How to Take Amazing Travel Photos

When you're traveling as lovebirds, you want to soak up every little bit of where you're visiting, experiencing, and enjoying. And as you're soaking it all up, the urge to capture it for the future is probably on the high priority list... especially because ten years from now, you will 100% want to look back on those memories you had together.

Growing up with a photographer Mom and then becoming a photography teacher and wedding photographer myself, I'd like to think I have picked up a few tips along the way and encourage you to get creative with whatever kind of camera you have-- whether it's an iPhone, a film camera, or even an Instamax, anything that helps you see your destination through a new way is a good thing.

Think like a bird and a worm, and change your perspective.
High up from the sky or below on the ground, these are all techniques used to help freshen up your photo compositions. If you're on the London Eye, this makes seeing like a bird easy-- when you're at the top, snap that photo down onto Big Ben or the London Bridge! If you're at the Eiffel Tower, wiggle like a worm and get right up underneath it and shoot from below.

Look for natural lines.
The great thing about taking photos of architecture and rivers is that it gives you something called "leading lines." These lines lead to where you want the viewer to look. So whether it's the Il Duomo in Florence or the Mississippi River, you can let the lines do the heavy work for you and find the lines to make your photo!

Consider close-up and far away.
Traveling introduces you to so many beautiful things. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with details. From food to street signs to doors to jewelry to landscape, no matter where you go, you're surrounded by art. Talk a walk and look around before capturing the scene!

Seek out light... and dark.
Sometimes you don't have the option of the perfect "golden hour" light right before sunset. So what do you do in pretty much every other lighting condition? If it's super bright and you want to get a photo of your beloved, either find some shade or put his or her back to the sun. Harsh shadows on the face aren't always flattering; if you know how to use the manual settings on your camera, this will be very helpful! If you have no shade option and are in front of an epic monument, then embrace the sun and try to avoid getting "eye circles." Have them tilt their chin towards the sun... and experiment!

Look at travel blogs and magazines.
There's a reason why these photos make it to publication. See what stands out about them and why you like to look at them. It's possible that you love it for its colors or maybe for what it shows or the emotion it conveys. You're drawn to it for a reason. Just think about why that is!

Remember to F.L.A.P.
For a well-rounded documentation of your trip, remember to get photos of Food, Landscape (or environment/buildings), Action (or movement), and People. All of these things look so different all over the world... even when you're traveling domestically in our own country! Get that closeup of your favorite meal or the way a sailboat's ropes are swinging with the marina as a backdrop. The little details will make for a beautiful photo album when you get home!

- Chelsea