Fun and Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

July 28, 2015

It's no secret we love bridal showers around here. And like the wedding world, no two showers are alike! So today, we have rounded up some of the most fun and creative bridal shower theme ideas from around the web to inspire you for your pre-wedding celebration. While we call them "bridal showers" for all Googling purposes, we really are celebrating "wedding showers!" From wedding party Olympic games to art deco, there's a little something for everyone!

Love Gatsby? Love geometric lines or shimmery fabrics? This Art Deco-inspired bridal shower on Glamour and Grace is just the inspiration! Grab your ladies and don a glitzy headpiece! It's chic and fun.

The beach just lends itself to a more casual and relaxed vibe anyway, so if you gravitate more towards a low key celebration, this fun boho bridal shower at the beach on Polka Dot Bride is perfect for you!

Whether you call it a "groom roast," "brodal shower" (yep, that's no typo!), or a "man shower," we can't forget about the men, especially if you have younger guys or family who can't really participate in a bachelor party! The Man Registry gives some great tips on how to organize a fun celebration with just the boys. Refinery29 also shares some great theme ideas for a brodal shower!

It's our purr-sonal favorite around here! Any crazy cat lady needs, no, deserves, a feline-chic celebration filled with her favorite cuddly animal. This modern cat bridal shower here on Tidewater and Tulle still has Pinterest going crazy over our cat cake!

A lot of us have a soft spot for our magical happily ever afters. So it's only perfect to consider a whimsical bridal shower theme like this real Disney-inspired one on Inspired by Dis! Think of all the cool games you can play. Possibilities are, literally, endless.

There's not a more beautiful way to pull in your heritage than with a bridal shower. From Kenyan to Irish, there are so many great ideas out there to honor your roots. Because you have tons of choices in fabrics and colors, you can even blend you and your significant other's together! Either way, we love how this Irish-inspired bridal shower here on Tidewater and Tulle showed the beauty of the Emerald Isle!

Thank goodness the wedding world is not one size fits all. If you love the alternative side of bridal showers, this colorful and urban bridal shower filled with fun and laughs on Burnett's Boards is right up your alley. (Ha! Pun intended! This inspiration was actually shot in an alley! How cool is that?!)

If you're a girly-girl with a wardrobe full of pink accessories, then it's likely you're going to be totally obsessed with this real bridal shower decked out in pink- and love-themed details from Aisle Perfect.

Donuts, coffee, vibrant blooms, and eclectically chic dresses make up this beautiful and colorful quirky bridal shower on Fab You Bliss. It definitely channels a bit of the 70's vibe, too!

Inspired by the "what if Carrie married Charlotte?" idea, this chic and fun same-sex bridal shower gives a gorgeous idea for celebrating two brides together... all the while channeling the iconic fashionistas of NYC!

Thinking up a joint co-ed celebration with groomsmen and bridesmaids? Why not let the odds ever be in your favor with a day of outdoor games with your best gals and guys! Just look up Field Day Games for Adults and create your own adventure to not only help everyone get to know each other, but also a time to celebrate together.

What are some themes you've seen that you absolutely love? Share below in a comment!

- Chelsea

Photo by Caitlin Gerres Photography. To see the full vendor credit list, please head over to our Irish-inspired bridal shower feature.