High School Sweethearts Engagement Session

It's not very often you get to hear about real modern day high school sweethearts, and Raven and Willie are here today to share their story! In one of their ninth grade classes at Heritage High School in Newport News, these two met and became inseparable. Raven always knew that Willie was the one for her, however it wasn't until college that she finally listened to what her heart was telling her.

In Raven's own words: "I knew he was the one when we were seniors in high school. I always said he was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He was the most caring, loving person in world. But of course, at age, 17 we had our trials, and I lost that thought of his being "the one." Then one day during my sophomore year in college, I had what I called an epiphany, and I just couldn't imagine my life without him. Like the thought of him not there hurt. And that's when I knew knew."

So to pay homage to their youthful beginnings, Raven and Willie's engagement session with Luke and Ashley Photography started out at where it all began. With chalkboard backdrops, favorite books, and heartwarming laughs, this one definitely earns a gold star!

Photography: Luke and Ashley Photography // Location: Heritage High School