Sweet Yorktown Beach Engagement

Marc and Heather met when she joined ROTC at Columbus State University in Georgia and he who had graduated was waiting on some paperwork to come through to commission. What seemed like a frustrating delay was really fate. Heather decided to join the military when a turn of events blessed her with a little girl that she wouldn't trade for the world. The military wasn't something Heather had in mind originally, so when it came time to conduct a fitness test she couldn't run fast enough! So when Marc, a workout buff who was eager to lead and mentor, saw her struggle, he offered to show her around the gym. And the rest was history... until the proposal journey began, and we have it in Heather's own words and Meredith Ryncarz Photography's lens!

I am the kind of girl who likes things to go picturesque, like from a movie. We'd talked a lot about getting married, it's something we have planned on doing for years. But the last twelve months were more serious. We started actually making plans, so at this point, I made sure to keep my cuticles softened and nails polished at all times, especially when we made plans to travel to Dominican Republic. The ocean, the sun, the sand, THAT was from a movie! But there was no ring on my finger after that trip.

Another opportune time was Thanksgiving, both our families, keeping it close to home. But no ring then either so I really stopped holding my breath and decided to stop polishing my nails. Our next trip was to California for Christmas, we both have family there and made time to see them. His family wanted to take a little trip to snowboard at Lake Tahoe. I've never been before, but I thought I would be a quick learner. Boy was I wrong! I ate so much snow that day and was on my knees the whole time, which is why I wasn't surprised to see him on his knees as well... until he pulled the ring out.

We had taken the lift to the highest point on the mountain and there I was... on top of a mountain. Just like I dreamed of. When we came down off the lift, the first person I showed was my daughter, Lydia. She was so happy she started crying. She's known Marc since before she could even "coo" so our engagement means more than bringing two people together in holy matrimony; it means that we're starting a family.

Photography: Meredith Ryncarz Photography | Location: Yorktown Beach | Submitted via Two Bright Lights