Romantic Casual Beach Engagement Session

September 30, 2015

During their freshman year of high school, Shelby and Justin were in the marching band together. The first time she saw him, she was determined to date him! She even sent her best friends on a mission to let him know how interested she was! Well, it worked as it's pretty difficult to avoid a gaggle of young ladies out to make their best friend's heart happy! And the past ten years have been one for the true high school sweethearts books!

One of their favorite places to go as a couple is to the beach, so naturally, Shelby and Justin's choice for their engagement session with Emily of Elovephotos was the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach.

And for all you Saved by the Bell kids out there like myself, can we please talk about how gorgeously similar this bride-to-be is to the one and only Kelly Kapowski? Hello, doppelgänger alert!

Photography: Elovephotos // Location: Virginia Beach Oceanfront // Submitted via Two Bright Lights