Soak up the #NoWorryMovement Vibes with Sandals

July 21, 2016 Nassau, The Bahamas

The tune of The Beach Boys' Kokomo is seriously the only thing playing on your brainwaves as you look out your plane's window and see the Bahamas below. Crystal turquoise blue waters, pale outlines of ocean-kissing sand, and palm trees swaying as if greeting you to the islands become the first of very many warm welcomes ahead. Because once you meet the Sandals Royal Bahamian crew at the airport, they are set and determined on making you feel like you are home away from home in one of the most idyllic tropical getaways you'll ever experience in the Caribbean.

A few months ago, I had the honor of joining my fellow Aisle Society gals for an unforgettable weekend in Nassau to get to know what the #NoWorryMovement is all about through the Sandals WeddingMoons all-inclusive adventure. And today, I'm sharing my top three favorite moments that completely melted my worries away into total vacay vibes and good times!

No Worry Moment #1: Discovery Dining

As someone with a bucket load of food allergies, the anxiety of "Will I be able to eat well?" is a very real and present concern when traveling. Sandals clearly states on the website that they cater to all dietary restrictions, but then again, most resorts claim this, so the proof was in the pudding. And boy, was that pudding delicious! During the very first lunch after check-in, I chatted with the executive chef in Spices, and he shared the many options at the buffet that were gluten-free (and insert other-allergen-free here)... there were even a dessert and gluten-free bread readily available without advanced notice! This set the tone for the entire trip as I had the same personalized experience at Baccarat, Gordon's Pier, Royal Grill, and Casanova -- all knowledgable staff, all very accommodating. It even allowed me to discover foods I normally wouldn't even try out because I wasn't worried I'd be sick afterwards!

No Worry Moment #2: Red Lane Spa

I'm a go-go-go kind of gal, and I love it, but when I'm on vacation whether with my BFFs or my husband, I do at least try to schedule a spa treatment of some sort to remind myself to stop-stop-stop. It's not easy! But the ladies at Red Lane Spa gave me a teaser shoulder massage during a special Aisle Society cocktail hour, and by the end of that treat, I had already booked a full 60-minute Hot Stone Therapy massage. Sometime during that hot stone treatment, I had fallen asleep (mouth open, embarrassing drool, and time passed confusion kinda sleep), and for me, that's the true sign of a great spa experience. To get my brain to shut down and turn off is an accomplishment! So Sandals, my friend, I love you. A lot.

No Worry Moment #3: Private Offshore Island

One of my favorite features of Sandals Royal Bahamian was the private offshore island where we had our last night's dinner under the stars. Once we got off the ferry boat, we were greeted with presentation-style bouquets of white orchids tied with satin ribbons... and to a gaggle of wedding editors, that's just totally speaking our love language! Our dining scene was presented as a gorgeous all-white wedding-like setting with a saxophonist serenading us as we enjoyed cocktails and conversation on the beach. It was simply breathtaking set against the backdrop of the local ocean blues. The secluded island away from the main resort was a real treat and gave an exclusive touch to our celebration... that the entire night really was created just for us. We were immersed in what it could be like to have a bespoke and customized wedding with Sandals, and it was enchanting.

We were romanced, wined, and dined by the whole Sandals WeddingMoons team that weekend, and it'd be a lie to say we didn't fall in love all over again with our Sandals friends! The thoughtfulness behind every detail and every activity had me completely smitten and wistfully looking forward to my next #NoWorryMovement adventure.

- Chelsea

Disclaimer: Sandals Royal Bahamian sponsored our stay in the Bahamas. All opinions are my own love for the brand and personal experience and are not endorsed by Sandals, Aisle Society, or their affiliates.

Photography: Alexis June Weddings | Resort and Accommodations: Sandals Royal Bahamian