Things Your Planner Wants You To Remember for The Wedding Day

Your wedding coordinator is one of the pros on your wedding team who is with you the longest and has likely been with you from Day One. From getting your invitations mailed out to making everyone has enough food to eat at the reception, they've seen it all when it comes to big days-- no matter if the weddings take place at home or in a grand ballroom!

Since they are pretty much experts in wedding timelines and wisdom, I reached out to some of southeastern Virginia's best wedding planners to get the scoop on their top tips! What would they want brides and grooms to remember on the big day? What is going to help make their memories go from stress-free to "I GOT MARRIED!" perfection? Well, you'll just have to read below to find out!

Toss Out Impersonality
"For the love of all things glittery, you don't have to do a garter toss... or a bouquet toss... or have all girls on the bride's side or all guys on the groom's side. Do what feels best for you two because it's YOUR wedding!"
- Crystal of Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

Be Together
"Remember to hold hands as much as possible during the reception. So many people will pull you in different directions that it's easy to spend most of the time apart. If you hold hands, you'll be less likely to separate."
- Kate of Glint Events

"One thing I like for my clients to remember on their wedding day is to take time to take it all in. It goes by so fast. Enjoy every moment and relax; that's what you have your planner for!"
- Jamie of Jamie Leigh Events

Put Down The Glue Gun
"DIY stops on the day of your rehearsal. Your role now is the bride or groom. Let your coordinator tend to your vendors and bring you drinks and snacks from your cocktail hour so you still get to enjoy every part of your wedding. Your role on your wedding day is to sit back and celebrate your hard work planning."
- Kari of Two River Events

Dream Teams Do Come True
"You want to look back and love everything about your wedding day. Put the time in to find the right vendors who are the right fit for you! They will be sure that your vision and the details that mean the most to you happen."
- Jill of Sunkissed Events

Pin Fever is Alive
"There is such a thing as TOO much Pinterest! Find ideas and styles that you love, but if you're having trouble finding a cohesive way to pull it together, hire some design help! Let your wedding coordinator and designer bring your vision to life in a flawless way! We want to you see your dream day to still be timeless and beautiful 30 years from now!"
- Brandi of As You Wish Weddings and Events

VIP Status
"Have a VIP list of which family you need around during cocktail hour for formals. With so many blended families these days, it's not uncommon for Uncle Bob to wander off for appetizers not even realizing he's supposed to be taking pictures with you. If I know ahead of time who I need to look out for, I'll remind them during the rehearsal so they aren't surprised."
- Crystal of Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

Do you have a tip to add to help make your wedding day go by smoothly? Share in a comment!

Photos by Sarah Street Photography from this classic military wedding featured on Tidewater and Tulle coordinated by Sunkissed Events. For complete vendor credits, please head over to see the full wedding!