Fun Techie Date Ideas

It's not really a secret that I'm a bit of a tech geek. Granted, my husband is more of the gadget-y person than I am, but I love the technology behind those gadgets! Now mix that love with a love of weddings and marriage... and we've got the perfect recipe for techie date ideas, thanks to our collaboration with Best Buy!

So if you're not married yet, these are great ideas of some small, affordable things you can register for at Best Buy. And if you're married already, then you've got some fun new things to find at home and at the store!

Fun Photo Walk

Leave the iPhones and SLRs at home. Get nostalgic with your honey with a good ole fashioned instant film camera and go on a photo walk together! Take photos of each other doing silly things, capture a little beauty in nature, or do some site-seeing. Don't forget to take a few notebooks with you to write down fun quotes, things you saw, and other memories you'd like to remember. The cool thing about Instax is that you can tape your little photos right into your notebook next to the words you write. It's an affordable date out! I'm a huge fan of the Instax!

Instax Mini Instant Film Camera // Instax Film // Geometric Pocket Notebooks // Mini Backpack with Drawstring (Cognac)

Cozy Date Night In

After a long week, Rusty and I just want to crash on the couch and binge-watch some Netflix with a kitty or two on our laps (enough where we have a beautiful framed print that says "Let's Stay Home" in our living room!). We don't know what we'd do without our Apple TV and are excited for the new release to come out soon!

Samsung Widescreen HDTV // Apple TV // Striped Throw Blanket

Road Trip Adventure

Sometimes you just want to hop in the car and drive. Stock up the picnic basket with your favorite yummies, find a park or beach, and just relax. And all 21st centurians will agree: Take a photo or it didn't happen! It's actually been on our list to get a GoPro (not just for at-home cat shenanigans!) just to see what we could do while bike riding or road tripping. It's such a fun addition to preserving memories.

Picnic Basket for Two (Bristol) // GoPro Hero4 // Bluetooth Selfie Stick

What are some of your ideas for a fun date day or night with your love?

- Chelsea :)

Many thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this wedding registry goodies post with me! And while the disclaimer is that I was sponsored through compensation to write this, these words and my love for the brand are all my own.