Military Engagement and Proposal Story in Williamsburg

A few months ago, Trevor contacted Meredith Ryncarz Photography to help plan an engagement session and surprise proposal for his girlfriend, Marisa. He carefully planned and plotted with the help of her roommate and a coworker. He had everything ready to go, from flowers to the perfect excuse why a photographer was there. What he didn't account for was the unexpected, which is what makes this so very perfect.

The story was that Marisa's coworker was getting headshots updated from Meredith when her car broke down. Courtney called Marisa numerous times, and we started to worry that she wouldn’t pick up. Eventually, she did and Courtney gave an Academy Award-worthy performance about how she was stranded and needed help getting home. Trevor and Marisa came to the rescue, and while they waited for her photo session to "finish," Trevor got down on one knee and popped the question. Poor Marisa had thought they were headed out on a boat for an afternoon date and was completely unprepared for formal portraits with not a wink of makeup on. Trevor, had even planned for that, have carried a bag of "jumper cables" that turned out to be several sets of clothes. However, they still opted to shoot their portrait session the following week though so that she could just bask in the excitement and joy that comes with being newly engaged.

While it rained for their engagement, you would never know it because these two were total champs about it and rocked it out, even finishing the session by dancing in the rain in front of Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary (fun fact: Marisa is a classically trained professional dancer for the London Rocks show at Busch Gardens right now!).

Photography: Meredith Ryncarz Photography | Location: Colonial Williamsburg