Virginia Beach Courthouse Engagement

June 17, 2015

Anne and Macon met in modern fashion through a popular online dating website. Pressured by friends to sign up just to see what would happen, within a week, they quickly began to get to know each other, met for a date on a Tuesday night, and decided then and there they didn't want to meet anyone else! They both canceled their accounts and their three year courtship began.

Despite their modern mode of meeting, their engagement began in a very traditional way. Macon asked for Anne's hand in marriage from her father and all of her brothers who wholeheartedly agreed. Because she values family so much, Anne found this very touching, and the fact that Macon would honor that for her only made his proposal sweeter.

Captured by Heidi Calma Photography and with a love of tradition, they decided to have their engagement session in a classic location that felt like a touch of Williamsburg in Virginia Beach... at the Virginia Beach Courthouse area!

Photography: Heidi Calma Photography // Location: Virginia Beach Municipal Center // Submitted via Two Bright Lights