Unique Nautical Wedding Finds

We love Pinterest around here, and we have seen some crazy cute stuff out there when it comes to nautical weddings. Seeing as we are the coastal region of Virginia, it was bound to happen that we round up our favorite nautical wedding details! So next up in our Favorite Things series, you're sure to go pin crazy with these sea-farin' treats!

From aromatic to cute to practical, we're including a little bit of everything when it comes to your nautical wedding day. It's pretty much a guarantee that nobody will second guess the inspiration behind your wedding. If they do, make 'em walk the plank! :)

The Personalized Crab Mallet

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Whether you want them blank or personalized, the small crab mallet is nautical perfection, especially if you're having some seafood options! Put a date on it or let the plate setting speak for itself... it's actually usable even after the wedding!

Photography: We are the Mitchells // Catering: Chef by Design // Coordination: Antonia Christianson Events // Wooden Table and Rentals: River Designs // Personalized Crab Mallet Wedding Favors: Laser Beam Creations via Etsy

The Nautical Bridal Headpiece

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that every nautical bride must be in want of a gorgeous sailor knot-inspired headpiece. Or at least most of them!

Photography: Corina V. Photography // Sailor Knot Bridal Headband: Frilly Bits Custom via Etsy

The Tiny Compass Favor

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Doubling as escort cards, these little cuties will not only guide your guests to their seats; they'll also be a fun tiny decor addition to any bookcase once your guest gets back home!

Photo: Agnes Lopez Photography // Calligraphy and Compass Favors: Laura Hooper Calligraphy via Etsy

The Nautical Coffee Lovers Treat

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For you sea-faring java dogs out there, this is the best of both worlds! Nice aroma and anchor-wielding design, you have the perfect treat for you and your wedding guests. (And this Etsy shop ships locally out of Richmond!)

Anchor Coffee Favor Bag: Apropos Roasters via Etsy

The Best Nautical Getting Ready Shirt Ever

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Every bride needs her best mates! This adorable and chic tank top is the perfect way to get ready before the ceremony. After all, your wedding photog will be capturing it all-- might as well be in theme!

Bride's Mate Shirt: Sparkly Separates

The Boat Propeller Cufflinks

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No groom or groomsman is complete without these cool looking boat propeller cufflinks, especially if getting married at a marina or on a yacht!

Photography: The Girl Tyler // Silver Boat Propeller Cufflinks: Mancornas via Etsy

The Sea Salt Soap Favor

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These little soaps can be made in a variety of scents, but the packaging makes this pretty perfection for a nautical bridal shower!

Sea Salt Soap: Kopa Kauai via Etsy

The "My Sail" and "My Anchor" Cake Forks

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Subtle thematic touches on a wedding day make things extra special, especially little sentimental cake forks that you can reuse when you dive into your first anniversary cake.

Nautical Wedding Cake Forks: For Such a Time Designs via Etsy

The Wooden Anchor Bouquet Charm

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A little rustic, a little nautical. This charming little bouquet detail is perfect for anyone with a bundle of gorgeous blooms to hold!

Wooden Anchor Bouquet Charm: Lace and Twig via Etsy

- Chelsea :)

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