Back Bay Anniversary Session

November 12, 2015

After three years of marriage, Jaimie and Jake can agree on the fact that marriage is not an easy road, but sharing life together with your best friend is easily the one fact that makes it all very much worth it.

To celebrate, they went to Back Bay in Virginia Beach and stepped in front of Mai Fotography's lens with one pretty tulle skirt, her original wedding bouquet, and a whole lot of sweet moments! Like with all of our anniversary session features, we love to hear straight from the couple themselves, and it was extra special when both Jake and Jaimie each shared their own answers.

What are a few things that you've learned during your first years of marriage?
Jake: Love is easy, but marriage is not. It takes patience and understanding to make it work.

Jaimie: I learned A LOT in our first year of marriage. I learned that nothing in my life has challenged me as much as marriage, but also nothing in my life has been as rewarding! I never knew it was possible to love someone as much as I love Jake.

What are your favorite things about each other?
Jake: Her heart. She has a huge heart and really cares for those who are closest to her.

Jaimie: My favorite thing about Jacob is his determination! When he decides to do something, he will accomplish it. I also love how thoughtful and sentimental he is.

What's one piece of advice you'd share with newlyweds?
Jake: Trust each other... You need to be willing to trust that they will always have your best interest at heart.

Jaimie: My first piece of advice is always laugh! They're not kidding when they say laughter is the best medicine! Even through our hard times... our both being in school, transitioning out of the military and into a new career, our dog eating our sofa, our washer and dryer breaking within a day of each other (you get the picture)... Jake and I would eventually (after the tears and meltdowns) just look at each other and laugh. My second piece of advice... Don't stretch yourself too thin and always make your spouse a priority! It's so easy to get caught up with work, school, and technology! My final advice... ALWAYS say, "I love you!"

Any other tidbits you'd like to share?
Jake: Just remember at the end of the day that you have each other. That no matter what when it's all said and done, your spouse is going to be the person with you at the end, not anybody else. Enjoy it; don't rush it.

Jaimie: I always think the story of how we met is hilarious. I, the girl who said you would never meet anyone at a bar, met my future husband at a bar (aka 'fine dining establishment'). Jake got my number... then never called me! Flash forward to a month later and we happened, by chance/fate, to run into each other again. Long story short, we talked and as I was about to leave, Jake asked me for my number (as he didn't remember getting it the first time). He called me before I even got home that night and for the next 2 months, we were inseparable until he deployed to Cuba. Jake actually got me security clearance to visit him in Cuba 3 months later! It was my first plane ride EVER, he proposed, then I flew back to the States in a tropical storm! Jake returned home from Deployment that December, and we were married at High Grove Estate in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina in October 2012.

Photography: Mai Fotography | Bouquet: DIY by Family | Tulle Skirt: Welcome to Royalty via Etsy | Submitted via Two Bright Lights