Childhood Sweethearts and their Engagement Session in Hopewell

November 23, 2016 Hopewell, VA, USA

It's not every day you meet childhood sweethearts but these two are as sweet as they come! Cady and Buddy met when they were just 10 years old at a swim team meet at the Jordan Point Country Club in Prince George, Virginia. As young kids and all the cooties that come with it, Cady avoided Buddy, but he knew she was the girl of his dreams and wouldn't give up on her so quickly. As they grew older, Cady obviously no longer saw him with cooties, and they officially started dating in high school. After a college break, they realized they were simply meant for each other and have been together ever since.

Being near the water has always been important to them since water is essentially how they first met, so they knew that they wanted their engagement session with Verlee Bishop Photography to be at City Point Park in Hopewell -- a little bit of history, a bit of sunshine, and gorgeous waterside views. With their too-cute-for-words rescue dog, Jake, in tow, Cady and Buddy celebrated their upcoming wedding walking around this hidden gem of a park with their special engagement time together.

Photography: Verlee Bishop Photography | Location: City Point Park in Hopewell, Virginia | Submitted via Two Bright Lights