms, wedding rings, or whatever you want for your symbol to personalize your cover! Using your personal electronic cutting machine (e.g., Cricut), I uploaded the palm tree image file into Cricut Design Space and prepped the white premium outdoor vinyl to be cut. Be sure to size your icon no larger than 1" wide and 1 1/2" long to fit proportionally on your gold foil rectangle.

6. After your symbol is cut, weed/take out the actual symbol from the white vinyl. You will leave an "empty" palm tree or symbol shape behind. You want the gold to shine through when you put it in place!

7. Being careful to line up properly, peel your white vinyl and secure on top of the gold foil rectangle. You will likely have some edges to trim, so both layers are perfectly aligned with each other. Once it's good to go, peel the design and carefully place in the center of your passport's front cover.

8. For a little optional detail, take four little golden brads and cut off the "arms" of each one. Glue down each one -- this is why the E-6000 craft glue is especially important because it's one of the few adhesives that will keep those brads on for good when your passport is tucked away in your purse!

9. Let everything dry overnight again before sliding your passport in your new fabulous cover! And then bon voyage! Enjoy your trip!

Helpful Travel Organization Tips

When traveling, it's all about keeping everything organized so you're not stressed going through check-in, security, and other airport kiosks! While I have my camera/laptop backpack organized to the wazoo with pouches and pockets, I keep the most important things that are needed right at hand in my chic fanny pack (or hip bag if you so wish to say)! For every trip, I always keeps my passport, card holder, iPhone, and lip balm, so it's immediately accessible, and I'm not needing to dig through my larger bags when time is of the essence.

Condensing your stuff into sections within your carry-ons can help you stay focused on the destination ahead!

- Chelsea

Photography, Design, and Styling: Chelsea LaVere | Lilly Pulitzer Craft Vinyl: Etsy | White Vinyl and Gold Foil: Cricut | Leather Hip Bag: Nubuckcuir via Etsy

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