20 Ways You Might be a Wedding Professional

Oh hey, wedding season, you sneaky, sneaky thing. You pop up every year, ushering amazing people into our lives. We love you, but woo boy, you give us the ride of our lives every day!

Through the heat, emotions, and bottles of Tylenol, this one is for all my fellow wedding pro friends out there. Because the reality check is that from May to December, we might be seeing all the things through tulle and peony petals.

You might be a wedding professional if...

- You eat leftover wedding cake for breakfast.

- You are pretty sure you haven't seen your family for over 24 hours... and you're not doing a destination wedding.

- Your wedding pro friends are like family.

- You are not phased by the fact that you could live in a wedding gown and be 100% okay with that.

- You have a special place in your heart for your catering friends who feed you on wedding days.

- The DJ of the wedding just knows to slide in one of your favorite songs when you're working together.

- Your entire wardrobe consists of 50 shades of black.

- You know Post-Wedding Hangover is a truly, truly legit thing.

- You are always looking for the holy grail of comfortable wedding day shoes... and you think you've gotten it until you don't.

- You have worked with a friendor long enough to not have to use any verbal cues when you want to communicate something.

- You call shenanigans on waterproof mascara or any eye makeup. About 95% of it is on your face by the end of the night.

- You do not leave any photo booth present untouched.

- You know all the dance moves to the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, and the Cha Cha Slide.

- Your couples become more than your couples; they become your friends and family.

- You can spot a potential wedding day "uh oh" five minutes before it happens.

- You have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

- You have acquired a collection of random jars, vases, and other glassware.

- You tear up at the Mom or Dad dances.

- You are on hawk eye mode on all points of exit if there's a ring bearer or flower girl. You have no idea how it will go.

- You make dreams come true.

What are some of your own fun and sweet ways you know you're a wedding pro? Share them below!

- Chelsea :)

Photography by Bit of Ivory Photography. The local wedding pros representing during a meeting with their mutual bride and groom: vendor fam Missy of Antonia Christianson Events, Debbie of Fluttering Flowers, and Staci of The Bridal Dish (formerly of Signature at West Neck).