Casual and Low-key Smithfield Engagement

Back in high school, Allyson and Dan first met. And like most high school friendships, life starts to take its own course, and they both went their separate ways... until the summer of 2011. It wasn't long after that these two lovebirds became inseparable with Allyson moving back down to the Hampton Roads area! With a mutual love of hanging out with their furbabies and watching movies on the couch, they wanted an equally low-key engagement session with Tiltawhirl Imagery.

Because it reminded them of downtown Annapolis and to show their out-of-town friends the beauty of southeastern Virginia, Allyson and Dan chose Main Street in Smithfield for their time in front of the camera! Who could blame 'em? Smithfield is a hidden gem that even longtime locals don't always remember when they think of our region's rich history! It's much more than their famous Smithfield ham, friends (though that is delicious, too, for you meat lovers out there), especially because of its proximity to the James River (hello, Revolutionary War happenings)!

Photography: Tiltawhirl Imagery // Location: Main Street Smithfield // Submitted via Two Bright Lights